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Array of light bulbs with different temperatures.

White balance for film and video: A beginner’s guide

When is white not really white? When it’s headed toward an unprepared camera sensor. Understanding white balance and the color difference between...

Advanced Lighting for Video

This program gives you tips on setting up a studio, how to cleverly light products, how to light car interiors, ways to get over the challenge of lighting at night, and how to hide your fixtures when shooting a wide shot. Using this knowledge, you should be able to light scenes that look as good as those in the movies!
Getting Started with 360 Degree Video

How to Get Started with 360-degree Video

Within the last few years the video industry has seen the emergence of a handful of new techniques, technologies and methodologies. Aerial videography has...
Videomaker Presents the Best of NAB 2016 Award Winners

Videomaker Presents the Best of NAB 2016 Award Winners

One category, however, is notably absent — Best Camera. With all the amazing new gear announced at NAB this year, we were surprised by...
Videomaker’s Best Products of the Year: 2015

Videomaker’s Best Products of the Year: 2015

2015 has seen fantastic new equipment for video production. 4K is everywhere, but cameras are also steadily moving towards higher frame rates. Customizable workstations...
On a Betacam shoot!

The Ultimate Video Terminology List

Video production is fun and immersive, but there are a lot of terminology relating to equipment, technology and practices which can confuse, confound and...

Videomaker PLUS Training DVDs

Videomaker PLUS Member Training Materials Quick AccessVideomaker PLUS members have full access to all of Videomaker’s premium training videos. We have provided quick access...

How to: Advanced Audio for Video

Capture High Quality Sound for VideoOrder Now!https://seal.thawte.com/getthawteseal?host_name=www.videomaker.com&size=S&lang=en ABOUT SSL CERTIFICATESMovie-goers won't tolerate muffled or tinny sound. They might tolerate some little hiccups in shooting or...

Videomaker Live Webcasts

Videomaker webcasts feature live video production training with the Videomaker hosts.DSLR Video ProductionThe wonder of DSLRs is that you can capture film-like video at...
Videomaker Workshop: Light it! Shoot it! Edit it! Show it!

Videomaker Workshop: Light it! Shoot it! Edit it! Show it!

Another Videomaker workshop is under way this weekend and this small group will get lots of one-on-one training. This weekends offerings are the Basic...

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The best royalty-free music and sound effects sites – 2020

Music and sound effects are a crucial part of any film or video project. Using royalty-free stock music in your next project is one way to cut costs without sacrificing quality.