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2012 Holiday Shoppers’ Video Wish List

What does one get for the video producer that has everything? Why, the latest and greatest of course. Innovation in the world of video...

10 Places to Find Music for Wedding Videos

Getting great microphone audio during the wedding ceremony and reception is just your first step to a finished audio soundtrack. You also need some...
Four Video Cameras with Just One Firewire Input?

Four Video Cameras with Just One Firewire Input?

Here are a few examples of what people are asking on the Videomaker forum. For help on video-related questions, go to our forums. ...
Options for Marketing Your Video

Options for Marketing Your Video

You've got cable channels seeking content - travel, food, investing, shopping. The list is infinite. There's indie productions at Blockbusters, Netflix and other video...
Finding the Best Digital Video Camera

Finding the Best Digital Video Camera

If, as they say, variety is the spice of life, the choice we have in camcorders today must be a little like a bowl...
Film festivals can be a great way to get your film more exposure.

This is How to Get Accepted Into Film Festivals

There isn't a one-size-fits-all festival plan, so we'll look at the different elements to consider when creating a festival strategy for your film. Evaluating Your...
Canon XF205 Professional Camera

Canon XF205 Review

There are many occasions, when you’re behind the camera, that don’t come with second chances. Like shooting live news or covering a wedding; if...
Shot of a man and woman looking at a wedding scene on a smartphone.

Business Model For Post-Disc Distribution Revenue Stream

Technology has long played a part in business - think of the industrial revolution as the obvious example of man-made thought turned into business...
Graphic of a dollar sign

Is Brand Name Gear Worth the Price?

We all dream of unlimited budgets, top-of-the-line brand name gear from the video equipment manufacturing giants in the industry, often wishing we could go...
DVD with a Yellow Post-it note saying “Copy protection, do not remove”

Copy Protection: Is it Worth the Investment?

From the days of analog videotape copy protection by Macrovision, to the bounty of today’s video copy protection options, there seems to be as...

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