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The best audio editing software for video editors — 2020

Let's look at the best audio editing software currently on the market, then go over the most important features to consider as you shop.

The best stock media sites — 2019

If you’ve so far avoided using stock media in your projects because of the stigma it carries in certain filmmaking circles, you’re missing out.
LED Lights, DSLR camera, green screen and editing computer in a small bedroom.

Create a YouTube studio in your home

If you want to make it onto YouTube, your video quality needs to have a level of professionalism that a YouTube studio brings to the table.
Screen grab of HitFilm 3 Pro

HitFilm 3 Pro Review

For the majority of filmmakers, a select few programs come to mind when thinking about video post-production. Final Cut Pro, Premier Pro, Avid Media...
Canon XF205 Professional Camera

Canon XF205 Review

There are many occasions, when you’re behind the camera, that don’t come with second chances. Like shooting live news or covering a wedding; if...
Artemis Director’s Viewfinder

How to Make Movie Ideas a Reality

The preliminary work of pre-production is probably the most important work you can do to ensure a successful filmmaking experience. From what’s your story...
Colorful image of text "4K" popping out of display screen.

5 Reasons You Might Want to Wait on 4K Ultra HD Video Production (For...

There’s no doubt that Ultra HD 4K video production technology is exciting, intriguing and enticing. As more and more manufacturers market 4K video cameras,...
Large screen display showing the 2013 America’s Cup yacht race in San Francisco

Digital Signage Offers New Opportunity for Video Entrepreneurs

When you mention digital signage, many people think of the old LED signs on the highway telling you there's an Amber Alert or a...
Collection of products for gift giving ideas for the videographer

Holiday Gift Giving Guide 2013

If you’re reading Videomaker because you’re a regular, thank you. There might be a fellow videographer that you’re shopping for, or perhaps you’re a...
Collage of different disc authoring interfaces

Disc Authoring Software Buyer’s Guide

A DVD provides hours of video and audio on a compact disc that is both of a higher-resolution and more durable than that of...

Best Products

How to buy a camera — 2020

While we have more options and more technology than ever before; buying a new camera has never been more difficult. It’s not just that there are dozens of cameras to choose from, it’s that each one offers...