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Shot on set with director and cinematographer of Digital Shakedown, Justin Kirchhoff.

Top 6 Headaches When Making the 4K Switch

4K video is starting to make its presence well known in the world of video. With video games and televisions being made especially for...

Make Money Live Streaming on the Internet

Of course, the Internet is not the only live streaming option. Its simplicity lives at one end of the spectrum, while the complexity of...

On Ramp: Access Your Community

Videomakers face a number of obstacles in the pursuit of producing the perfect video. Untapped niches are becoming harder to find. Technology is changing...
LED Lights, DSLR camera, green screen and editing computer in a small bedroom.

Create a YouTube studio in your home

If you want to make it onto YouTube, your video quality needs to have a level of professionalism that a YouTube studio brings to the table.

10 Shorts every cinematographer needs to see

Orson Welles often had great ideas for movies and then spent years going from studio to studio in Hollywood trying to get someone interested,...
Film festivals can be a great way to get your film more exposure.

This is How to Get Accepted Into Film Festivals

There isn't a one-size-fits-all festival plan, so we'll look at the different elements to consider when creating a festival strategy for your film. Evaluating Your...
Shot of an external hard drive hooked up to a laptop.

Storage Solutions Protect Digital Assets And Your Business

There’s an urban tale that in Ohio in 1895, the state’s only two “horseless carriages” (i.e., cars) managed to collide with each other. The...
Graphic of a dollar sign

Is Brand Name Gear Worth the Price?

We all dream of unlimited budgets, top-of-the-line brand name gear from the video equipment manufacturing giants in the industry, often wishing we could go...
YouTube Logo

YouTube is Taking Down Gamer Videos – What Does This Mean to You?

YouTube is cracking down on people publishing video game related content to YouTube and many content creators who make their livelihood doing so aren’t...
DVD with a Yellow Post-it note saying “Copy protection, do not remove”

Copy Protection: Is it Worth the Investment?

From the days of analog videotape copy protection by Macrovision, to the bounty of today’s video copy protection options, there seems to be as...

Best Products

Best Products of the Year — 2019

2019 has seen fantastic new equipment for video production, but with a world of options at your disposal, which is the best? We carefully evaluated each new product, emphasizing its innovation, value compared to its direct competition,...