Video News

  • InterVideo Ships WinProducer 3 DVD and WinProducer 3 CD

    Reprinted from an InterVideo press release:

    FREMONT, Calif., July 2 /PRNewswire/ -- InterVideo, Inc. announced the immediate availability of WinProducer 3 DVD and WinProducer 3 CD, the latest versions of InterVideo's movie-making software, which features the ability to create and burn personalized DVD, VCD, SVCD, mini-DVD, MPEG-4 and DivX movies.

    "Millions of users around the world already rely on InterVideo's DVD software to watch movies on their computers," said Steve Ro, CEO and co- founder of InterVideo. "WinProducer takes the DVD experience one step further by letting consumers create and burn their own DVDs or VCDs, or even MPEG-4 and DivX movies. With WinProducer you can take that old box of videotapes in your basement and transform it into long-lasting VCDs or DVDs that you can play in your living room or mail to friends and family."

    InterVideo's WinProducer is an all-in-one application designed to take a first-time moviemaker from the camera to the couch in a snap. It features a drag-and-drop interface to easily edit raw footage and add titles, transitions, effects and music to make a home movie. WinProducer then walks the user through the DVD/VCD creation process using templates for themes, previews, menus, chapters and more. Finally, it lets users burn the finished movies onto DVD disks, if a DVD burner is available. Or, for PCs with CD burners, WinProducer can burn a VCD (Video Compact Disk) or mini-DVD (DVD content burned on a CD) movie onto a CD-R disk. Both DVDs and VCDs can be played in commercial and software DVD players.

    The difference between the 2 versions is the burning capabilities. WinProducer 3 CD enables burning to CD disks via a CD burner only, while WinProducer 3 DVD supports burning to both CD and DVD burners and disks.

  • Apple Acquires Emagic

    Reprinted from an Apple press release:

    CUPERTINO, Calif. and HAMBURG, Germany, July 1 /PRNewswire-FirstCall/ -- Apple today announced it has acquired Emagic, a leading provider of professional software solutions for computer based music production. Emagic's most popular product, Logic, is actively used by over 200,000 musicians around the world. Emagic will operate as a wholly owned division of Apple.

    "Emagic has set the industry standard for professional music creation and production," said Sina Tamaddon, Apple's senior vice president of Applications. "We're very excited to have the Emagic team join Apple and create more amazing products for musicians."

    Macintosh-based products account for over 65 percent of Emagic's current revenues. Emagic's Windows-based product offerings will be discontinued on September 30, 2002.

  • Boris FX 6.1 Now Shipping for OS X, XP

    Reprinted from a Boris press release:

    Boston -- Boris FX, the leading developer of integrated graphics and effects technology for the television, broadcast, post production, and multi-media markets, today announced that Boris FX 6.1 is now shipping. FX includes support for the latest operating systems on both Macintosh and Windows platform computers, as well as a variety of new features.

    Boris FX is the industry standard for integrated effects creation in nonlinear editingAdvanced compositing features include animated apply modes, motion blur, particles, lighting effects and displacement mapping. . Composite unlimited layers of timeline video or imported media in three dimensions. Easily create self-animating nature effects such as snow, rain, fire, clouds, and stars. FX also supports third-party After Effects filters.

    "The release of Boris FX 6.1 reflects our continued commitment to updating all of our software to meet the changing needs of the marketplace ," says Boris FX founder and president Boris Yamnitsky. "We recognize the need for constantly updating performance and features to meet the creative demands of video editors, as well as the need to keep up with changes in their editing applications and operating systems."

    New Feature Highlights in Boris FX 6.1
    In addition to new operating system support, feature highlights in Boris FX 6.1 include:

    Free filters from DigiEffects Delirium. Boris FX was the first to offer support for third-party Adobe After Effects filters inside nonlinear editing applications. To celebrate the release of Boris FX 6.1, we've included four free filters from DigiEffects, one of the first developers of AE plug-ins. Previous plug-in packages from DigiEffects include Aurorix, Berserk, and Cinelook, -- the four filters included with FX 6.1 are from the award-winning Delirium package: DE Day for Night, DE Electrical Arcs, DE FireWorks and DE Fog Factory.

  • HP Introduces New PC Lineup, Many Include DVD Authoring

    Reprinted from a Hewlett-Packard press release:

    PALO ALTO, Calif., June 26, 2002 -- Hewlett-Packard Company unveiled a variety of new desktop PCs from its Compaq Evo, Compaq Presario and HP Pavilion lines today at TechXNY 2002.

    The products unveiled today represent the wide array of solutions the New HP is delivering to both commercial and consumer desktop customers, said Mike Larson, senior vice president and general manager at HP. From the industry's first DVD+R optical drives to space-saving business PCs, these new products continue to provide customers with the high level of performance and innovation expected from HP.

    HP Pavilion Home Desktop PC Summer Lineup Power to the consumer
    HP continues to lead the charge with DVD recordable technology with the introduction of the HP Pavilion 772N home desktop PC. HP's newest DVD recordable drive the HP dvd200i DVD+RW/+R drive with write-once functionality, will be available in the new PC, priced at $1,449 and which hits retail shelves in July.

    Below includes detailed features for three of the PCs included with HP's new summer 2002 line:
    The HP Pavilion 792N is powered by an Intel PentiumTM 4 2.4GHz processor and includes 512MB DDR RAM, a 120GB hard-disk drive, HP DVD+RW/+R drive, DVD-ROM drive, 64MB SDRAM GeForce4 MX420LC graphics card, USB 2.0, IEEE 1394 and 10/100 Base-T network interface. The estimated U.S. street price is $1,799. Available in July.

    The HP Pavilion 772N is powered by an Intel Pentium 4 2.26GHz processor and includes 512MB DDR RAM, an 80GB hard-disk drive, HP DVD+RW/+R drive, CD-ROM drive, 32MB DDR GeForce4 MX420LC graphics card, USB 2.0, IEEE 1394 and 10/100 Base-T network interface. The estimated U.S. street price is $1,449. Available in July.

  • Discreet Announces 3ds max 5 Animation and Modeling Software

    Reprinted from a Discreet press release:

    San Francisco, California-June 26, 2002-Discreet, a division of Autodesk, Inc. today announced 3ds max 5-a significant feature release of its professional 3D animation and modeling software used by the largest community of animators worldwide to create compelling 3D animations. With its rich mix of new features, 3ds max 5 will enable animators in film, television, games and design visualization markets to work within-and build-realistic environments and animate expressive characters with greater efficiency. With this latest release, Discreet remains unwavering in its commitment to provide its customers with consistent development and support of the industry's best 3D tools. Discreet 3ds max 5 software will be unveiled at Siggraph 2002-(San Antonio, TX-July 23-25,) and is scheduled for release in summer 2002.

    "With 3ds max 5, Discreet answers and precipitates the continually evolving needs of the 3D industry," said Phillip Miller, vice president of Discreet animation products. "3ds max 5 is tailored for traditionally trained animators and designers-and delivers a solution of continued innovation and productivity that more 3D professionals choose to rely upon than any other."

    Discreet introduces key new features in 3ds max 5 software that will advance the realism, character animation and productivity requirements necessary for animators to create lifelike 3D animations. Discreet 3ds max was used in recent films like "Minority Report" and "Panic Room", PC and console games like "Spider-Man", "Warcraft III" and "Never Winter Nights", as well as commercials, music videos and television episodics.

  • NVIDIA Personal Cinema with GeForce4 Now Available

    Reprinted from an NVIDIA press release:

    SANTA CLARA, Calif, June 26 /PRNewswire-FirstCall/ -- NVIDIA Corporation , the worldwide leader in visual processing solutions, today announced that NVIDIA Personal Cinema, the industry's most complete digital entertainment solution, is now shipping with the GeForce4 family of Graphics Processing Units (GPUs). The award-winning NVIDIA Personal Cinema, recently named "best PC PVR" by Smart TV and Sound Magazine, transforms desktop PCs into remote-controlled digital entertainment centers by delivering a powerful combination of personal video recording (PVR) capabilities, industry-leading 3D graphics, and an integrated software suite enabling DVD playback and video editing-in one complete, affordable package.

  • Panasonic Unveils DVD Multi Drive, All-in-One DVD/CD Storage Solution

    Reprinted from a Panasonic press release:

    NEW YORK, June 25 /PRNewswire-FirstCall/ -- Panasonic today unveiled its DVDBurner II, the next-generation combination DVD/CD drive that takes the confusion out of buying a Recordable DVD drive. Meeting DVD Multi specifications, the new DVD Multi drive builds on the success of Panasonic's currently available DVD-RAM/R DVDBurner by extending the drive's capabilities to include read/write support for all Recordable DVD formats approved by the DVD Forum and read/write support for CD-R/RW discs. Universal and affordable, the DVDBurner II offers higher write speeds, faster playback, broad compatibility and the convenience of being able to switch between formats and capacities.

    "Panasonic's DVDBurner II changes the recordable DVD landscape," said Dana Berzin, Product Manager for Panasonic's OEM computer drives. "It bridges CD and recordable DVD technologies, and computer and consumer electronics applications by providing a single, cost-effective solution for home video, personal computing and business storage/archiving. With the new drive, users now have an all-in-one DVD/CD storage solution that provides the security of write-once, the flexibility of rewriteable, broad compatibility, and the ability to choose between 9.4GB, 5.2 GB, 4.7GB, 2.6GB or 650MB capacities."

    With read/write support for all DVD Forum recordable DVD specifications and read/write support for CD-R/RW discs, Panasonic's DVDBurner II will have broad appeal among consumers, businesses and professionals. According to Berzin, the drive will not only allow computer makers to meet the needs of a wide range of users, but will provide consumers with a new level of flexibility that can help users achieve substantial savings.

  • Seagate and Intel Demonstrate First Serial ATA Hard Drive

    Reprinted from a Seagate press release:

    NEW YORK, June 25 /PRNewswire/ -- Seagate and Intel today demonstrated the industry's first native Serial ATA hard drive implementation, at PC Expo in New York. The companies connected a new Barracuda ATA V hard drive -- with a native Serial ATA interface running at full speed -- to an Intel reference validation motherboard in a high-performance PC game box, provided by The Serial ATA interface provides a throughput of 150 Mbytes per second, and a very quick and responsive experience in extreme applications like gaming, home video editing and home network hubs. Serial ATA is the first new internal PC storage interface technology since Parallel ATA technology was introduced 20 years ago, and Seagate, Intel, and others have led the efforts to develop it for use in products. Seagate's Serial ATA architecture is fully native to provide the full throughput promised by the new technology. The Serial ATA interface is expected to allow more complex, flexible and intelligent storage systems.

    "In working with Seagate to put this demo together, we are excited to show this new technology in advancing the PC platform," said Jason Ziller, Intel Technology Initiatives Manager and Serial ATA Working Group Chairman. "Seagate, Intel, and other industry leaders have been working closely for the past couple of years to develop the Serial ATA architecture. With higher performance, enhanced data reliability and industry wide support, we expect Serial ATA to be adopted quickly into the computing marketplace."

  • Neptune's Mediashare to be Windows Movie Maker's Online Video Sharing Service

    Neptune's Mediashare

    by Alan Sheckter, Videomaker news editor Microsoft recently gave Neptune's Mediashare online video sharing service a shot in the arm, announcing that it had chosen Mediashare as a component in its Windows Movie Maker. Movie Maker offers users a simple way to create and edit home movies, and Mediashare provides those users a convenient way to store and share their video albums online. Mediashare, initially launched last October, is available for a $39 yearly service fee. Once aboard, users have 150MB of available server space, and can enjoy well-designed Flash templates, which include Java animations, as well as authoring tools for online video and still-image albums. Encoded for broadband speeds, Mediashare's full-screen, full-frame streamed video (in QuickTime or Windows Media formats) is of very good quality. Neptune expects interest in online video sharing to greatly increase as the escalation of broadband access, DV camcorders and high-powered computers become more widespread.

  • Sonic Foundry Teams with Fleetwood Mac Drummer for Royalty-Free Drum Loop Collection

    Reprinted from a Sonic Foundry press release:

    MADISON, WI June 24, 2002 Sonic Foundry, Inc., a leading digital media software solutions company, today announced the exclusive release of Mick Fleetwood: Total Drumming, a 'Loops for ACID' library containing more than 800 audio samples created by Fleetwood Mac drummer Mick Fleetwood. The new loops can be used to create royalty-free music with Sonic Foundry's ACID, an award-winning, loop-based music creation tool used by everyone from children to musicians, to multimedia content creators for professional music production.

    ACID is widely considered the industry standard for loop-based music creation for the Windows platform. More than one million copies of ACID have been sold since its introduction in 1998, making the popular music creation tool an invaluable program among leading recording artists and studios. The new Fleetwood loops, formatted as ACID-based .WAV files, are perfectly suited for use in ACID, as well as many other audio production tools that support loop-based music construction.

    As a founding member of the legendary rock group Fleetwood Mac, Mick Fleetwood has earned his place in history as one of rock's greatest drummers and bandleaders. "The partnership of Sonic Foundry and Mick Fleetwood constitutes the ideal pairing of technology and music," says Brad Reinke, senior vice president and general manager of Sonic Foundry. "I am delighted Mr. Fleetwood is being added to the roster of artists who have chosen to provide license-free music resources for the expanding ACID software user base."

    Mick Fleetwood adds, "There's nothing that equates to the creative thrill of making music and the collaborative process. Through this library, I'm now able to share my drums with music producers and fans worldwide. I'm proud to be part of the cutting edge in music technology."