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Video News

  • NewTek to Develop Native Version of LightWave [6] and Video Toaster for Intels Itanium Processor

    NEW ORLEANS, SIGGRAPH 2000, July 25,2000-- NewTek, Inc. manufacturer of industry-leading 3D animation and video production products, announced today plans to develop a native IA-64 version of LightWave [6] and the Video Toaster for the new Intel Itanium processor. The new Itanium processor, the first implementation of Intel's forthcoming IA-64 processor architecture, will offer a high performance solution for processor intensive applications such as 3D animation, video editing and video painting and layering.

    LightWave, the recognized leader in the film and television industry, provides the most complete feature set of any 3D-animation tool available. The Video Toaster from NewTek is the most comprehensive and best priced video editing solution on the market, offering users uncompressed video I/O, editing software, award winning 3D tools, and a powerful paint and compositing package. When Intel's new Itanium processor ships, LightWave [6] and Video Toaster users will have the opportunity to increase their productivity by leveraging the power of these new systems.

    We are excited to be working closely with Intel as both companies move forward in advancing their respective technologies. By forging relationships with companies like Intel we can share information during the development phases to make certain that our respective products compliment each other. Said Brad Peebler, NewTek's Vice President of 3D Graphics, This sort of relationship will provide our customers with much faster, more robust solutions.

  • NewTek Releases: Vidget!

    NEW ORLEANS, SIGGRAPH 2000, July 25, 2000 NewTek, Inc., (Booth 2117) manufacturer of industry-leading 3D animation and video products, today announced Vidget, an advanced video and audio conversion and encoding tool that will be invaluable in virtually all areas of computer graphics and video. Vidget is especially useful for applications such as Internet streaming, DVD or CD-ROM creation, high definition encoding, web content creation and multimedia production. Vidget includes comprehensive support for all major video and audio formats, including MPEG I, MPEG II, QuickTime and AVI.

    NewTek has always worked to provide artists with the best tools at the best price, said NewTek CEO Tim Jenison. What's really cool is that we have succeeded in creating a full MPEG I and MPEG II encoder that creates the most gorgeous images you will ever see. Of particular note is the quality of our MPEG encoding engine, which incorporates over a year's development work that has been tightly focused on producing the highest quality stream possible at the lowest possible bit-rate, said Andrew Cross, NewTek's director of video software development. Our goal with Vidget was to develop a no-compromise video encoding and conversion engine as well as an easy-to-use interface that integrates directly into an artist's workflow.

    Vidget provides the user with access to extensive encoding parameters, allowing them to optimize the stream to their own specific needs and content. The applications for Vidget are varied: Video producers creating DVDs can convert their productions to MPEG II for authoring; home users wishing to make video viewable by distant family members can create MPEG I files and add them to their web site for download; and producers creating streaming content can convert video to QuickTime, which allows for cross-platform viewing and variable streaming rates.

  • Makes It Easy To Convert Perishable VHS Memories Into Durable Digital Ones

    HomeMovie.Com has built a powerful web-based interface for the DVDVirtuoso authoring system from Spruce Technologies Inc. that provides consumers and professional videographers with the world's first affordable Video-to-DVD transfer service bureau.

    The HomeMovie.Com facility features 20 workstations -- 10 Spruce DVDVirtuoso authoring systems and 10 Spruce MPX-3000 encoding systems. Spruce made its application programming interface (API) available to enable HomeMovie.Com to build the system. HomeMovie.Com then constructed a web-based interface that leverages the API to create command sets for controlling a DVDVirtuoso system. This interface leverages the Spruce API to create a package of commands that can be fed directly to Spruce DVDVirtuoso to automatically create a finished DVD title.

    According to HomeMovie.Com President John Larsen, "I first looked at Spruce because of the overwhelming recommendations I heard while doing my research. I tried a wide variety of 'low-range' systems, but for the most part it was obvious to me that at that level you really only get what you pay for -- which wasn't much. Spruce DVDVirtuoso offered an affordable solution that had the level of sophistication I needed. The MPX3000 encoders offered excellent image quality. Most importantly, Spruce was clearly prepared to provide the level of support I needed to build my business. Coming from a software background, I know the value of great support. Once I spoke with the staff at Spruce, I stopped looking immediately."

  • FAST Takes Native DV Editing To The Express Track With purple

    Munich, Germany, July 14, 2000. FAST Multimedia AG is proud to present the latest addition to the FAST-Studio product family: purple--the new standard in native DV editing. As part of the FAST Broadcast & Professional group, purple is based our award winning FAST-Studio UI (user interface) software, bringing unmatched creative potential to the DV professional.

    purple, shipping in August 2000, brings FAST-Studio to a new level of price and performance. No longer is an editor forced to choose between native DV editing and a compromise in software performance. Unlimited layers of Video, Audio and Graphics along with professional editing tools like three-point editing, over-write or film style. Keyframe based effects and filter editors, CG, batch capture and print-to-tape. Real-time audio mixing, and real-time EQ, Maximizer and Echo audio effects.

    FAST-Studio is modern software based entirely on new 32-bit code, developed exclusively for the Windows NT operating system. Unlike systems based on old code, FAST-Studio takes full advantage of a computers emerging power, offering advantages like Instant Save, Multi-Processor support and Multi-Threaded kernels. This lets the user focus on editing and not waiting.

    purple utilizes a new DV software codec, developed by FAST and offers extremely responsive scrubbing and access to DV files. purple offers powerful options such as FAST-Studio XL, purple.InTime and purple.Control, giving editors unlimited possibilities while editing. "With purple, we look to capture the DV professional, giving the editor high-end software at an incredible savings" says Reiner Belmeir, CEO of FAST Multimedia's Broadcast and Professional Group.

  • Logitech and LEGO Put Advanced PC Camera Technology in the Hands of Kids

    FREMONT, Calif.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--June 28, 2000 via NewsEdge Corporation - Logitech(R) (Nasdaq:LOGIY; Switzerland:LOGN, LOGZ), international market leader in human interface devices that define the way people link to information in business, at home and online, and the LEGO(R) Company, the leader in creative products for children, have announced that they are working together to embed Logitech QuickCam(R) PC Video Camera technology in LEGO MINDSTORMS' new Vision Command(TM) product. The two companies view this initial product as the first in a series designed to provide today's children with a creative way to explore technology while having fun. The product, featuring the new LEGO Cam with USB connection, construction elements and advanced vision recognition software, will be available on the U.S. and European retail shelves in September at an estimated street price of U.S. $99/Germany 199 DM.

    With vision technology provided by Logitech, Vision Command lets kids create programs enabling their camera to detect motion, light and color, and respond with actions, like sounding an alarm and taking a picture when an intruder enters the room. When combined with the LEGO MINDSTORMS Robotics Invention System(TM), kids can build and program robots that react to their surrounding environment, like seeking and following a moving ball or even a brightly colored family pet.

    In addition to its vision recognition and robotic control features, Vision Command comes with Logitech's popular QuickCam software, designed for easy visual communication over the Internet. Thus, families can use their LEGO Cam for video chat as well as for creating and sending video mail to friends and relatives. The software also provides tools for editing pictures and video.

  • 25GB CD Format on the Horizon

    (BUSINESS WIRE) -- Constellation 3D, Inc. announced today further product advances in the development of its Fluorescent Multilayer Disc ("FMD") media for use with current standard Red Laser technology.

    Red Lasers are a standard and inexpensive component used in all CD and DVD players in order to access the data stored on the disc to be played. C3D has now developed FMD media the same size as a CD/DVD - but with much higher data storage capacity - that can be played on CD/DVD drives which have been subjected to minor and inexpensive modification. Single sided FMD discs for use in these Red Laser-based drives will have capacities up to 25-gigabytes (GB).

  • Media 100 Unveils Streaming Media Solution Optimized for Internet Broadcasters

    MARLBORO, Mass.---June 27, 2000--Media 100 Inc. (NASDAQ: MDEA), the leading provider of software, systems and services for streaming media on the Internet, today announced significant enhancements to its industry-leading streaming media production solution - iFinish. With the launch of its newest version iFinish 3.2, Media 100 has optimized iFinish to meet the stringent demands of Internet broadcasters and streaming media content providers by developing key features such as unlimited file size support, dual-head graphics support and Windows 2000 compliance.

    "Media 100 is continuously pushing the innovation curve with our streaming solutions - as Internet broadcasters become more sophisticated, their need for more sophisticated tools becomes even greater," said Mike Savello, director of marketing for Media 100. "This new version of iFinish enables our customers to work with more than 2 hours of video content at a time, simplifying the entire creation process. For the first time ever, Internet broadcasters can create streaming content from start to finish, regardless of file size. It's this kind of technology innovation that keeps Media 100 at the forefront of streaming media."

    "We developed iFinish with Internet broadcasters in mind - we understand the challenges of creating large amounts of content for streaming, and we understand how to develop solutions that simplify this process for our customers," added Charlie Mascari, iFinish product line manager for Media 100. "iFinish is providing our customers with an elegant approach to creating streaming content for the Internet. Windows 2000 compliance, dual-monitor support and greater than 2GB video file support results in a powerful, high-performance, robust and stable platform for professional streaming media production."

  • Eveo Joins PacketVideo in Wireless Multimedia

    SAN DIEGO, CA June 13, 2000 Eveo and PacketVideo today announced an agreement to trial the delivery of video over wireless networks. PacketVideo has developed standards-compliant MPEG-4 software that enables the distribution of video over wireless networks. As part of the trials, Eveo will provide entertainment content for delivery to wireless devices.

    Our goal is to let anyone distribute their video content to as wide an audience as possible, said Eveo founder and CEO Olivier Zitoun, which is why we wanted to work with industry leader PacketVideo to test delivery over wireless networks.

    The ability for consumers to deliver personal video is a key component of the development of wireless, said Robert Tercek, President of PacketVideo's Programming Division, which is why we are working with Eveo to trial the technology.

    PacketVideo's MPEG-4 based software enables the encoding, decoding, and transmission of full motion video over wireless networks on mobile devices. The technology enables the distribution of video over wireless networks with bit rates as low as 14.4 kbps (which is the rate for networks in the US today) as well as 2.5G and 3.5G networks. The technology is air-interface independent, which means that it works across any type of cellular network, including CDMA, GSM, TDMA, GPRS, and UMTS.

    PacketVideo is working with wireless carriers in the US and internationally to trial the technology over their networks. The company has also announced alliances with leading device and silicon designers and manufacturers to develop hardware utilizing PacketVideo technology, including Casio, Compaq, Intel, NEC, SANYO, and Texas Instruments.

  • StageTools Announces MovingPicture Plug-In for Adobe Premiere

    Middleburg, VA June 15, 2000) -- StageTools announced it is offering its highly acclaimed MovingPicture pan and zoom application as a Plug-In for Adobe Premiere and other nonlinear editors.

    MovingPicture is a new tool for documentary and industrial filmmakers to pan and zoom on high-resolution images. Rather than using expensive and bulky motion-control rigs to create pans and zooms on stills, MovingPicture uses digital images on a desktop PC. This is done directly from the timeline of the nonlinear editor.

    MovingPicture uses an animation-stand metaphor, where a virtual camera viewfinder is positioned over the digital image in real time. A series of "key frames" can be set, each one specifying what the camera will see at some point in time. The program will smoothly flow from one key frame to the next in real time.

    Four-time Academy award-winning film maker Charles Guggenheim said "MovingPicture promises to be one of the most valuable tools created in recent years for the documentary film maker." It is being widely used by production companies such as MS-NBC, Jim Henson Productions, and Henninger Video.

    MovingPicture is made by StageTools, a company dedicated to providing high productivity design tools to the professional creative community, including OnStage!, a previsualization tool designed for motion picture and video producers to help visualize scenes before they are shot. The standalone version of MovingPicture uses OpenGL to perform moves in real time directly to tape.

  • Media 100 to Provide Encoding and Hosting Services to Newly-Launched "StreamRiver Networks"

    NEW YORK, NY (June 12, 2000) -- Media 100 Inc. (NASDAQ: MDEA), the leading provider of software and systems for streaming media on the Internet, announced today that it has acquired 21st Century Media - a San Francisco-based provider of encoding, hosting, webcasting, interactive production and streaming media consultancy - and J2 Digital Media Inc., a New York-based encoding, hosting and streaming services provider. With these acquisitions, Media 100 has entered into the streaming media services market and has launched a streaming media services division - StreamRiver Networks - to provide encoding (audio and video compression) and hosting (delivery) services for Internet broadcasters, web designers and digital media content creators. StreamRiver Networks, an entirely new concept in delivering streaming media services, leverages Media 100's leading-edge streaming tools and technology to provide superior streaming services through affiliate service centers in major media centers worldwide.

    Media 100 also announced today that it has launched its first streaming media service centers in New York and San Francisco, and will continue adding new service centers worldwide as demand for streaming media services continues to grow. Industry analysts predict the streaming media services market to grow to $2.5 billion by 2004.

    "Adding StreamRiver Networks' services to our industry-leading tools business is the logical next-step in our streaming media strategy - and its something that our customers have been looking for Media 100 to offer," said John Molinari, chief executive officer of Media 100. "Media 100 has hundreds of thousands of streaming customers worldwide. Our strategy is to get even closer to these customers by launching regional, highly-focused service centers that provide cost-effective, efficient streaming services to meet their specific needs."