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Screen grab of iZotope RX 4 Advanced Audio Repair Software

iZotope RX4 Review

Challenge...Recording audio in the field can be tricky. Dealing with the elements of the world that you can't control will make for a frustrating...
The Shure Lens Hopper VP83F

Shure Lens Hopper VP83F – Sitting Shotgun with Shure

Run and gun shooting is the norm for many video producers, especially in wedding videography. Shooting live events tend to put the shooter in...
Futuristic montage of an eyeball, thumbprint and computer text on a screen

Video Innovations in the Year 2020

Much of what will be is also seen on today’s trade show floors as innovative companies from the most popular brand manufacturers to new...

To Buy or Not to Buy Video Equipment

With new and exciting gadgets coming out seemingly weekly, it's hard not to get caught up in all the hype. But let's face it...

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Video Reference Monitor Buyer’s Guide

The best video monitors — 2020

We rely on our video monitors to show us an accurate representation of our images throughout the production process. Here are some of the best video monitors currently on the market.