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Viewfinder: Sharing Ideas on the Forums

There's a wealth of shared knowledge and experience on the Videomaker Forums. Topic searches bring up numerous posts focusing on something specific, but a...
What's Legal YouTube: Fair Use Vs Copyright Laws

What’s Legal YouTube: Fair Use Vs Copyright Laws

In May 2008, Viacom brought a $1 billion lawsuit against YouTube for allegedly failing to protect the rights of copyright owners. The most common...

On Ramp: Access Your Community

Videomakers face a number of obstacles in the pursuit of producing the perfect video. Untapped niches are becoming harder to find. Technology is changing...

Public domain – what’s theirs is sometimes yours

When does a Copyright enter the Public Domain? We get this question all the time. We'd love to say, If published after...

The best stock media sites — 2019

If you’ve so far avoided using stock media in your projects because of the stigma it carries in certain filmmaking circles, you’re missing out.

Stock Footage: How to Earn Income Selling your Video

Life is happening everywhere and there are people who need footage of it. And it's not just extreme shots like aerial footage or underwater...

Recording in public places and your First Amendment rights

Simplicity is often elusive when it comes to legal matters, so it should be no surprise that the answers to questions related...
Who Are You? What Kind of Video do you Create?

Who Are You? What Kind of Video do you Create?

Video production is such a wide and varied field, from hobbyist and amateur producers, to Lone Wolf business people and full-fledged production facilities. Is...
Why do You Need Release Forms?

Why do You Need Release Forms?

The truth is, you don't always need a model release form. The question is, when do you have to cover your assets, and when...
In Box: Contract Advice

In Box: Contract Advice

Enjoyed the Archiving and Formatting Stories Really appreciated the article on Video Media Archiving by Robert Nulph. This kind of detail on practical matters...

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The best stock video sites — 2020

Stock video sometimes gets a bad wrap in the filmmaking community. In reality, however, we see stock video used every day in any number of applications. Below, you'll find our selections for the best places to look...