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DVD Authoring (eDoc)

There is no question that we're now officially smack dab in the middle of the era of the "homemade" DVD. If you haven't made the switch to your own home DVD authoring program, now's the time. This eDoc focuses on computer-based DVD burning and editing tips.

Introduction to DVD Authoring and Design (DVD)

With this DVD, you'll learn about the various aspects of making a DVD from video.
Image of someone recording a band performing on his or her phone

Homemade Facebook Videos Using Unauthorized Labeled Music Could Become Legal

Have you paired a video you shot yourself with a copyrighted song and tried uploading it to Facebook? A lot of people have, but...
Cinematographer Richard Henkels Gives Behind-the-Scenes Insight into the Production of “AUTHOR: The JT Leroy Story”

Cinematographer Richard Henkels Gives Insight into the Production of ‘AUTHOR: The JT Leroy Story’

 Jeff Fuerezieg and Richard Henkels had previously worked on a commercial together and when Fuerezieg offered Henkels the position of cinematographer for an upcoming...
woman in front of smartphone on stabilizer with camera crew

Directing with Authority

The director is responsible for making sure every aspect of the production is executed properly to ensure that the project is on time, on...

DVD Authoring & Design

We start with the basics of making a DVD. Then we cover the most common dvd authoring tools found in DVD authoring software followed...
Collage of different disc authoring interfaces

Disc Authoring Software Buyer’s Guide

A DVD provides hours of video and audio on a compact disc that is both of a higher-resolution and more durable than that of...
Authors - DoStudio Indie and DoStudio EX from Sony Creative Software

Authors – DoStudio Indie and DoStudio EX from Sony Creative Software

Sony Creative Software acquired Netblender Inc.'s DoStudio last fall and Sony's updates - DoStudio Indie and DoStudio EXare now ready for the post-production side...
DVD Authoring Freeware: A Guide to Free Tools

DVD Authoring Freeware: A Guide to Free Tools

It can be tricky sorting out the good DVD authoring software from the ones that will crash frequently or leave you high and dry...
Authoring Blu-ray Discs

Authoring Blu-ray Discs

We are living in a revolutionary time. Blu-ray Disc technology has taken its place as the vessel for viewing High Definition (HD) media. More...

Best Products

The best new video tech at CES 2019

Every year, we head to CES to check out the latest innovations in consumer technology and look for the next big thing in video production. CES 2019 was no exception.