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Video News

  • Canon Introduces 3D Lens for XL1 Camcorder -- for $8,499

    LAKE SUCCESS, NEW YORK, April 23, 2001 Handmade, costly and difficult-to-use equipment has defined 3D imagery for more than 50 years. Now, a quantum leap in stereoscopic technology -- the first digital video 3D zoom lens for exclusive use with the Canon XL1 digital camcorder - - has been introduced by Canon U.S.A., Inc., a subsidiary of Canon, Inc. (NYSE: CAJ).

    3D imagery has advanced from simply a special effects tool to a mandatory media that conveys significant visual information with greater clarity and accuracy. A variety of industries use 3D imagery for entertainment value (gaming, exhibits, events) or as an information tool -- Internet (online shopping), architecture (building schematics), education (science/archeology), medical (multidimensional view of the body to determine injuries), product design (features and dimensions) and fashion (fabric texture and design).

    The Canon 3D lens, a 3x zoom lens, is the latest accessory created exclusively for the Canon XL1. A three-chip digital camcorder that features an interchangeable lens system to maximize shooting options, the Canon XL1 offers the full potential of digital video in one camcorder. The Canon XL1 provides high quality images even in super low light conditions to produce full-feature productions for the Internet, television and the big screen.

  • Camcorder Ownership Up 50 Percent, Survey Confirms

    U.S. household camcorder ownership, fueled by the incorporation of digital technology, rose from 26 to 39 percent between January 1997 and January 2001, according to a Consumer Electronics Association (CEA) study.

    Digital camcorder numbers are especially on the rise. While only eight percent of all camcorders in current use are digital, they accounted for 29 percent of camcorder sales in 2000. In fact, the CEA reported that factory sales of digital camcorders grew by more than 860 percent from 1998 to 2000.

    Camcorder consumer satisfaction also drew high marks, especially in the digital realm. Fifty-eight percent of analog camcorder owners were happy with their unit, while 79 percent of digital camcorder owners expressed satisfaction with theirs. Further illustrating the digital trend, 90 percent of analog owners expected to switch over to digital in the future, the survey reported.

    The online Camcorder Owner Profile, which consisted of 717 U.S. camcorder owners in December 2000, also examined the motivations of camcorder owners. A majority, slightly over 50 percent, purchased camcorders in order to record events as keepsakes. Another 13 percent bought their camcorder to record a specific event.

    In terms of age and income, 53 percent of digital camcorder owners and 40 percent of analog camcorder owners said their household income was over $50,000. Only 33 percent of the general population's household income is more than $50,000, the CEA said. The survey also stated 84 percent of digital and 79 percent of analog camcorder owners were 35 and older.

  • Bulldog Group and Javu Technologies Announce Desktop Distribution Tool

    Toronto, Canada, April 5, 2001 The Bulldog Group Inc. and Javu Technologies, Inc. today announced an agreement that integrates Javu's Clip Compiler, a component of Javu's Video Processing Server technology with Bulldog's digital product management and distribution software, Bulldog Two.Seven. Now broadcasters, content creators, and new media companies can manage, edit, and distribute videos in a nearline or online archive directly from the desktop using Bulldog's Digital Asset Management system. Companies can improve time to market for their valuable video content and streamline the video production process by avoiding the time and expenses associated with video editing, approvals, and shipping. The integration with Javu advances Bulldog's technology in the video production arena and secures Bulldog's market leadership.

    Our agreement with Javu extends the functionality of Bulldog to meet the needs of video-centric organizations, says Chris Strachan, CEO of The Bulldog Group. Javu's cutting-edge technologies and commitment to digital asset management enable us to provide our customers with access to powerful video editing, transcoding, and repurposing capabilities. As the first digital asset management provider to partner with Javu, we are pleased to provide our media and entertainment customers with tools that encourage the creative process and provide immediate returns on investment.

  • Adobe Now Shipping After Effects 5.0

    SAN JOSE, Calif., (April 9, 2001) (Nasdaq: ADBE)-- Adobe Systems Incorporated, the leader in digital publishing for the Web, print and dynamic media, is now shipping Adobe After Effects 5.0, providing motion graphics professionals with new 3-D capabilities and offering more creative options than ever before. With several new third party plug-ins, professionals can add to their toolkit and expand creative possibilities.

    After Effects 5.0 offers faster performance, a streamlined workflow and tight integration with other Adobe products including Adobe Premiere, Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator. This helps After Effects users work more efficiently to achieve professional results for film, video, multimedia, and the Web. Motion graphics designers are endorsing After Effects 5.0 as a powerful way to explore their creative ideas with freedom and execute them with precise control.

    Adobe After Effects 5.0 is available immediately in the United States and Canada. French, German and Japanese versions will be available in May.

    The estimated street price for the Standard version is $649 (U.S.) and for the Production Bundle version is $1,499 (U.S.). Customers can upgrade to After Effects 5.0 from previous versions of the Standard version for $199 (U.S.) and from previous versions of the Production Bundle for $299 (U.S.).

    During the first 120 days following the product release, Standard version 3.x or 4.x customers in the U.S. and Canada can upgrade to the After Effects 5.0 Production Bundle for only $499 (U.S.). And any customer upgrading can purchase a full copy of the After Effects 5.0 Production Bundle.

  • Ulead Announces New Royalty-Free Products

    Torrance, CA - (April 9, 2001) - Ulead Systems, Inc., a leading developer of image editing, video editing and Web graphics software, announced today a new, royalty-free line of media products. The first two collections are Ulead Pick-a-Photo and Ulead Pick-a-Video. This affordable line gives commercial and freelance producers or designers, unlimited and unrestricted use of hundreds of high-resolution digital photos and video clips.

    "While royalty-free media has been available for some time, our goal is to offer affordable, high-quality titles at a fraction of what our competitors charge," said Danielle Liao, president of Ulead Systems. "Not only do we provide easy-to-use video and image editing tools, we also now provide a source of cost-effective content."

    All Ulead titles grant unlimited and unrestricted use to all video clips or photos used in multimedia projects, eliminating the need to obtain authoring or producing rights, licensing, or pay royalties. Video clips and photos may be used or altered as often as desired without seeking permission.

    Ulead's Pick-a-Photo software is a distinctive collection of 2 CD-ROMs packed with 200 high-resolution photos. Each CD-ROM title provides a range of file types and pixel resolutions to suit both Web design and print media projects. Additionally, all 200 photos come as CMYK color separations in both Macintosh and PC file formats. Pick-a-Photo also comes with a free copy of Ulead's Photo Explorer software, perfect for browsing and organizing a photo library.

    Ulead's Pick-a-Video CD-ROM titles are a smart way to build a library of video footage for use in broadcast media and Web design. Each Pick-a-Video title includes more than 200 seconds of video in 16-18 clips.

  • Eveo Launches a Complete Concept to Campaign Music Video Solution

    SAN FRANCISCO, CA, April 9, 2001 -- Eveo (, a leading Web video company, today announced the launch of Eveo Music, a turnkey Web video solution that arms artists and record labels with high quality music video production and customized streaming media tools for marketing and promotion initiatives. Combining creative video production capabilities with robust, best-in-class Web video publishing technologies, Eveo Music offers the music industry the first one-stop solution for creating and deploying video on and offline.

    The Internet has completely revolutionized music distribution and marketing, said Olivier Zitoun, CEO of Eveo, Inc. Music fans turn to the Internet to download MP3s, discover new artists and purchase merchandise. Eveo, a pioneer in Web entertainment and streaming media, now offers artists and labels a complete 'concept to campaign' production and promotion package that lets them leverage the power of video in all their marketing initiatives.

    Eveo Music works closely with the label and artist at the concept stage, before the production of the music video. Depending on the artist and the marketing objectives, a director is chosen and a unique treatment is created for execution both offline and online, to keep the campaign consistent. Offline, the video will be produced for broadcast and cable television distribution. Online, the video will be digitized, indexed and formatted for streaming through a custom player on the artist and fans' sites, embedded in an email newsletter (video email), and formatted in Flash for a better experience on a narrowband connection.

  • Apple Ships New CD-RW/DVD-R Drive

    CUPERTINO, California -- Apple announced it has begun shipping its new 733MHz Power Mac G4 with the SuperDrive, a combination CD-RW/DVD-R drive that can read and write CDs as well as DVDs which can be played in consumer DVD players. The Power Mac G4 with SuperDrive also includes Apple's revolutionary new iDVD application software that enables users to easily create professional quality DVDs for playback on consumer DVD players.

    "The new Power Mac G4 with SuperDrive is the industry's first complete solution for CD and DVD authoring," said Philip Schiller, Apple's vice president of Worldwide Product Marketing. "The combination of Apple's amazing SuperDrive, super-fast MPEG2 encoding software and easy-to-use iDVD application is a real breakthrough."

    iDVD lets professionals and consumers quickly and easily create professional-looking DVDs for playback on consumer DVD players. iDVD shields users from the complexity of DVD authoring by offering professionally designed themes and drag-and-drop simplicity. With one click, iDVD automatically converts iMovie, Final Cut Pro or any QuickTime video file into the required format, compresses them into the MPEG-2 compression standard required to make DVDs, and burns the DVD-R disc with Apple's new SuperDrive.

    Apple's new optional DVD Studio Pro application is the perfect complement to Apple's award-winning Final Cut Pro video editing, effects and compositing software. DVD Studio Pro, the first full-featured DVD authoring tool available for less than $1,000, offers professional-quality DVD encoding, authoring and writing. With DVD Studio Pro, G4 users can encode their Final Cut Pro projects in the DVD format; author DVDs; preview finished projects in real-time; and burn DVD video discs with the G4's new SuperDrive.

  • Automatic Duck Releases Plug-In for Adobe After Effect 5.0

    Seattle, WA -- Market newcomer Automatic Duck, Inc., a Seattle, WA, based software development company targeting the nonlinear editing and effects industry, announces the release of OMF Composition Import, a plug-in for Adobe After Effects 5.0. OMF Composition Import revolutionizes the workflow process used by Avid system editors and graphic designers who import projects into Adobe After Effects 5.0.

    OMF Composition Import streamlines the previously time consuming process of importing projects into Adobe After Effects from Avid nonlinear editing systems. In one simple step, OMF Composition Import transfers an entire Avid system timeline into Adobe After Effects 5.0 and imports all the media necessary to perfectly recreate a project.

    Instantaneously, OMF Composition Import reconstructs an Avid system timeline. Supported effects like dissolves, superimposes, flops, motion effects, and more, are seamlessly translated into the After Effects 5.0 equivalent. With the strength of OMF Composition Import, even the most complex projects import with amazing easeas collapsed layers in the Avid timeline automatically become nested compositions in After Effects 5.0.

    OMF Composition Import by Automatic Duck, Inc. is scheduled for availability in Q2 2001. Pricing for OMF Composition Import will be $495 US MSRP. It will be available for purchase through the Automatic Duck website at or through Toolfarm, Inc. at

  • Daikin's DVD Authoring Business Joins Forces with Sonic Solutions

    Sonic Solutions (NASDAQ: SNIC) announces that it has reached an agreement with Daikin Industries, Ltd., of Japan under which Sonic will combine Daikins DVD authoring business with Sonics professional DVD operations. Under the terms of the agreement, Daikin will maintain an equity interest in Sonic Solutions signifying the strategic importance of the union. Sonic will acquire the Daikin products, including all intellectual property rights, and carry on development, marketing and sales activities on a worldwide basis. Further, Daikin will continue to be the exclusive distributor and service provider of the Daikin-originated authoring products in Japan. "The addition of Daikins technology will further strengthen our leadership position," said Bob Doris, President of Sonic Solutions. "Daikin introduced Scenarist, the first authoring application for professional DVD creation, in 1996 and that system is still a gold standard in the industry. Sonic has sold the largest number of professional DVD production systems of any company in the world. This deal truly combines the best with the best."

  • Apple Introduces Final Cut Pro 2

    CUPERTINO, CaliforniaFinal Cut Pro 2, running on our blazingly fast Power Mac G4 or PowerBook G4, offers the specialized features and robust editing workflow sought after by video professionals, without the expensive price tags, said David Moody, Apples senior director of Applications Marketing. Final Cut Pros innovative, extensible real-time architecture gives editors what they need mostWith Final Cut Pro 2, real-time editing and compositing functions are seamlessly integrated into the video production workflow. By simply adding an optional, supported real-time processing card, video editors can instantly perform wipes, dissolves, and 2D motion graphics effects, dramatically increasing their creative freedom and efficiency. Final Cut Pros real-time architecture allows third-party manufacturers to create hardware that supports a variety of professional editing features and formats. The first card to support Final Cut Pros real-time architecture is the RTMac card from Matrox, which provides real-time broadcast-quality transitions and effects, and uncompressed, 32-bit, animated graphics in a dual-stream, native-DV editing environment.

    Final Cut Pro 2 takes advantage of the supercomputing performance of Apples new Power Mac G4 and PowerBook G4 lines, and the new QuickTime 5 architecture, to deliver dramatic gains in video editing productivity. On compute-intensive operations, Final Cut Pro 2 is up to 30% faster on G4 systems and 70% faster on dual-processor G4 systems, when compared to the previous generations performance on similarly configured systems.