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Viewfinder: Sharing Ideas on the Forums

There's a wealth of shared knowledge and experience on the Videomaker Forums. Topic searches bring up numerous posts focusing on something specific, but a...
Digital waveforms for audio signals

Videomaker Challenge 7: Sound Effects Only

For the last challenge, we had you improve the color of your shots using traditional color correction techniques like curves, levels, and hue/saturation. For...
Color Wheel

Videomaker Challenge 6: Improve Your Color

For the last challenge, we had you shoot for reverse. For challenge 6, we want you to spend some time at the edit bay...
Silhouette of Man with Video Camera at Sunset

Videomaker Challenge 5: Shoot for Reverse

Before I dive into Challenge 5, I really want to thank everyone who participated in last week's challenge. Don't ask me why, but those...

Videomaker Weekly Challenge: Week 4

It's that time again! This time, you have two a two-day head start, so use it wisely.We had some pretty great submissions for week...
Camera and Actor

Videomaker Weekly Challenge: Week 3

OK, so week 2 was pretty slow. Was the challenge too hard? Did it require too much time? Was it just plain lame? No...
Brown Cat Stalking Prey

Videomaker Weekly Challenge: Week 2

 We're really excited to get as many submissions as we did for week one, especially considering the technical difficulties many experienced with the submission...
Introducing The Videomaker Weekly Video Challenge!

Introducing The Videomaker Weekly Video Challenge!

EDIT: WEEK 2 submissions are now being accepted! Check them out here.What it Is: At Videomaker, we're constantly striving to encourge people to make video...
NAB 2012: Atomos Ninja 2, and the DEEPSEA CHALLENGE

NAB 2012: Atomos Ninja 2, and the DEEPSEA CHALLENGE

If you recall our blog post from March 26, you may remember James Cameron going to the deepest part of the Pacific Ocean, what...
Readers Share Memories for Videomaker's 25th Anniversary

Readers Share Memories for Videomaker’s 25th Anniversary

Happy 25th Anniversary, Videomaker! To help us celebrate 25 years of teaching video techniques, we created a forums page called "How Videomaker Helped Me". Below...

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