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Video formats explained

There are lots of video formats out there. How can you tell what is the best for your project? This quick tutorial will help you decide.
DJI's Mavic Mini has been leaked

DJI Mavic Mini promises long flight time, high-quality video and doesn’t need to be...

DJI’s unannounced Mavic Mini has just been leaked. Thanks to an early retail listing, we have official images and specs for the Mavic Mini.
Array of light bulbs with different temperatures.

White balance for film and video: A beginner’s guide

When is white not really white? When it’s headed toward an unprepared camera sensor. Understanding white balance and the color difference between...
Storage Buyer's Guide

The best digital storage for video editors — 2020

As digital video resolutions increase, our need for storage increases as well. If you’re ready to step up to a new storage solution, you’re in the right place.
Hand placing a computer component on a motherboard

The best PC components for your custom video editing computer

Building a video editing computer from scratch? We've rounded up the best PC components out there to help you build a powerful editing machine.
laptop with a RAID sitting next to it

How to Configure a RAID for Video Storage

Configuring a RAID system may not be the sexiest thing you read about today, but if you want to level up your editing game, read on.
Following these steps and listening carefully at every stage will give you a believable soundtrack that supports your visuals and your story.

The Fundamentals of Audio Editing for Video

Having a wide set of skills is a must in today’s production environment. One cannot simply expect to get by on a single main...
How to edit video for Youtube with Movavi Video Editor Plus

How to edit a YouTube video with Movavi Video Editor Plus

Today, we’ll walk you through the five simple steps to making a video for YouTube with Movavi Video Editor Plus — even if you have no experience.
Get the Most from Your Editing Machine

How to Optimize Your Editing Machine for Best Performance

Unless you work for a restoration house or film archive, the days of having to edit video on a $10,000-dollar room-sized flatbed editor are...
Videomaker’s Best Products of the Year 2017

Videomaker’s Best Products of the Year 2017

To be considered for these awards, at least one of our editors must have had hands-on experience with the product. Each product category has...

Best Products

The best tripods for video — 2020

Carefully comparing and reviewing system specs will ultimately help you find the best tripod to fit your needs and your budget.