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Sharpen Your Editing IQ

Sharpen Your Editing IQ Dive Head-first into the Exciting World of Post Production Learn basic editing techniques like matching action cuts, and use speed ramps...
A collection of video production books

Video Production Guides: Readings for the New Year

A new year comes with new expectations: "this year I’m going to lose weight", "this year I’m going to get my finances in order",...
Viewfinder: The Disciplines of a Storyteller

Viewfinder: The Disciplines of a Storyteller

Spinning a good tale is as important to video as having good gear. Videomaker actively reports on the development of hardware and software every month because...

Which Camera Should you Bring on Vacation?

This month: Canon Optura Mini DV Camcorder Hitachi MP-EG1A Digital Recorder DataVideo Technology SE-200 Integrated Editing Center Matrox Rainbow Runner Studio MJPEG Video Digitizer MGI VideoWave Nonlinear Editing Software Digital...

Pens, Pencils, Plots

The Fine Art of Storyboarding Making video is art. And creating a storyboard is an artistic endeavor all its own. The purest form of storyboards,...

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Camera Support Buyer's Guide

The best advanced camera support for video — 2021

While the camera will always be at the core of your production setup, using the best camera support is vital in getting smooth cinematic shots.