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Gavin Thurston documents his wild life

Gavin Thurston pulls back the curtain on being a wildlife cinematographer in his new book "Journeys in the Wild."
Indie Legal Docs is like a Lawyer in your Pocket

Indie Legal Docs is like a Lawyer in your Pocket

Indie Film/Video Legal Documents, 2nd Edition Indie Film/Video Legal Documents is packed with 56 examples of legal documents divided into the following six categories: Collaboration...

What you need to know about video production and the law

When you start any business, you should know the legalities of the business. It is difficult enough to set up a business with suitable...
Cinematography Techniques

Cinematography 101 — Telling stories visually

Cinematography is more than just pointing a camera and capturing images. The Cinematographer's art is visual storytelling.

The ins and outs of being a video producer

A video producer is in charge of every aspect of the production from the beginning to the end. Their roles are to assists in everything from organizing logistics, deadlines and write scripts, to making a budget, corresponding with clients and customers and leading the production in a creative direction.

How to build a film budget for your next production

If you're doing video production because it's a wonderful hobby and you're okay with spending your own money to make your video creations, you...
Image of the SAG-AFTRA building

SAG-AFTRA: Should you hire union? Here’s what New York labor attorney Wendy LaManque thinks

Your decision to work with SAG-AFTRA or other unions will directly impact your talent pool, budget, daily schedule, overall timeline and many other factors.
Lauren Greenfield on set shooting with Canon camera. Photo Frank Evers

How Lauren Greenfield uses documentary to amplify women’s voices

Documentary filmmaker Lauren Greenfield aims to encourage and inspire women in documentary filmmaking and beyond.
A class action lawsuit has been filed against Facebook for inflating its video metric reports

Facebook accused of fabricating video view metrics for years

A potential class action lawsuit claims Facebook knowingly gave advertisers inaccurate viewership video metrics to trick them into buying video ads.
Adding “LLC” to the end of your business name can also give your company some additional credibility.

Everything you need to know about starting an LLC

Admittedly, determining how your business will be organized is not nearly as exciting as picking your company name, creating a logo or building a...

Best Products

The best stock video sites — 2021

Stock video sometimes gets a bad wrap in the filmmaking community. In reality, however, we see stock video used every day in any number of applications. Below, you'll find our selections for the best places to look for stock...