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What is color grading and why is it important?

To elevate your video and ensure your footage looks as good as possible, it’s time to dive into the world of color grading.
A color correction workstation running DaVinci Resolve.

Get the Most of Your Footage by Using Selective Color Correction

Primary color correction alters the entire image to craft a cohesive look for the finished video.
POV shot of a man floating in a kayak

Creative Action Cam Mounting Techniques

TAKE TWO:Sunlight, Camera, Action!Action cameras – or cams - are everywhere. They have gone skydiving from space, driven endless laps around motocross tracks, and...

Video Editing Techniques – 5 Things to Try in Your Editing App

Today’s video editing applications like Adobe Premiere, Apple Final Cut Pro, Avid Media Composer and Sony Vegas are affordable, accessible and incredibly powerful tools...
Fix it in Post Ultimate Toolkit for Any Post-Production Jam

Fix it in Post Ultimate Toolkit for Any Post-Production Jam

Last week we looked at one new tool for tidying up your videos in post-production. The Fix it in Post DVD is Videomaker's answer...

Videomaker’s Advanced Video Editing Techniques DVD

Videomaker's Advanced Video Editing Techniques Instructional Video ADVANCED EDITING TOOLS Find out what hardware is neededto edit video at an advanced level. THE ART OF EDITING Gain an...
Color Correction Enhancement

Color Correction Enhancement

Most videographers use their camcorder's auto white balance or manually set the white balance. So fixing white balance in post is rarely necessary, and,...
Color Correction 101

Color Correction 101

A few simple steps can save an improperly-shot scene or improve one that is less than brilliant. Don't let the interface of the Color...

Adobe Production Studio for Mac | Red Giant Color Correction | New xvColor

Adobe Production Studio returning to the Mac platform soon For the first time ever, Adobe's Production Studio bundle, which includes Premiere Pro, After Effects, and...
Color Me Perfect

Color Me Perfect

To celebrate 100 years of color imaging, from hand painted frames to video formats, let's take a closer look at what color means to...

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