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The Best of CES 2018

The Best of CES 2018: Our Favorite New Video Production Tech

Each year, the Videomaker editors tour the floor and sort through the dazzling sights and sounds to discover the most promising new video production...
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Best Products of the Year – 2014

With so many awesome goodies hitting the market, it’s never an easy task to select the best of the best but after several rounds...
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4K Video Streaming Issues

The advent of any new technology tends to question that which came before it. Video is a good example of this, as each change...
Why Trust is the Most Important Factor in Capturing Great Documentary Video

Why Trust is the Most Important Factor in Documentary Production

Typically, when we watch a documentary we can only imagine what went into creating the story unfolding on the screen – the hours of...
Plug-ins Buyer's Guide

A Video Editor’s Guide to Plug-ins

You can customize your software with additional tools through plug-ins. There are hundreds of plug-ins available and you would go broke trying to buy...
Stock Media Buyers Guide

Stock Media Buyers Guide

 Finding and using stock video is extremely simple, but planning ahead takes a lot of headaches out of the process later on down the...
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How to get the Coverage you Need

Coverage is just film or video of whatever your action is. You can have a lot of coverage, like a red carpet movie opening,...
Videographer using a field monitor

Focus on Field Monitors

Video and film production is a craft of many skills. We are required to create stories, evoke emotions and capture details through picture and...
From Celluloid to Ones and Zeros

From Celluloid to Ones and Zeros

The first memories I have of movie magic are from my 1950s childhood. At school we were made to watch films about history, geography...
Apple Mac Pro

Apple Mac Pro Review

In June 2012, a Mac user decided to write a letter to Apple’s CEO Tim Cook asking about the state of the Apple Mac...

Best Products

The best video editing plugins — 2021

An essential part of being a post-production specialist is knowing your tools and how to use them. But it is equally important to know when another tool will increase your ability and efficiency.