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LED Lights, DSLR camera, green screen and editing computer in a small bedroom.

Create a YouTube studio in your home

If you want to make it onto YouTube, your video quality needs to have a level of professionalism that a YouTube studio brings to the table.
Image of a teacher showing a student how to use a camera

Nine Affordable Approaches to Video Training

We must be exposed to the video production environment in order to absorb and learn to get videography jobs. A formal education can be...
Studio setup of a Public Access program

Life at a Community Access Station

Several years ago I heard someone say that "Public Access Television isn't real television!" Upon hearing a statement like that, all I could do...
Closeup of a camcorder lens

Winter Doldrums: 3 Video Tips to Fight the Winter Blues

The Brrrrr season - When the winter doldrums set in - what can you do to find your muse? The New Year festivities are...
Wet camcorder on rainy street alongside rainboots and covered by an umbrella

Rain Rain! 15 Rainy Day Shooting Tips for Videographers

Recently we talked about creative shooting in the wintertime, the amazing light reflections and the beauty of the season. That was the Good reason...
Canon EOS 5D Mark III DSLR  Review

Canon EOS 5D Mark III DSLR Review

In 2008 Canon made history with the EOS 5D Mark II Digital Camera. Before that, the ability to shoot video with a camera containing...
Appraising the Real Estate Video Market

Video Production for the Real Estate Market

Many realtors avoid online video marketing either due to costs, time restraints or the belief that they lose out by not having that initial...
Panasonic HDC-TM80 HD Camcorder Review

Panasonic HDC-TM80 HD Camcorder Review

We live in a world driven by convenience. From fast food to mobile phones, everything around us has been designed with convenience in mind....
 JVC Camcorder GY-HM100U Review

JVC Camcorder GY-HM100U Review

This JVC camcorder pushes the boundaries of what a professional shooter can expect from a small camcorder. It's ideal for tough shooting environments. The JVC...

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