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Everything you need to know about depth of field

What is depth of field? Let’s start by determining what it is not. Depth of field is not a tangible thing. Depth of field...

The best drones for aerial video — 2021

As you search out your new drone, keep in mind both your production needs and your budget.

Adobe After Effects vs Premiere: a side by side comparison

Adobe After Effects vs Premiere. The question is, what is the difference between the two? Should you use them separately, or together?
Fade film transition

Fade transitions in video: when should they be used?

Fade video transitions, when used correctly, can tell audience priceless information that will make the view experience much more enjoyable.
man holding a dslr camera in a vehicle

What is documentary? The genre defined

What is documentary? What qualifies as a documentary film? Let's dig deeper.
What is the best platform to stream on?

What live streaming platform should you use?

Are you thinking of live streaming, but don’t know which streaming service you should use? We will help you pick one in this article.

How to make a movie at home with no budget

Whether you’re a pro videographer or a beginner, making a movie is going to require a lot of preparation, time, and work. We will help you through it.
Film directors should never make their actors feel pressured to act

If you’re a director, never do this to your actors

Directors want to get their projects done in a timely manner, but reminded actors of the deadline they're on could really ruin their performances.

Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera 6K – Hands-on Review

The Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera 6K offers heaps of features at a reasonable price. However, there are some major flaws you’ll need to accept first.
Stanford algorithm makes sounds effects sound more realistic

This algorithm makes VR sounds effects sound more realistic

It has been a extremely hard challenge for sound engineers to make VR sound effects sound realistic, but this new algorithm claims to do so.

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Best After Effects and motion graphics template sites – 2021

You have the tools needed to create stunning motion graphics, but do you have the time? If not, using motion graphics templates can be a great way to add polish to a production without blowing your deadline.