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A camcorder on a tripod and a woman in a wedding dress laying on the floor. Cables are wrapped around the woman’s legs.

10 Problems That Might Break Your Gear When Shooting an Event (and How to...

When you are shooting in a controlled environment it’s relatively easy to keep people clear of your gear, but when it comes to shooting...

How to: Advanced Audio for Video

Capture High Quality Sound for Video Order Now! https://seal.thawte.com/getthawteseal?host_name=www.videomaker.com&size=S&lang=en ABOUT SSL CERTIFICATES Movie-goers won't tolerate muffled or tinny sound. They might tolerate some little hiccups in shooting or...

Advanced Shooting DVD

Advanced Shooting Shooting from Start to Finish: Storyboards to Camera Techniques Shoot video right the first time with our Advanced Shooting instructional video. If you're ready...
Panasonic Announces 3MOS HD Camcorders, Perfect for Professional-Quality Video Shooting

Panasonic Announces 3MOS HD Camcorders, Perfect for Professional-Quality Video Shooting

Panasonic today introduces two additions to its 2010 line of camcorders, the Panasonic HDC-HS700 and HDC-TM700, both Full High Definition (HD) 3MOS camcorders with...

Shooting Toolkit

So you want to shoot great video? ...
Video Shooting in the Rain

Video Shooting in the Rain

Your Tips Singin' in the Rain I found a solution for filming outside during light rain without getting the camera wet. While I was visiting the United...
Shooting for the (very) Small Screen

Shooting for the (very) Small Screen

Just as computers revolutionized work and play, Personal Digital Assistants (also known as PDAs) could change the way we see the world. Initially we...
Light Source: Advanced Techniques for Lighting Faces

Light Source: Advanced Techniques for Lighting Faces

All right, you've mastered the basics of lighting talent: key, fill and back lights, and maybe a splash on the background. But this one-size-fits-all...

Desktop Video: Shooting Video for Multimedia

You've just been asked to produce a short video training program that will be distributed on CD-ROM. Or a multimedia publisher has hired you...

Canon Camcorder Good for Shooting Family Vacations

Shootin' It Canon ES800 8mm Camcorder Canon U.S.A. Inc. 100 Jamesburg Road Jamesburg, NJ 08831 $1199 The ES800 continues the ES line, Canon's series of consumer camcorders which started with...

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Best micro four thirds lenses — 2021

MFT, or micro four thirds, is a popular mount style used by many manufacturers in conjunction with the micro 4/3 sensor. It’s good to keep in mind that micro four thirds camera systems use a smaller sensor.

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