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13 tips to speed up your Premiere Pro workflow

The cornerstone of every great editor is their ability to exceed the expectations of those in their world. Content needs to educate, illuminate or...

How to make a movie at home with no budget

Whether you’re a pro videographer or a beginner, making a movie is going to require a lot of preparation, time, and work. We will help you through it.
Editor working in Premiere Pro on computer

10 tips every Premiere Pro user should know

Even if you’ve just started using Premiere Pro or you’ve used it every day for years, you will surely learn a few new tricks in this tips video.
Growth through Critique: 10 Tips for Giving and Receiving Constructive Feedback

Growth through Critique: 10 Tips for Giving and Receiving Constructive Feedback

When you first start out in video production, you’ll most likely find that your videos don’t always match the vision you started with. Continued...
Advice on Big Interviews - Dave Roberson on a shoot in Petra Jordan

Learn How to Handle High-Profile Interview Shoots from Veteran Cameraman Dave Roberson

Veteran cameraman, Dave Roberson talks about his career in network news and gives us some wisdom in how to shoot the newsmakers.
A coconut shell with the yellow painted word, "Gwada", hanging from a bit of twine on the open door of a palm frond tree hut.

Tips to Get you Started in Travel Video

“Do you have some identification?” asked the short, white French policeman with close-cropped black hair, clean-shaven face, wearing a baby blue shirt and dark...
After Effects in Action - A composite of a cartoon over live footage

Getting Started With Adobe After Effects

The possibilities for creating animations with Adobe After Effects are pretty close to limitless. We can composite complex scenes, add thousands of lens flares...

Interview Tips: Are You Asking the Right Questions?

Kipling’s ode on information gathering first appeared in 1902. It was published around the time when the professionalization of journalism – the formal training...
7 Time-Tested Tips to Improve Your Productions

7 Time-Tested Tips to Improve Your Productions

People who have been impressed by the work my team does often ask what kind of equipment we use. They then ask what I...
10 Tips for the Best Year End Compilation Video

10 Tips for the Best Year End Compilation Video

Earlier we talked about 10 tips to making a Holiday video for family and friends. That was kindergarten - this week we tackle a...

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The best lenses for video — 2021

Lenses are key to making your favorite camera create the images you envision. These are the best lenses for video available today.