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Large screen display showing the 2013 America’s Cup yacht race in San Francisco

Digital Signage Offers New Opportunity for Video Entrepreneurs

When you mention digital signage, many people think of the old LED signs on the highway telling you there's an Amber Alert or a...
Sony-HDR-PJ790 camcorder/projector

Sony HDR-PJ790V Review

Ideal for those who thrive on instant gratification, Sony’s top consumer camcorder, the Handycam HDR-PJ790V, not only produces excellent image quality but also includes...

Exposing for the Sky

If you think about it, your camera is basically color blind, which is sad because the outdoor videography world is full of wonderful textures,...

Lighting Wide Shots

Imagine an assignment that requires you to capture an entire room without panning the camera or taking cutaway shots. Doesn't sound too difficult until...
shot of photographer lying in the snow shooting with a camera

Shadows and Light: 20 Video Tips for Shooting in the Snow

Capturing video in the bright light from snow is one of the most challenging conditions you can shoot in. Not only is shooting in...
Wet camcorder on rainy street alongside rainboots and covered by an umbrella

Rain Rain! 15 Rainy Day Shooting Tips for Videographers

Recently we talked about creative shooting in the wintertime, the amazing light reflections and the beauty of the season. That was the Good reason...

7 Reasons to Shoot With a Lens Filter

There are many good reasons for adding a filter to your camcorder lens. Some people think filters are only useful for enhancing the color...
Appraising the Real Estate Video Market

Video Production for the Real Estate Market

Many realtors avoid online video marketing either due to costs, time restraints or the belief that they lose out by not having that initial...
Cheap Trick for Underwater Shooting

Cheap Trick for Underwater Shooting

A few weeks ago we told you about specialty bags to prevent your camera, smartphone and other electronics from getting water damaged while you...
5 Video Tools Under Thirty Dollars Each

5 Video Tools Under Thirty Dollars Each

A while back, we produced a video series on DIY equipment, but there are some cheap tools that are pretty handy and that you...

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Storage Buyer's Guide

The best digital storage for video editors — 2020

As digital video resolutions increase, our need for storage increases as well. If you’re ready to step up to a new storage solution, you’re in the right place.