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Wirecast Users Can Now Stream Using BoxCast

BoxCast announced today that its successfully integrated Telestream Wirecast with its BoxCast Platform - a live stream video encoder.
G-Technology ArmorLock looks to change data security

Western Digital reinvents data security with ArmorLock SSD

Western Digital revealed the ArmorLock SSD. This SSD reimagines data security, completely building its security system from the ground up.

Humaneyes Vuze XR hands-on review: a flexible camera for the cutting edge

The Humaneyes Vuze XR is two cameras in one. The camera's two lenses can capture 360 videos. Then, with the press of a button,...
Vimeo Enterprise has been announced

Vimeo Enterprise supports large organizations

Vimeo's introduced a solution for video communication at work. That solution is Vimeo Enterprise looks to empower large organizations working with video.
Promise Atlas S8+

Promise Atlas S8+ Review: Thunderbolt 3 Power for Teams

The Promise Atlas S8+ is a solution for those who have multiple systems and need to access the same data at the same time....

Vimeo Redesigns Album Feature to Better Showcase Your Videos

Vimeo’s wants to make it easier for their paid members to share their videos with the world. So, they’re making albums customizable and video playlists embeddable for those members.
Samsung T5

Review: Samsung Portable SSD T5 Offers Fast, Convenient Storage on the Go

If you’re in search of small, lightweight, fast and durable portable storage, the Samsung T5 is a great choice — if you don’t mind...

CES 2018: Seagate Debuts Fast, Portable Storage for Drones, Phones and Cameras

Seagate Technology, taking advantage of the CES 2018 spotlight, have announced several portable storage options, including the LaCie Copilot, Joy Drive and Rugged SECURE,...

Videomaker FAQs

Magazine Q. What is Videomaker Magazine? A. Videomaker Magazine is the world's most popular monthly consumer video production publication covering the use of camcorders, video editing,...

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