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Video News

  • Cleaner 5 Gets Real

    Media 100 Inc. (NASDAQ: MDEA), the leading provider of software, systems and services for streaming media on the Internet, today announced the launch of Cleaner 5: RealSystem(R) Edition, a powerful interactive streaming media encoding and design solution specially developed to support RealNetworks, Inc.'s (NASDAQ: RNWK) recently-announced RealAudio(R) 8 and RealVideo(R) 8. RealAudio 8 offers the highest quality audio at the broadest range of bit rates, and RealVideo 8 provides high-quality, full-motion video using dial-up modems, half screen VHS-quality at mainstream broadband rates, and near DVD-quality video for those using high bandwidth connections.

    As a result of this development agreement, Media 100 has created a customized version of its flagship Cleaner 5 streaming media software to be sold by RealNetworks, directly from its online store at Cleaner 5: RealSystem Edition will enable RealNetworks' customers to create powerful, highly-interactive streaming media content exclusively for the RealPlayer(R). This announcement underscores RealNetworks' commitment to providing its customers with streaming media tool sets that enable them to create the highest quality streaming media content possible.

  • Canopus Unveils DVRexRT Professional

    Canopus Corporation, makers of award-winning DV NLEs, today announced DVRexRT Professional, a full-featured, professional-level NLE that boasts extensive real-time capabilities. The DVRexRT Professional delivers the features required by video professionals to capture and blend DV and high-end analog footage. With its component video I/O, balanced audio I/O and RS-422 analog deck control, DVRexRT Professional allows capture of professional-level analog material without compromising quality. DVRexRT Professional includes real-time editing, MPEG encoding, DVD authoring, soundtrack creation and Internet streaming tools to provide video professionals with a complete NLE solution in one package.

    The DVRexRT Professional comes with Adobe Premiere 5.1, Canopus RexEdit nonlinear editing software and an Adobe Premiere RT plug-in that brings RexEdit's extensive collection of real-time filters and transitions, including picture-in-picture, slow motion, movie look, color correction and chroma key and luma key, to Premiere. DVRexRT Professional offers native DV editing with real-time analog and DV output for greater quality and timesavings. DVRexRT Professional supports camera control of DV, DVCAM and RS-422 devices to give the user frame accurate batch capture and timeline output for both DV and analog decks.

    DVRexRT Professional includes a professional 19" rack-mount breakout box that brings the connectors to a convenient location making it easy to integrate the DVRexRT Professional into existing editing studios. The breakout box features analog audio level meters that can be switched between input and output levels, and left/right input gain adjustments. A headphone output jack is also included for monitoring.

  • Canopus Announces New Digital Video Editing Solution

    Canopus Corporation, makers of award-winning non-linear video editing solutions, today announced DVStorm, a powerful real-time DV editing system that combines an extensive high performance feature set with stability and reliability. DVStorm delivers render-free, real-time digital video editing, DV and analog (S-Video and Composite video) input and output, MPEG output for DVD and Web streaming, plus a complete suite of digital video production tools, making DVStorm a powerful and cost-effective NLE solution for videographers.

    Videographers can bring their productions to life and save valuable production time by taking advantage of DVStorm's impressive assortment of real-time editing tools that feature over 24 real-time filters, including color correction, mosaic, emboss, slow motion, picture-in-picture, chroma key, luma key and chrominance, and 15 transitions, including wipes, dissolves, slides, page curls and stretch. DVStorm also provides real-time audio filters applied to both the video and external audio tracks.

    Real-time DV and Analog Input/Output DVStorm offers all the input/output connections videographers need to get the flexibility required from an editing system, allowing them to deliver video on tape, CD, DVD or over the Internet. DVStorm uses an advanced hardware CODEC to deliver real-time capture through 1394/i.LINK, S-video or Composite connectors and real-time output to DV or analog tape.

    Comprehensive Suite of Digital Video Production Tools To provide users with a comprehensive nonlinear editing solution, DVStorm includes Adobe Premiere 5.1 (full version) and Canopus StormEdit software. StormEdit is a powerful video editing software application that includes an assortment of real-time titles and transitions. Sonic Foundry's ACID Style audio software for a quick and easy way to produce custom music, and a trial version of SpruceUp DVD authoring software are also included.

  • MainConcept Releases Low-Cost Compositing Program

    AACHEN, GERMANY -- MainConcept today released its compositing, effects and vector animation program at an unprecendented low price -- just US$150 for the downloadable version through November 2000.

    MainVision offers high-end capabilities in a surprisingly friendly interface. Features are accessed through easily configured modules. Unlimited layers can be combined to create an infinite variety of compositions. The program also features a unique Image Processor which can quickly generate looping, organic backgrounds and many other effects.

    Other features include RAM preview, resolution-independent projects, advanced keyframe animation, multiprocessor support, and up to 10,000 undo levels. The software works under Windows 95, 98, NT, 2000 and Me.

    "MainVision is a very powerful program," said Markus Moenig, founder and president of MainConcept. "Its clean interface lets users concentrate on being creative, rather than trying to find their way through dozens of palettes and commands. And our introductory special further proves our commitment to offer professional tools at enthusiast prices."

    After the introductory special, the downloadable version will be priced at US$250, which is still hundreds of dollars less than comparable software. A boxed retail version will be made available shortly.

    MainVision can be downloaded from, and from selected distributors. Until unlocked with a key code (available for purchase online), it will operate in demo mode. All features will work, but a logo will be added to processed video. The downloadable version includes a full User Guide in PDF format.

  • Sony's New Power-Packed Notebook PCs

    SAN DIEGO--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Oct. 25, 2000 via NewsEdge Corporation - Sony's two most powerful notebook PC lines -- the all-in-one F series and the robust XG series, a favorite among digital video editing enthusiasts -- are among the first to offer super-fast Intel(R) 850 MHz(1) Pentium(R) III processors with SpeedStep(TM) technology(2). The PCG-F690 and PCG-XG39 are the first VAIO(R) notebooks to feature this processor.

    "The F690 and the XG39 outperform many desktop PCs on the market," said Mark Hanson, Sony Electronics' vice president and general manager of VAIO PC products. "With the new Pentium III 850, these new notebooks offer users lightning-fast execution and the ultimate in performance whether in the office or on the road."

    Both the VAIO F690 and XG39 models come standard with a 30 GB hard drive(3), 128 MB SDRAM (expandable to 256 MB maximum) and integrated 8X maximum DVD-ROM drive with fully integrated movie playback capabilities. Both systems offer either Windows(R) Millennium Edition or Windows(R) 2000 Professional operating system.

    VAIO PCG-F690 -- Power PC with a Blockbuster Display Now Available
    Designed for executives with a penchant for multimedia features and large, crisp displays, the PCG-F690 is loaded with a healthy complement of business and digital video editing software.

    Included in the mix are Sony's MovieShaker(TM), a simple application for producing digital home movies, and Sony's PictureGear(TM) software, designed to help manage such digital content as panoramic photography. The PCG-F690 also includes Sony's DVgate(TM) software, yet another tool to challenge a user's creativity. DVgate software helps capture full motion digital video and still photography for impressive multimedia presentations -- or video emails. The PCG-F690 is powered by a high-capacity lithium-ion battery with dual battery capability. It is 2.1 inches thin and weighs 7.1 pounds.

  • Streaming21 Raises the Bar in Carrier Class Streaming Video Technology

    LOS GATOS, Calif. - (October 24, 2000) -- Streaming21, Inc. (S21) is demonstrating the first streaming solution to deliver broadcast quality audio and video over the Internet on HP-UX and Windows NT platforms. The integrated system is engineered to address the distributed needs of telecommunications firms, service providers (ASPs, ISPs, BSPs, etc.), cable operators, and enterprises.

    Since HP offers a broad spectrum of products and services that complement ours, it was natural for us to work together to provide a carrier-class end-to-end solution to the market, says Dr. David Du, CEO, Streaming21. S21's Media Server provides broadcast-quality solutions to enable media delivery services to millions of end-users in geographically dispersed environments. The software package offers a comprehensive suite of tools and interfaces for billing, database connectivity, digital rights management, subscription management, network and system management, content distribution and quality of service. The Media Server software will be shown on both Windows NT and HP-UX platforms. The CODEC independence allows for flexibility in serving a variety of industry standard media formats including MPEG-1, MPEG-2, MP3 and others. This will allow users with a range of client devices (PC's, wireless units, set top boxes etc.) to experience full frame, full motion, DVD quality audio and video.

  • Eveo and Announce Partnership

    SAN FRANCISCO, CA and UNIVERSAL CITY, CA, October 16, 2000 -- The explosion of broadband and rich media on the Internet is empowering filmmakers, musicians and artists to transcend old media boundaries and display their work for a global audience directly. Thanks to communities created by Eveo, a leading user-generated video site, and innovative convergence-media music company,, bands, musicians and video makers around the world can now collaborate -- and broadcast their work globally.

    Eveo (, and, (, have formed a strategic partnership to foster and promote the creation and distribution of original music videos --called eveos-- by connecting musicians with video makers and facilitating their collaboration. Debuting on both sites October 16th, the Eveo/ alliance sees these compelling music eveos as an opportunity for aspiring video makers to display their talents and as an additional tool for unsigned bands to use to promote their music.

    Prospective video makers will listen to the music that has been uploaded by unsigned bands to, choose the music that inspires their creative impulses, and supply their selected song title, artist, music video concept and contact information to Eveo.

    Eveo will inform of the prospective video maker's request and the artist will then be contacted about the suggested music video. If the artist accepts the video maker's concept, the artist will contact Eveo to initiate video filming.

  • Play Announces Trinity 2.2

    Play Incorporated has announced a new software upgrade for its award-winning Trinity system, Trinity 2.2, which will begin shipping later this month. Trinity 2.2 adds important new features and significant performance enhancements that make the Trinity system more powerful and productive in both live and post productions environments.

    Trinity 2.2 upgrades all of Trinity's comprehensive broadcast applications, including Air Command, Preditor, TitleWave, Panamation and PersonalFX, with a particular focus on increasing the efficiency and performance of its post-production tools. The new software also includes interface updates to streamline workflow and productivity.

    "Trinity's real-time architecture has long been recognized for outperforming even the most high-end systems in terms of live production, sophisticated graphics and effects capabilities," stated Ken Turcotte, Group Technical Lead for Play's Video Tools Group. "Adding nonlinear functionality to Trinity introduced a new level of real-time horsepower for post production, but we wanted to continue refining the software to make it more robust and user friendly. Trinity 2.2 is solid, more powerful and more productive."

    Many of the updates are based directly on interactive customer feedback. Some of the new features include a backup utility for Time Machine clips, audio support for Time Machine clips in Panamation, improved stereo keyframe editing in Preditor, more robust deck management, improved file imports in Personal FX, and support for Play's new digital audio mixer. Trinity 2.2 is a free upgrade for all Trinity 2.1 users, and will be available for download at Trinity 1.2 customers will be able to upgrade to Trinity 2.2 for only $495 through their local Trinity dealer.

  • Canopus Adds MPEG Encoding, DVD Authoring and Internet Streaming Capabilities to NLEs

    Canopus Corporation today announced it is adding MPEG encoding, DVD authoring and Internet streaming capabilities to its entire line of DV NLEs for video professionals, prosumers and enthusiasts. By adding these features to EZDV, DVRaptor, DVRex-M1, DVStation, DVRex RT and all turnkey systems, Canopus delivers comprehensive solutions for delivery of video on CD-ROM, DVD and over the Internet. MPEG encoding and Internet streaming features have been added through plug-ins for Canopus' RexEdit, RaptorEdit and EzEdit nonlinear editing software. For DVD authoring, Canopus is including a trial version of Spruce Technologies' new SpruceUp DVD authoring software.

    Canopus delivers MPEG encoding features through its new SoftMPG Encoder to deliver the high-quality video and audio output required by today's video professionals. Using advanced algorithms, SoftMPG creates MPEG-1 or MPEG-2 streams in near-realtime directly from Canopus RexEdit, RaptorEdit, EzEdit or Adobe Premiere 5.1 nonlinear editing software, allowing users to quickly and easily encode their edited video productions. By using Main Profile at Main Level MPEG-2, also called MP@ML, the Canopus encoder delivers the high-quality video and audio MPEG-2 output essential for CD-ROM delivery, DVD authoring and network transmission. While other MPEG-2 systems use I-frame or IP-frame only, MP@ML features true IBP frame format, providing the highest quality video at the lowest bandwidth. In addition, SoftMPG's variable bit rate capability is one of the most effective techniques used to maintain video quality while reducing file size.

  • Media 100 Announces Immediate Availability of Cleaner 5

    Media 100 Inc. (NASDAQ: MDEA), the leading provider of software, systems and services for streaming media on the Internet, today announced the immediate availability of its breakthrough interactive streaming media design solution, Cleaner 5. Developed by Media 100 subsidiary, Terran Interactive, Cleaner 5 is the first interactive streaming media design solution to enable web designers, media professionals and Internet broadcasters to quickly and easily produce highly-interactive, dynamic streaming media content for next generation, video-enabled web sites. Cleaner 5 was announced last month to critical acclaim at the International Broadcasters Convention (IBC) in Amsterdam, winning the Best Technology of Show award.

    "Cleaner 5 will fuel the growth of streaming on the web, enabling entirely new applications where the video itself, like the Internet, is interactive. We see Cleaner 5 driving broad acceptance of web video by hundreds-of-thousands of web developers, creating next generation interactive applications for e-commerce, Internet broadcasting, distance learning and in a range of other fast growing applications," said John Molinari, chief executive officer at Media 100. "Cleaner 5 will redefine the web site, making it video-centric, interactive, and compelling.

    "Moving forward, we will tightly integrate Cleaner 5 with all of our products to deliver sophisticated, high-performance streaming solutions that will shorten the time required to design and bring online a streaming site. Our mission is to enable the Internet as a highly-interactive broadcasting medium."