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Cinematography Techniques

Cinematography 101 — Telling stories visually

Cinematography is more than just pointing a camera and capturing images. The Cinematographer's art is visual storytelling.
Yuneec H520

Review: Yuneec H520 is a Versatile Drone for Video Production and More

Drones are all but a necessity now in the production world. There is no easier way to up the production value of your next...
Moonrise Kingdom poster image

Getting Inside the Minds of the Masters: The Cinematography of “Moonrise Kingdom”

Anyone who makes video likely also loves film. Recreating a favorite cinematic scene can be a fun and valuable exercise in storytelling. The key...
New Titles: Video Production Handbook - Shooting Movies without Shooting Yourself in the Foot - Cinematography Theory and Practice

New Titles: Video Production Handbook – Shooting Movies without Shooting Yourself in the Foot...

Video Production Handbook, Fifth Edition I wonder where Video Production Handbook, Fifth Edition by Jim Owens and Gerald Millerson, has been all my life. I...
Viewfinder: Cinematography

Viewfinder: Cinematography

Cinematography is a term that may be intimidating to many of you. However, since you are reading this, you are probably a cinematographer. When...
Smartphone Cinematography

Smartphone Cinematography

A runaway train speeds uncontrollably through a snowy, barren mountain pass, halted only by a devastating explosion. Its violent shockwave hurls the train from...
Outdoor Cinematography

Outdoor Cinematography

Outdoor cinematography is a challenge because the camera does not adjust for contrast as smoothly as the human eye. Consider the subtle adjustment your...
Nine Digital Cinematography Tips

Nine Digital Cinematography Tips

So you know the basics of digital cinematography: medium shots, wide shots, closeups and even extreme closeups. But why do your videos still lack...

How to make an awesome shot list for your film or video project

A shot list details every shot the filmmaker or video producer intends to capture during production. It's a crucial step in the pre-production process.

How to break the rules of filmmaking to evoke emotions

In film and video, pushing the boundaries of your viewers expectations can take your project to the next level. Break the rules for a creative edge.

Best Products

The best lenses for video — 2020

Lenses are key to making your favorite camera create the images you envision. These are the best lenses for video available today.