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Video News

  • Ulead Announces MediaStudio Pro 7

    by Charles Fulton

    Ulead's new MediaStudio Pro 7 features new software-only realtime editing, display and output features said to outperform competing editing software. A Ulead test showed that MediaStudio Pro 7 is capable of simultaneously outputting five DV streams on a P4 2GHz machine with 512MB of RAM.

    Other new features include real-time multi-track audio mixing, enhanced timecode and source management and a new titler with texture and motion effects.

    MediaStudio Pro 7 will be on sale in the first quarter of 2003 for $495. Upgrade pricing has not yet been announced.

  • Matrox Announces Parhelia/After Effects Bundle

    Reprinted from a Canopus press release:

    Matrox Graphics Inc., the leading manufacturer of professional graphics solutions, today announced that the Matrox Parhelia 128MB digital video workstation graphics card is now available in a new bundle with Adobe After Effects 5.5, for only US$799 (a stand-alone value of US$1098). This bundled offering radically enhances the user's compositing experience and efficiency, through Parhelia's unique dual-display plus TV-output technology and free WYSIWYG plug-in for previewing After Effects projects on an NTSC or PAL video monitor.

    "We are always looking for new ways to enhance the professional compositing workflow for our After Effects customers, including supporting the latest hardware innovations," says David Trescot, director of dynamic media for Adobe. "The Matrox Parhelia board bundle will allow Adobe After Effects users to experience productivity gains with its extensive multi-display capabilities, including the ability to preview After Effects compositions in real-time on a full-screen video monitor."

    With a wide selection of multi-display modes, Parhelia provides After Effects users with the most productive environment for motion graphics and visual effects creation, which is crucial when working with multiple windows and extended timelines. Through Parhelia's PureVideo technology and WYSIWYG plug-in for Adobe After Effects, users can preview their 2D or 3D compositions full-screen on a TV or video monitor to check for safe title area, proper color temperature and any interlacing artifacts prior to rendering. What's more, Parhelia's adjustable proc-amp controls for both the video window and TV allow users to benefit from unmatched image display quality.

  • RealNetworks Releases Helix DNA Producer Source Code to Helix Community

    Reprinted from a RealNetworks press release:

    RealNetworks, Inc. (Nasdaq: RNWK) today announced the Helix DNA Producer source code is now available to software developers through the Helix Community at Helix DNA Producer is the core source code of RealNetworks' Helix Producer, which thousands of content creators already use to create RealAudio and RealVideo content. RealNetworks also announced that more than 5,000 software developers have registered in the Helix Community since the initial launch of the community in July.

    Helix DNA Producer source code will enable application and content developers to build multi-format content creation products for PCs, Web cams, traffic cameras, personal video recorders, mobile phones and many other devices. Helix DNA Producer is the second release of source code into the Helix Community. In late October, RealNetworks released the Helix DNA Client source code with support from Nokia, PalmSource, Red Hat, Symbian and thirteen other companies.

    "Momentum for Helix continues to accelerate. Today's announcement builds on the tremendous developer response to the Helix DNA Client," said Rob Glaser, founder and CEO, RealNetworks, Inc.. "Now with the Helix DNA Producer we are taking Helix to the next level, by making it easier than ever for developers to create applications for content creation in the professional, industrial and consumer markets."

    As with the Helix DNA Client, the free Helix DNA Producer source code will allow developers to build applications that support any file format from any operating system platform. Application developers will also be able to readily access code to integrate RealAudio, RealVideo and Ogg Vorbis output, and to expand the outputs to any number of media formats - such as Windows Media, QuickTime, MPEG-1, MPEG-2, MP3 and MPEG-4.

  • RealNetworks Announces RealVideo 9 Encoder for Adobe Premiere

    Reprinted from an RealNetworks press release:

    RealNetworks, Inc. (Nasdaq: RNWK), the global leader in media delivery on the Internet, today announced the availability of a new plug-in for Adobe Premiere, which provides support for RealVideo 9 encoding. The plug-in, which supports Adobe Premiere versions 6.0 and 6.5, is available for free at

    "Adobe Premiere customers are professionals who demand high quality output options for distributing their video content to a variety of mediums, including the Web," said Dave Trescot, director of Digital Video for Adobe. "As Internet distribution of video content grows, video compression quality becomes even more important. Adobe Premiere and RealVideo 9 offer the quality and ease of use content providers require."

    "Media and technology companies are embracing RealVideo 9 because it makes video a compelling experience for both narrowband and broadband users," said Kevin Foreman, general manager, Helix, RealNetworks, Inc. "Adobe Premiere is one of the leading cross platform products for creating video content for the web and we are happy to offer Premiere users these free RealVideo 9 plug-ins."

  • Incite Editor 3.0 Released

    Reprinted from an Incite press release:

    Incite Multimedia Corporation has released Incite Editor 3.0 and it is now shipping worldwide.

    Incite Editor 3.0 is the new generation of the Incite Editor non-linear editing application for broadcasting and post production, powered by Matrox DigiSuite MAX hardware. A multifaceted, distributive production tool, Incite Editor 3.0 simplifies workflow through its new state-of-the-art interface, new media management tools and built in Task Server technology. In addition, the robust database architecture delivers unmatched freedom and flexibility when it comes to collaborative production, allowing full transparency with Incite's product family and third-party applications in networking environments.

    "Incite Editor 3.0 is all about revolutionizing workflow, whether it is on a single workstation or network based", says Amir Rijavec, Director of Product Management for Incite. "The emphasis is placed on offering a distributive application that can communicate freely with other workstations and has seamless access to all media assets, especially crucial in tapeless network environments. Of course networking is a key feature and we take pride that we offer a variety of scenarios, whether it is point to point, 1394 networking, NAS or SAN, for both small and large scale facilities, as well as for editors on the move or in the field - the edit suite is no longer an island. And, Incite exploits new breakthroughs in OS and PC architecture like CPU hyper-threading so that editors can take advantage of both increases in traditional performance and new collective concepts like render farming and batch processing. All of these points are part and parcel of Incite's Editor 3.0 family of products and are absolutely fundamental for the technical directors and system integrators who are spearheading designs for today's broadcasters and post facilities. It will have a huge impact on the industry."

  • Sony Launches USB Micro Vault Storage Devices

    Reprinted from a Sony press release:

    Sony's latest generation of Micro Vault USB storage media devices are built on the USB 2.0 platform, offering faster data transfer than their predecessors yet maintain backward compatibility with the USB 1.1 protocol.

    The Micro Vault family includes a new 256 Megabyte (MB) model that can store the equivalent of 176 floppy disks, making it easy to transfer and store large amounts of data.

    According to Tom Evans, vice president of marketing in the media and application solutions division of Sony Electronics' Business Solutions and Systems Company, Micro Vault USB 2.0 media is designed for personal computer users who want maximum speed, convenience and security to store and share large digital images, music, video and presentation files. Capacities for the new Micro Vault family now range from 32 MB to 256 MB.

    "Since computers and laptops with USB 2.0 ports have begun to ship in volume, our new Micro Vault units can help users take full advantage of their system's high-speed capabilities," Evans said. "Possible uses for the pocket-sized devices are endless--colleagues can swap files mid-flight, students can tote term papers and resumes around campus, and parents can even store their children's medical information and images. They are also extremely practical and fashionable for both the business person and home user."

    Five Times Faster and Twice the Capacity
    By employing Hi-speed USB technology, the new devices provide users with a file transfer speed that is five times faster than USB 1.1. Micro Vault USB 2.0 reads files at a speed of up to 5.5 MB per second, and writes files at up to 1 MB per second. For context, 5 MB is equivalent to 30 seconds of broadcast-quality video.

  • CSB-Digital Announces AlamDV2 Special Effects Software

    Reprinted from a CSB-Digital press release:

    CSB-Digital, creator of affordable special effects software for home video users and photographers, today announced the full release of its flagship product, AlamDV2. This is the first time that it has been widely available in Europe on CD-ROM, as well as globally at

    AlamDV2 gives the user the power to add impressive combinations of illumination effects, explosions, muzzle flashes, lightswords and magic to their projects.

    With over 700 effects currently available, AlamDV2 opens up a new world of visual opportunities and gives access to the world's largest online amateur special effects community where you can showcase your work and learn about new techniques. Whether for personal, business or educational use, AlamDV2 enables you to take your projects to a new level of sophistication and professionalism.

    For more information or to download a demo version, visit

    Pricing and Availability
    AlamDV2.1.4 for Windows XP, 2000, ME, 98 and Macintosh OS 9 is available now on CD-ROM in Europe and is also available globally from as an online download. A Mac OS X version will follow early in 2003 when AlamDV2.5 is released. The recommended retail price is 49.99 (approx. $76.48 USD or 79 euros).

  • Ulead Introduces COOL 3D Studio

    by Charles Fulton

    Ulead has introduced COOL 3D Studio, a 3D animation package featuring additional tools designed for video editors, such as keyframe timelines for each graphic object and the ability to import models from 3D Studio Max. New particle effects include smoke and fire. COOL 3D Studio's new 3D space lighting controls allow the creation of intricate light effects. A library of primitive shapes is also provided, along with a path editor and lathe tool.

    COOL 3D Studio will be available to download for $129. Upgrades will be available for $60 for a limited time.

  • JVC Ships Mini DV/DVCAM VCR

    Reprinted from a JVC press release:

    The growing use of several different DV tape formats creates a need for a studio video tape recorder (VTR) that can accept a wide range of cassettes. The current economy mandates that any upcoming VTR be affordable and suitable for both nonlinear editing (NLE) and studio recording applications. JVC PROFESSIONAL PRODUCTS COMPANY answered these demands with the release of the BR-DV3000U.

    JVC's new BR-DV3000U supports all sizes of DV and DVCam tapes without an adapter, covering almost 90 percent of the digital recording market today. It also records and plays back both NTSC and PAL video standards, and the BR-DV3000U lists for $1,995.

    The BR-DV3000U's IEEE-1394 ("Firewire") compatibility, RS-422A interface and optional RM-G30U wired remote provide industry standard control for use in NLE suites as a program feed and record deck. The longer recording capability and higher quality of the large DV cassettes allows the BR-DV3000U to archive several digital masters on one tape for economical storage. Using LA-DV276PRO cassettes, over 4.5 hours of recording time may be obtained.

    The BR-DV3000U's dual tension, multi-motor system provides precise cueing and reliable tape handling. Variable speed playback is included with a noiseless slow motion range of -1/3 to + 1/3 normal (useful in NLE systems that cannot produce jitter-free "slow-mos"). Search speeds range up to 100 times normal.

    Studio recording is enhanced by the BR-DV3000U's "automatic start" feature, which triggers the VTR to automatically begin recording five minutes prior to the tape runout of any compatible JVC camcorder or another BR-D3000U. Its native 12-volt DC power source (120V/240V AC adapter included) even allows the deck to be used for fieldwork or to be powered by an automobile battery. The deck is designed for horizontal or vertical mounting and a vertical stand is included.

  • Dell To Ship PCs with Roxio VideoWave Editing Software

    Reprinted from a Roxio press release:

    Roxio, Inc. (Nasdaq: ROXI), the Digital Media Company, provider of the best selling digital media software in the world, announced today that Dell Computer Corporation, has chosen Roxio's new complete video editing and DVD burning software, VideoWave Movie Creator, as part of Dell's Movie Studio Essential and Movie Studio Plus bundles on Dimension PCs and Inspiron Notebook computers. Roxio's VideoWave Movie Creator lets users automatically capture home video, add music and themed templates to create an entertaining movie, and then burn it to DVD or Video CD that can be played back in most DVD players.

    "Roxio is very pleased to broaden our relationship with Dell by providing consumers an easy and quick solution for creating DVDs and Video CDs of their home movies," said Chris Gorog, President and CEO. "Roxio's VideoWave Movie Creator was specifically designed for the consumer and eliminates the complexities and time required to create quality movies from home video."

    Roxio's VideoWave Movie Creator is available and shipping now with Dell PCs and Notebooks, in time for the 2002 holiday season.