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Benefits and Limitations of DSLRs vs. Camcorders

Benefits and Limitations of DSLRs vs. Camcorders

By Tony GomezWith the proliferation of DSLRs that can shoot HD video, you might wonder what is the future of standalone HD camcorders. Is...
Canon XF205 Professional Camera

Canon XF205 Review

There are many occasions, when you’re behind the camera, that don’t come with second chances. Like shooting live news or covering a wedding; if...
Sony PXW-Z100 4K camcorder shooting in a bamboo field.

4K Video Used 8 Different Ways, Even if your Final Output is HD

It was the philosophically ironic comedian, Steven Wright who once joked that "Everyone has a photographic memory. Some just don't have film." Thankfully, for those...
Graphic of a dollar sign

Is Brand Name Gear Worth the Price?

We all dream of unlimited budgets, top-of-the-line brand name gear from the video equipment manufacturing giants in the industry, often wishing we could go...
Collage of different disc authoring interfaces

Disc Authoring Software Buyer’s Guide

A DVD provides hours of video and audio on a compact disc that is both of a higher-resolution and more durable than that of...
Trash can full of obsolete electronics

Recycling Electronics – Are you There?

What do you do when your camcorder, computer, tablet or other device is no longer useful to you, but still has use in its...
Closeup of a camcorder lens

Winter Doldrums: 3 Video Tips to Fight the Winter Blues

The Brrrrr season - When the winter doldrums set in - what can you do to find your muse? The New Year festivities are...

Producing Talent Scout Videos

Getting spotted by big league producers, scouts and casting directors doesn't happen by chance. Odds are the names you see on the screens -...

Consumer Video Editors

This is the right time for the video editor. A few years ago, it really looked like all that consumers wanted to do was...

Top 5 Questions to Answer when Purchasing a Video Editing Computer

When shopping for your "perfect" editing computer, there are five important questions to be answered: 1. Should I get a PC or a Mac?...

Best Products

Best microphone for YouTube — 2021

One of the most common mistakes beginning video producers make is to overlook audio. Little do these beginners know that audiences are quicker to stop watching a video because of lousy sound quality than they are for poor video. Sound...