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Sony announces the ZV-1

The Sony ZV-1 is designed specifically for video content creators

Built to “meet the needs and demands of today’s video creators,” according to Sony, the ZV-1 puts video front and center in its design.
Vibesta wins against Rotolight in lawsuit

Court rules Vibesta didn’t steal design from Rotolight

It turns out that Vibesta has won against Rotolight in a heated court battle over accusations of design infringement. The District Court...
Adobe Premiere Pro will support ProRes RAW

Adobe Premiere Pro will soon support ProRes RAW

Adobe's announced that ProRes RAW will be supported natively right inside Premiere Pro. Could this mean that ProRes RAW is now an industry standard?
Editor working on DaVinci Resolve

Blackmagic Design’s DaVinci Resolve 15 is out of Beta

Blackmagic Design’s just released the full version of DaVinci Resolve 15 and have added a ton of new features thanks to its beta program.
Using Tech to Foster Community

How Passion Conferences Use Video Technology to Foster Community

If you had wandered into Passion 2018, you may have thought you were coming into a concert. On January 1-3 Atlanta’s Philips and Infinite...
HDR & SuperSlow - Sony’s PXW-Z90V,  HXR-NX80 and FDR-AX700 cameras

HDR & SuperSlow

Many broadcasters and videographers today are forced to use standard dynamic range (SDR) because they’re shooting on older technology that isn’t capable of delivering...
Image of Logan Paul

YouTube Outlines New Consequences for Creators who Cause Harm to their Community

YouTube CEO Susan Wojicicki posted a blog post earlier this month outlining the goals that the platform will be working to achieve this new...
Logan Paul

YouTube Promises Stricter Punishments for Creators Doing “Significant Harm” to the Platform’s Reputation

It’s possible that YouTube will be soon dishing out stronger punishments to renegade creators. CEO Susan Wojcicki detailed YouTube’s overall goals for 2018 in...

Researcher Gives up $30,000 to Publish his Negative Experiences with DJI’s Bug Bounty Program

DJI launched a bug bounty program last August with the ambition of partnering up with researchers so they could identify security vulnerabilities and fix...
Two man film crew shooting.

How To Not Screw Up Your First Documentary

Producer, director and screenwriter Spike Jonze reminds the aspiring documentarian: “Doing a documentary is about discovering, being open, learning, and following curiosity.”

Best Products

The best stock video sites — 2020

Stock video sometimes gets a bad wrap in the filmmaking community. In reality, however, we see stock video used every day in any number of applications. Below, you'll find our selections for the best places to look...