5.7K 360 Vuze XR Dual VR camera is the Best 360 Camera of CES 2019

HumanEyes is showing off the new Vuze XR Dual VR Camera at CES 2019. This is the next 360 camera in the company’s Vuze VR camera lineup, and we found it impressive enough to garner Videomaker’s Best 360 Camera of CES 2019.

Two experiences in one camera

At the core of this project, HumanEyes wanted to make a camera that’s versatile.

“In designing the Vuze XR, we set out to deliver a camera that offers the ultimate in versatility to both consumers and professionals, and to do so at a price point that is within reach of just about everyone,” said Jim Malcolm, GM, North America for HumanEyes.

Versatility is apparent when looking at the Vuze XR’s two shooting formats. Users have the option to shoot in either 2D 360-degree or stereoscopic 3D VR180. So you can either make your video spherical or more traditionally flat. Check out how the different formats look in the videos below:

Additionally, the camera features 5.7K 30 fps video capture, 18-megapixel photos, video stabilization, and in-camera stitching.

“Its innovative, compact design essentially does the job of three cameras, making it ideal for activities like hiking, concerts, outdoor adventures and travel where you need to travel light, yet want the freedom to capture your experience in a variety of formats,” says Malcolm.

There’s a mobile app for both iOS and Android

The mobile app can control the XR over Wi-Fi, for photo and video preview and editing. It can also upload to social media and live stream. There’s also stabilization control, photo and video filters, virtual stickers, the ability to add text and color adjustments. Additionally, there’s “Directors Cut” mode with Track, Follow object viewpoint adjustment, Little Planet like effects, and fly in/out effects.

Vuze XR features overview

  • Video resolution- the camera’s video resolution goes up to 5.7K at 30fps or can be set to 4K at 60fps (H.264 MP4). Stills are shot at 18 megapixels.
  • Photo and video stitching- Up to 4K/30 fps in-camera, desktop stitching at 4K/60 fps or 5.7K/30 fps when edited with Vuze VR Studio software.
  • Mobile app stabilization and editing- this includes 360° panoramas, effects, filters, stickers, and ‘Director’s Cut’ mode.
  • Live broadcast and the ability to share to social- Live stream to popular social media channels, including Facebook and YouTube in 360° in the VR180 and 3D180 formats.
  • Quick switching between modes- HumanEyes says the camera can switch between 2D 360° and 3D VR180 modes in a single click.

Pricing and availability

The Vuze XR is available to order now for $439. To learn more, go to vuze.camera.

Sean Berry
Sean Berry
Sean Berry is Videomaker's Managing Editor.

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