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5 Famous directors

5 Famous directors and what we can learn from them

The best way for aspiring film directors to improve their craft is to study and learn from the works of famous directors from the past and present.

To learn more, stay tuned! How to keep viewers glued to your educational content

As a former college instructor, I know how hard it can be to keep students’ attention and teach them something at the same time....

Learning from our readers

Content must always be crafted and conveyed within a context. In order to be most effective as media-based communicators, we need to know more...

What you can and can’t learn at film school

On this episode of the Videomaker Podcast we talk about what you can and can’t learn at Film School; try to figure out what clues the new Dropbox/Clipchamp collaboration tells us about cloud video editing; and discuss the latest version of the TriCaster Mini.
The simple lesson is to always plan your project in advance and adhere to a concept or theme.

What I Learned from Trying to Fix My Audio in Post

Coming to terms with the reality that your audio is either subpar or unusable is never a good experience, but also a necessary one....

Videomaker – Learn video production and editing, camera reviews


Learn How the Pros Approach Documentary Production

Griffin Hammond’s at it again with another very insightful podcast, this time diving head first into his workflow for shooting documentaries with a step-by-step...
Video Exposure Triangle

Video Shooters are Learning the Wrong Exposure Triangle

When you're about to switch from a smartphone to a DSLR or mirrorless camera, it's time to learn about the exposure triangle.
Advice on Big Interviews - Dave Roberson on a shoot in Petra Jordan

Learn How to Handle High-Profile Interview Shoots from Veteran Cameraman Dave Roberson

Veteran cameraman, Dave Roberson talks about his career in network news and gives us some wisdom in how to shoot the newsmakers.
Rick Mereki’s "Move" (2012)

Dr. Strangeedit: or How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Jump Cut

It shows up most often in single camera talking heads with no b-roll. If you have to make an edit, there’s just nothing to...

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