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How to Make Your Video Look Like Film

How to Make Your Video Look Like Film Order Now! All video professionals and filmmakers put their heart and soul into their final products, but despite...

Videomaker Advanced Lighting for Video DVD

Lighting so Good, it's Invisible Every videographer has two goals when lighting their video: First, to illuminate the action onscreen. And second, to not...

Fix It in Post Ultimate Toolkit

Fix Any Shooting Problem with the Fix it in Post Ultimate Toolkit Washed out colors, crackly audio, shaky footage... Whether you're a beginner or an...
Panasonic's POVCAM and Memory Card Portable Recorder Review

Panasonic’s POVCAM and Memory Card Portable Recorder Review

View the sample video here If your next project requires maximum camera placement versatility, while capturing beautiful full HD images, then Panasonic's two-piece...

Hitachi Offers Inexpensive VM-2900A VHS Camcorder

This month: Hitachi VM-2900A VHS Camcorder Videonics Home Video Producer Pinnacle Systems VideoDirector Studio 200 miroVIDEO DC10 MJPEG Video Capture Card Boris Effects 2.1 (Power Mac)/2.2 (Windows) Budget Simplicity VM-2900A VHS...

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The best tripods for video — 2021

Carefully comparing and reviewing system specs will ultimately help you find the best tripod to fit your needs and your budget.