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Osmo Mobile 3 is out now

DJI Osmo Mobile 3 is priced right, wins best budget camera stabilizer

The newest Osmo mobile from DJI is out. The Osmo Mobile 3 is the third modle in DJI’s mobile gimbal line and this iteration looks to carry the torch.
Person holding a sparkler to light a night scene.

Light the night: how to light a realistic night scene

Hollywood, with its seemingly endless resources, spends loads of money on lighting nighttime scenes. But how do we — without a grip truck full...
As cameras have increased their video resolution and framerate capabilities over the years, the SD specifications have evolved to include more space and faster write times.

How to Choose the Right SD Card

SD stands for “Secure Digital” — it’s a technical specification published in the waning years of the 20th century, created by three digital giants:...

Phottix Debuts a Larger LED Light with the Kali600

Phottix, a light manufacturing company, has just announced a new LED panel that’s larger than its hotshoe Nuada series, the Kali600. It’s the first light...
Time lapse videography: a new way of looking at things

How to create a stunning timelapse — even in changing light

One of the great things that timelapse video can do is show us our world in a way that’s impossible or very difficult for...
The Sun: Everyone’s Light Kit

How to Harness Sunlight for Your Next Outdoor Video Shoot

"If you really look carefully at natural light, you realize how complex it is, and how it's constantly shifting. When you put...

Light it Right

Light it right! Join the experts at Videomaker as they examine the lighting techniques that will help you turn your ideas into top-notch, professional-looking video productions.
Set & Location Workhorse: The Fresnel

Fresnel Lights: How They Work and Why They Should Be in Your Arsenal

One of the most important things to know about a Fresnel light is how to pronounce it. There are few quicker ways at being...
Creative Lighting with Mixed Color Temperatures

Get More Dynamic Lighting with Mixed Color Temperatures

 As filmmakers, we’re storytellers. Through our lenses, we unfold the chronicles of the human experience. Whether we are taking the viewer on a fictional...
Lighting Setups with Only Practicals

How to Light a Scene Using Only Practicals

Lights, Camera, Action — “Wait, but we don’t have the lights! How can you have camera and action without lights?!” Well, if you don’t...

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The Best Video Editing Software

The best video editing software — 2020

In this article, we’ll go over the criteria you’ll need to consider when choosing the best video editing software for your needs.