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How to Take Advantage of High Dynamic Range

How to Take Advantage of High Dynamic Range

Only shooting on film or with a top of the line digital cinema camera will provide you with a truly wide dynamic range since...

The Anatomy of a Lens

With makers such as Canon, Zeiss, Schneider, Rokinon, Leica and Tokina offering so many choices, it can be tough to narrow down your options...
Photo of an image sensor in the palm of a hand

The Image Sensor’s Role in Video

In many cases, bigger is better. A taller ladder helps to reach a higher branch. Larger motors help to win races. Bigger helicopters make for...

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Best microphone for YouTube — 2021

One of the most common mistakes beginning video producers make is to overlook audio. Little do these beginners know that audiences are quicker to stop watching a video because of lousy sound quality than they are for poor video. Sound...