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Videomaker/Panasonic Contest 1999

Videomaker/Panasonic Contest 1999

Grand Prize Panasonic PV-DV910 Mini DV Camcorder Value: $1099 First Prize Audio-Technica ATW-U101 Wireless Microphone System Value: $1049Second Prize Elite Video: BVP-4+ Video Processor Value: $860Third Prize Videonics TitleMaker 3000 Titler Value: $799Fourth...

1998 Videomaker/Panasonic Contest

Grand Prize: Panasonic PV-DV710 Digital Palmcorder $2500 valueFirst Prize: Videonics MXPro Digital Video Mixer $1799 valueSecond Prize: Elite Video BVP-4+ Video Processor $995 valueThird Prize: Iomega Buz...
photo of man holding digital camera

Finding success on YouTube in 5 steps

Starting a YouTube channel is like most things in life, having a clear plan is key. Here are five steps that will set you on a path to YouTube success.

UC Berkeley offers professional workshop for documentary filmmakers

I never went to film school and I never went to journalism school. Instead, about 20 years ago, I picked up a...
Traveling the World, 24 Frames a Second: 10 Travel Vloggers Share Their Challenges and Triumphs

10 Travel Vloggers Share Their Challenges and Triumphs

I’m one of those lucky vloggers who (almost) makes a living by traveling to the far reaches of our Earth to shoot and edit...
Screen grab of iZotope RX 4 Advanced Audio Repair Software

iZotope RX4 Review

Challenge...Recording audio in the field can be tricky. Dealing with the elements of the world that you can't control will make for a frustrating...
The Fostex DC-R302 helps the DSLR video shooter record better audio.

The DSLR Buddy: Fostex DC-R302 Review

How many times have you found yourself with the need of a more robust and capable audio function when shooting a DSLR? Fostex has...
Photo of Samson mixing board

How to Use a Mixing Board

What do you do when you have more mics than inputs on your camera? It’s simple, get a mixer. A mixer will allow you...
Photo of the Nikon D4S DSLR

Nikon D4S DSLR Review

Click here for the full video review and test footage.Ever struggle with a subject that won’t stop moving? Fast moving subjects are difficult to...
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Make Money with Ads or Direct Sales

The currency of online advertising is CPM, which literally means “cost per mille” — mille is Latin for thousand. If we apply this “cost-per-thousand”...

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