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Video News

  • New Streaming Service Allows for High-Res Stills

    One obstacle of using streaming video is the fact that if you use existing video with small graphics, your viewers will not be able to see them. A new Web company has developed a new technology to combat that problem, and it also gives Web video viewers frame-by-frame control of the video. is a Web service that will post your video. They use a new technology that allows viewers to get high-resolution stills from streamed video. This gives videographers a new resource for finding still images to include in their personal productions. It also allows for advertisers to run ads with disclaimers at the bottom. Even if viewers cannot read the disclaimer as it streams by, they can pause the commercial and read the disclaimer in the high-resolution still. This clears a legal issue with streaming video advertisements, so look for more streamed ads soon.

  • Live Update From COMDEX

    A team of Videomaker editors recently ventured to Las Vegas, where they attended COMDEX-- one of the world's largest computer trade shows. The week-long event focuses heavily on new products and technologies by computer manufacturers for traditional computer applications. But as video continues to encompass more computer-based nonlinear systems, more computer manufacturers are releasing exciting new video-related products. Laden with press releases and product brochures, our intrepid team came back with the following announcements.

    Dell Computer announced plans to produce the Dell NT Precision turnkey nonlinear editing workstation using a yet-to-be-named video digitizer card and nonlinear editing software.

    Pinnacle showed off its DV500 DVD authoring board with Minerva software that will ship soon.

    Panasonic unveiled the PV-DS1000 stand-alone turnkey nonlinear editor. This video editing appliance that will retail for about $2000 will compete head-to-head with Draco's Casablanca and AVIO and Applied Magic's Screenplay. This nonlinear editing solution is designed to work with FireWire-equipped camcorders. Panasonic said it will begin shipping sometime in January 2000.

    AVerMedia displayed two new products: the MV-300, an MJPEG-based video digitizer card with an MSRP of $190 and the Video-Shuttle machine controller that only works with Ulead's Media Studio Pro software.

    Adaptec rolled out its Easy CD Creator 4 Deluxe that creates Video CDs and slide shows onto CD-Rom discs.

    Ulead is set to ship VideoStudio 4, this latest version of the MPEG-2 video editing software for beginners, features support for FireWire and MP3 audio.

  • Wink and Liberate Form Alliance to Enable E-Commerce on TV

    Wink Communications Inc. (NASDAQ: WINK) and Liberate Technologies (NASDAQ: LBRT) announced today a multi-year strategic partnering agreement to integrate each other's products to deliver enhanced TV programming and advertising to consumers. Wink's response network services and broadcast tool sets will be integrated with Liberate's client and server software, enabling network operators to access Wink functionality from Liberate platforms. The agreement was announced today by Maggie Wilderotter, President and CEO, Wink Communications, Inc. and Mitchell Kertzman, President and CEO, Liberate Technologies.

    "We are very pleased to partner with Liberate to enable impulse e-commerce services on Liberate's software platform. Liberate is an industry leader in enhanced TV, and was instrumental in the development of the ATVEF standard. Our mutual customers have been very supportive of a joint offering, and we look forward to deploying it together next year," said Maggie Wilderotter.

    "Liberate's leading platform for enhanced TV software provides network operators with a complete solution our partnership with Wink significantly extends our portfolio of choices to deliver compelling content and services to consumers," said Mitchell Kertzman. "One-click ordering for impulse e-commerce is an essential element of enhanced TV and Wink has built the leading back end for capturing and processing consumer transactions."

  • Pentium III Reaches 733 MHz

    On Monday, Oct. 25, Intel held a press conference introducing its latest line of Pentium III processors, which include nine desktop processors from 500-733MHz and the first-ever mobile Pentium III chips for laptops and personal data assistants.

    The release of the new chips, which make use of Intel's new 0.18-micron manufacturing process, will mean even more CPU bang for the buck in home computers, a development which bodes well for the desktop content-creation market.

  • Pinnacle Systems Announces USB Version Of Studio PCTV

    MOUNTAIN VIEW, Calif., 10/11/99Pinnacle Systems, Inc., (NASDAQ: PCLE - news) today announced the USB version of its Studio PCTV product. The new USB version is an external device that lets consumers watch TV, listen to FM radio and create their own videos on a PC. Pinnacle Systems' Studio PCTV is ideal for home users who want to upgrade their PC so they can watch TV while surfing the Internet, downloading information or sending e-mail. In addition, the included Studio software lets consumers edit their own videos to remember special moments, vacations, weddings, etc., and turn endless camcorder tapes into entertaining highlight videos. Consumers can also add video footage from television sources to their personal videos. A key benefit of the USB version of Studio PCTV is its easy installation procedure. Because the new external version of PCTV utilizes a USB interface, users can add digital video to their computers without having to open the PC case and install cards. Studio PCTV USB, integrates a 125-channel TV tuner, an FM radio tuner, the easy-to-use PCTV Vision viewing and recording software and the innovative Snapshot feature. Snapshot gives consumers the ability to capture stills from their favorite TV shows or video source with the click of a button; the all-new PCTV Vision software lets viewers channel surf on their PC to find their favorite programs, and turns the PC into a digital VCR, allowing the recording and playback of TV shows. In addition to TV viewing and recording capabilities, Studio PCTV USB includes Pinnacle Systems award winning Studio video editing software, which includes features that enable consumers to add music, titles, narration, graphics transitions and special effects to their own videos. Consumer can capture footage from their camcorder tapes and combine it with footage captured from TV shows and movies. The edited videos can be shared in a
  • Apple's New iMac DV is Video-friendly

    Apple iCEO Steve Jobs today recently unveiled three new iMacs, two of which--the iMac DV and the iMac DV Special Edition--support nonlinear video editing via FireWire. Along with an improved PowerPC G3 processor, Ultra ATA hard drive options and an increased range of available colors, the iMac DV models ship with IEEE 1394 FireWire connectors and pre-installed iMovie nonlinear editing software. The iMac DV ($299) is available in Tangerine, Strawberry, Blueberry, Grape and Lime, and comes with 64MB RAM and a 10GB hard drive. The iMac DV Special Edition ($1499), available in Graphite only, has 128MB of RAM and a 13GB hard drive.
  • Panasonic's PV-DV950 Boasts 3 CCDs, Manual Controls

    Panasonic's new PV-DV950 mini DV camcorder is a 3-chip model with manual iris, gain and focus controls, as well as a 2.5-inch LCD monitor, digital special effects and still-photo capabilities. Other features include 12:1 zoom (120:1 digital), 12-bit or 16-bit audio recording, IEEE 1394 FireWire interface, 5 Program AE modes and slow motion/frame advance controls. Suggested retail price of the PV-DV950 is $2699.

  • Play Finally Ships Trinity NLE

    Play Incorporated today began shipping its highly anticipated Trinity NLE system to customers worldwide. Trinity NLE is a nonlinear editing system that provides real-time functionality and advanced post-production tools for professional videographers.

    While most nonlinear systems depend heavily on software to generate final footage, Trinity NLE has a unique custom hardware architecture that allows for online editing with real-time performance. Trinity NLE's architecture also enables new capabilities like 3D Video Tracing, which allows editors to create 3D graphic animations with live reflections, refractions, shadows and lighting from multiple video sources simultaneously.

    "Our goal was to create a post-production solution that would match the performance of high-end edit suites, but at a significantly lower cost," said Ken Turcotte, Play vice president of software development. "In many ways we've exceeded our goal because Trinity NLE provides previously unattainable real-time capabilities. We believe it is the most powerful post-production system available for the price."

    Other important Trinity NLE features include random disk access for true nonlinear performance with no time-consuming "defragmentation" or "print-to-video" delays, as well as the ability to playback video clips with slower, faster or reverse play, all without rendering. This means post-production video editors can try many creative options without every alteration forcing another long wait for changed frames to render.

    Trinity NLE can perform true color correction, simultaneous 2D and 3D digital video effects, warp geometry effects and chrominance, luminance and linear keying - all in real time. Trinity NLE also uses next-generation wavelet variable compression technology, which outperforms MJPEG systems and offers visually superior results at any given data rate.

  • Canopus DVRex Goes Real Time

    DVRexRT is Canopus Corporation's new Windows NT-based dual-stream engine that adds real-time capabilities to the company's popular DVRex DV editing system. Developed for professional and semi-professional videographers, the DVRexRT option offers real-time transitions incorporating scaling and stretching, 10 tracks of static and moving titles, color correction, luma keying, motion blur and sharpening filters and slow motion effects, to name a few features.

    "Once again our aim is to help the serious videographer run a successful business," said Hiro Yamada, president of Canopus Corporation. "Two key elements to success are reducing the time spent in post-production and, at the end of the day, presenting a high quality finished product to the client. Our products help the videographer accomplish this and more.".

    DVRex with DVRexRT supports dual-processor systems running Windows NT 4.0 and is available now from Canopus and authorized distributors, VARs and mail-order suppliers for a suggested retail price of $3295. The DVRexRT option for current DVRex users is available for $1295.

  • Sony Unveils New VAIO Line at Videomaker Expo

    For the past several years, Videomaker's Expo has drawn an eager crowd looking for the latest information, tools and tips to make the world of digital video creation as effortless as possible. At the `99 event this past weekend, video enthusiasts received a special sneak peek at something new - Sony Electronics' latest lineup of VAIO Digital Studio(TM) desktop computers ranging in price from $899 to $1999.

    With the growing interest in digital video editing, Sony's VAIO Digital Studio PCs attracted the attention of the Expo attendees, both beginners in the field and seasoned videophiles. Sony's powerful VAIO Digital Studio PCs are high quality, non-linear, digital video editing stations capable of producing near professional movies with ease.

    First and foremost, these systems are high performance multimedia PCs equipped for managing digital content such as photos, audio and video as well as surfing the Net, gaming, word processing, and creating presentations. Packed with plenty of horsepower, the new VAIO Digital Studio PCs feature hardware and software extras that infuse audio-video and information technology with greater convenience and creativity than ever before.

    "The line between consumer and professional video continues to blur," said Ken Omae, vice president of marketing for the Information Technologies Marketing Division at Sony Electronics. "Many people believe a video made from a home PC could never be mistaken for one made on a professional editing studio, but today's technology is changing that more and more.

    Videomaker's Expo provided an ideal platform for Sony to showcase the VAIO Digital Studio PC to the consumer and demonstrate how easy and fun it is to create prosumer quality videos on a rock-solid, stable home PC."