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Video News

  • New Effects Software Package For The Casablanca

    Boulder, CO--Draco Systems has released Elastic Dreams, a spectacular morphing and motion effects software package for the award-winning Casablanca nonlinear video editor.

    Priced at $299, the product easily creates dramatic warp effects, funhouse-style stretched or distorted images, "morphed" images from one to another and animation effects such as talking animals or objects.

    Elastic Dreams was created for the Casablanca by MotionStudios, of Bremen, Germany. It includes Warp, an image processing function, and three transitions functions, Draw, FX and Morph. Each function provides a wide range of effects, such as "Wave," "Sine," "Twirl" and "Sculpt," plus multiple projects and archived clips. It is compatible with any version of the Casablanca running System Software 3 or higher.

    The Elastic Dreams software is the latest in a series of third-party add-ons for the Casablanca. Other recent entries include the new Monument Deluxe Titler, with texture-mapped fonts and stunning fly-in/fly-out effects; Akaba Paint program, with keyframing for image changes that follow the footage; Spice Rack image processing and transition effects; and PC Link for transferring a wide variety of files between the Casablanca and a computer.

    Draco Systems created a new category of self-contained digital video editors in 1997 with its Casablanca, a complete standalone nonlinear digital video editing system. It received Best Product awards from Videomaker magazine in 1998 and 1999, as well as inclusion in Media & Methods magazine's Awards Portfolio for past three years. The Casablanca features image quality and capabilities that were previously available only on systems costing many times its retail purchase price. More than 45,000 units have been sold worldwide.

  • Canon Introduces New Digital Video Camcorder

    LAKE SUCCESS, NY, March 14, 2000 - Canon U.S.A., Inc., the company whose imaging solutions give people KNOW HOW, today introduced the Canon ZR10 digital video camcorder, an affordable DV solution that is both full-featured and ultra-compact.

    Weighing only 1.5 pounds, measuring just 2 x 3 x 5 inches and featuring hot, eye-grabbing translucent accents and detailing, the ZR10 rests comfortably in any hand, and can be carried in a waist pack, slipped into a coat pocket, or fit into a beach bag or briefcase with room to spare.

    "Consumers are eager to create digital videos on their home PCs and share them with friends and family via the Internet," said Yukiaki Hashimoto, vice president and general manager, Photographic Products Group, Canon U.S.A. "Canon has placed consumers in the thick of the digital video age with the sophisticated video technology and stylish design of the ZR10."

    The ZR10 is available at authorized Canon dealers beginning late April 2000. It includes all the basic features consumers expect and many additional features without sacrificing its compact and contemporary design. The manufactured suggested retail price is $999 (with options priced separately).

  • Media 100 Now Focusing On The Consumer Market

    Media 100 has been a leading provider of nonlinear editing systems in the profesional broadcast market since 1993. Videomaker Executive Editor Steve Muratore spoke today with John Molinari, CEO of Media 100, who had some exciting news.

    Until recently, their entire product line was too "high end" (expensive) for the average consumer. Molinari announced that the company has now completely changed its focus and will be selling affordable gear to consumers, institutions and schools.

    With the acquisition of Digital Origin, they are now selling software editing products starting at around $200. Capture cards are going for around $2,000 and turnkey systems are going for about $3,000. The Media 100 iFinish V20DV is a Windows NT turnkey, real-time effects system that sells for $5,395 and has been "selling like hotcakes" since December.

    Molinari also said they're moving from Macintosh-only support to a primary focus on Windows support. They'll still make products for the Mac, but their Windows NT boards and turnkey systems are already outselling their Mac products. Look for Windows 2000 support coming soon!

    Media 100 has acquired Terran Interactive and has begun building streaming video output capability into every product they ship. Molinari said they're moving from making every person a video editor, to making every person a streaming broadcaster. The Terran technology enables their machines to output to RealMedia, Windows Media and Quicktime formats.

  • POPcast Releases POPcaster BETA v2.1: Free Digital Video Conversion Software

    POPcast Communications Corp., the leading application service provider (ASP) in the personal Webcasting market, today announced the beta 2.1 release of their POPcaster digital video encoding and conversion software for PCs. The new software is available as a free 1.3-megabyte download from POPcaster allows users to capture video through a wide variety of capture devices and easily convert files from AVI, MPEG and WAV formats to Microsoft's Advanced Streaming Format (ASF). Files saved in the ASF format can be uploaded to users' personal accounts on and can then instantly be shared with their friends, family members and business colleagues around the world. "We're working hard to make it as easy as possible for people to share video files over the Web," said William Mutual, POPcast's President and Chairman. "This proprietary tool was developed to make it simple for any consumer to prepare video files for streaming on the Web without requiring any digital video expertise." Once members of any POPcast-enabled Web portal have converted their digital video files and uploaded them to their accounts, they can then send a customized email message containing a Web link to their content. They can also share videos in a variety of ways, such as video albums, video greeting cards and public showcases. POPcaster can be downloaded today from, which also offers a wealth of helpful information for novices, including a comprehensive tutorial, a POPcast Publishing Wizard and links to advanced conversion resources and leading video production, capturing and editing tools.

  • Applied Magic Unveils New Turnkey Nonlinear Video Appliance at NAB 2000

    Applied Magic will unveil Sequel, it's newest nonlinear video production appliance at NAB 2000. According to Applied Magic, Sequel is easy-to-learn, easy-to-use and will appeal to individuals and companies looking for an entry-level video production system. Sequel lists for $1,995 and ships with a 14 Gigabite EIDE hard drive, custom keyboard and mouse, 32x CD-ROM drive and custom effects and transitions and a titling package.

  • Sony Introduced MovieShaker Editing software

    Sony has introduced MovieShaker, a new video editing software package that will come installed in Sony Vaio computers beginning in May. Don Collins, Videomaker Associate Editor in Los Angeles at the Sony Conference got to "play" with Movieshaker. He said by simply selecting the "shaker" function, all of the video clips loaded in the bin are automatically mixed with pre-selected music and transitions to make a movie. Video can also be manually edited with MovieShaker. Look for it in May!

  • Javu Technologies Announces Licensing of Browser-Based Video Editing at Streamingmedia Conference

    Javu Technologies Announces Licensing at Streamingmedia Conference

    By Stephen Muratore
    December 9, Streamingmedia Conference, San Jose Convention Center

    Javu Technologies, the company which developed browser-based video editing, announced at the Streamingmedia show that it is licensing it's JavuNetwork to Web site managers. Under this license agreement, any Web host could feature browser-based video editing as a service of a given site. JavuNetwork is currently demonstrated through
  • RealNetworks Announces RealProducer 7.0 at Streamingmedia Conference

    RealNetworks Announces RealProducer 7.0 at Streamingmedia Conference

    By Stephen Muratore
    December 9, Streamingmedia Conference, San Jose Convention Center

    RealNetworks, a leader in streaming audio and video development, announced version 7.0 in their line of authoring and playing products for RealMedia streaming files. Videographers will be most interested in RealProducer (free), Real Producer Plus ($149) and RealProducer Plus Pro ($499). All are in version 7.0 for Windows, Mac or Linux. This line of authoring and encoding programs convert avi, wav, mov, MPEG1, MP3, and au files to RealMedia streaming files. In addtion the Plus version supports double-pass encoding to shrink files, variable bitrate encoding to insure quality, and telecine features. In addition to these, the Pro version supports batch encoding and simple SMIL editing tools.

    In an aside, one RealNetworks representative at the conference said, "Frankly the software won't run as fast on the Apple G3s and G4s as it will on equivalent Pentium machines. The Motorola chip used in the Apples are not optimized to support streaming media the way the Intel chips are."

  • Sonic Foundry Announces Stream Anywhere Software at Streamingmedia Conference

    Sonic Foundry Announces Stream Anywhere Software at Streamingmedia Conference

    By Stephen Muratore
    December 9, Streamingmedia Conference, San Jose Convention Center

    Sonic Foundry, known for music-generating sotware, such as Acid, announced a video streaming package at the Streamingmedia Conference. Stream Anywhere (MSRP: $199) enables the user to:

    capture video,

    prepare media for optimized streaming quality,

    insert timeline commands for synchronizing text, captions, graphics or Web pages,

    encode to Windows Media Technologies 4 or Real System G2, and batch process multiple media files simultaneously,

    publish complete Web page layouts and export to Web site.

    Stream Anywhere is currently available only by download from the Sonic Foundry Web site ( for $199. A free demo version is also available there.