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Video News

  • Got What It Takes? Video Contest For Teens!

    California teens are being asked to produce their own "got milk?" commercial by entering the "got milk? Home Video Commercial" contest. The grand prize winner, will receive a video camera and their commercial will run on the Web site! Two semi-finalists will win a trip to the next "got milk?" ad shoot plus "got milk?" merchandise. And all of the winners will receive a $200 savings bond for college. All entries must be postmarked no later than Dec. 4, 2000. For more information, visit

  • Microsoft & SpotLife Team Up to Offer Hosting Services to Movie Maker Users

    Redmond, WA and San Mateo, CA - November 15, 2000 - SpotLife, a leader in taking Personal Video Broadcasting to the mainstream, today announced an agreement with Microsoft Corp. under which SpotLife will provide hosting services for users of Microsoft Windows Movie Maker in North America and Western Europe. Windows Movie Maker is an easy-to-use feature of the Windows Millennium Edition (Windows Me) operating system that allows consumers to easily capture, edit and store home movies on their computer using the Windows Media Format. SpotLife will provide users of Windows Me with an easy way to seamlessly store and broadcast their video messages, home video movies or events to family, friends and colleagues around the world.

    "Windows Movie Maker was created to satisfy the overwhelming consumer demand for simplifying the process of creating, editing, storing and organizing their home movies," said Jonathan Usher, group manager of the Digital Media Division at Microsoft. "This new service from SpotLife is a great complement in that it provides users of Windows Movie Maker in North America and Europe with an easy-to-use way to store and broadcast their home videos."

    Using Windows Media, Windows Movie Maker enables consumers to easily edit, store and share their home videos on their home PC in easy-to-manage file sizes. Consumers can incorporate slides, background music, sound effects and voice-over narration into a home movie recorded with either a digital or analog camcorder. With a few clicks of a mouse inside Windows Movie Maker, users can easily save their edited home videos right to the Web using SpotLife services. Windows Me users can then broadcast their home production on the SpotLife site, where the movie can be shared with family, friends and colleagues. SpotLife's services will be available to Windows Me users by the end of this year.

  • POPcast Selected by JVC To Create Cutting-Edge Video Community

    LAS VEGAS, COMDEX, BOOTH 6135Nov. 15, 2000POPcast Communications Corp., a leading provider of personal broadcasting services and broadband-enabling technologies, and leading consumer electronics manufacturer JVC Company of America today announced the completion of an agreement to create a cutting- edge shared video community for users of JVC's camcorders worldwide.

    The announcement was made at the COMDEX/Fall 2000 event, which began Monday in Las Vegas and continues through Friday, Nov. 17. POPcast's exhibit is located within the Intel Pentium Pavilion, booth 6135.

    Under the terms of the one-year agreement, POPcast will create and host all aspects of the JVC Shared Video Community, providing its proprietary streaming media creation and publishing software, media management toolset and complete back-end services in return for undisclosed licensing fees and extensive co-marketing activities. Members of the new community will have the ability to easily create, publish and share rich-media content on the Web using POPcast's complete array of streaming media services and solutions.

    JVC is excited to partner with POPcast to build a video community on our website, said Jerry Barbera, Vice President of JVC Company of America's Consumer Video Division. By teaming up with POPcast, JVC intends to marry the high quality videos produced with a JVC camcorder with the broadband technologies provided by POPcast. This kind of video community will revolutionize the way we create, view and email videos today."

    We are very proud to be working with JVC, a world leader in both professional and consumer electronics, to offer their customers the ability to easily leverage the latest technologies to extend their use of video content over the Web, said POPcast's founder and chairman William Mutual.

  • More News From COMDEX 2000

    ATI is showing the All-in-Wonder Radeon card. This is a TV tuner-video capture-PVR card. Sports the Guide+ EPG. Digitizes video from TV or external analog video sources into MPEG-2 format. Ships with Ulead's Media Studio software for video editing. Unlike the early version of All-in-Wonder, this unit captures full-frame 30 fps video. Current version is for AGP bus; a PCI version will follow in a few months. has now made available, free, its Popcaster software. This program makes encoding and uploading video to the Popcast server extremely easy. It's available by download from the Web site.

  • Creative Labs COMDEX Announcement

    MILPITAS, Calif. - October 24, 2000 - Creative (Nasdaq: CREAF), the worldwide leader in digital entertainment products for the personal computer and the Internet, today announced the Video Blaster MovieMaker, slated to ship in North America in November 2000 at an estimated street price of US$199.99.

    The Video Blaster MovieMaker inspires the home video enthusiast to create, share and edit cherished digital movies on the personal computer. The Video Blaster MovieMaker imports home videos from a camcorder or VCR to the PC via USB connection, utilizing hardware-based MPEG-2 compression, the same format used in DVD movies, for fast, fluid video and stereo sound. Creative expression is limited only to the user's imagination, as the software included with MovieMaker allows the production of polished movies with titles, credits, musical or voice audio tracks, sophisticated transitions, fades, wipes and compelling special effects. The software also enables archiving of favorite movies from PC to CD-R, CD-RW, or even Video CDs.

    "The Video Blaster MovieMaker combines the power of MPEG-2, the ease of use of USB and tremendous value in one PC solution," noted Ken Fong, director of marketing for Creative. "Bringing movies into the digital realm of the PC fuels all kinds of creativity in terms of editing and sharing movies over e-mail and the web."

    The efficiency of MPEG-2 compression in the Video Blaster MovieMaker translates to a memory utilization of approximately 31 to 46MB per minute of video. The MPEG-1 bit rate can range from 0.5 to 2 megabits per second and the MPEG-2 bit rate is adjustable from 1 to 6 megabits per second.

  • The Latest News From Las Vegas - COMDEX 2000

    Videomaker Editors are at COMDEX in Las Vegas this week getting the latest news on new video and editing products.

    Today, Sony unveiled a new DV camcorder, the DCR-PC110 that can record 60-second MPEG-1 movies to its Memory Stick. It can also encode video from its tape sources into short MPEGs. Sony's CLIE palm computing device now plays video clips downloaded from a computer source. CLIE even has a small video camera plugin for shooting video straight into its memory.

    Dazzle is showing Hollywood DV-Bridge, a device that will digitze analog video sources for computing on the Mac.

    Roland is presenting a prototype of their DV-7 VideoCanvas. This is a $6000 hard drive-based video and audio editing appliance. It comes with a 60 GB hard drive, keyboard, mouse and jog shuttle-T-bar controller. It features a batch of real-time transitions and FX. Two key factors distinguish it from its competitors' products: this one is a time-line editor, with the standard time bar and video and audio lines, and drag-and-drop functions. Also, the DV-7 has better sound control and even sound editing capabilities taken from some of its digital audio editing products. It should begin shipping in January 2001.

    Creative Labs is showing their new USB VideoBlaster that connects to a computer by way of USB port. It takes analog audio and video and converts them to MPEG-2 for recording to the computer's hard drive. It comes bundled with ULead's Media Studio video editing software and should begin shipping in January.

    Look for more news from COMDEX tomorrow!

  • Cleaner 5 Gets Real

    Media 100 Inc. (NASDAQ: MDEA), the leading provider of software, systems and services for streaming media on the Internet, today announced the launch of Cleaner 5: RealSystem(R) Edition, a powerful interactive streaming media encoding and design solution specially developed to support RealNetworks, Inc.'s (NASDAQ: RNWK) recently-announced RealAudio(R) 8 and RealVideo(R) 8. RealAudio 8 offers the highest quality audio at the broadest range of bit rates, and RealVideo 8 provides high-quality, full-motion video using dial-up modems, half screen VHS-quality at mainstream broadband rates, and near DVD-quality video for those using high bandwidth connections.

    As a result of this development agreement, Media 100 has created a customized version of its flagship Cleaner 5 streaming media software to be sold by RealNetworks, directly from its online store at Cleaner 5: RealSystem Edition will enable RealNetworks' customers to create powerful, highly-interactive streaming media content exclusively for the RealPlayer(R). This announcement underscores RealNetworks' commitment to providing its customers with streaming media tool sets that enable them to create the highest quality streaming media content possible.

  • Canopus Unveils DVRexRT Professional

    Canopus Corporation, makers of award-winning DV NLEs, today announced DVRexRT Professional, a full-featured, professional-level NLE that boasts extensive real-time capabilities. The DVRexRT Professional delivers the features required by video professionals to capture and blend DV and high-end analog footage. With its component video I/O, balanced audio I/O and RS-422 analog deck control, DVRexRT Professional allows capture of professional-level analog material without compromising quality. DVRexRT Professional includes real-time editing, MPEG encoding, DVD authoring, soundtrack creation and Internet streaming tools to provide video professionals with a complete NLE solution in one package.

    The DVRexRT Professional comes with Adobe Premiere 5.1, Canopus RexEdit nonlinear editing software and an Adobe Premiere RT plug-in that brings RexEdit's extensive collection of real-time filters and transitions, including picture-in-picture, slow motion, movie look, color correction and chroma key and luma key, to Premiere. DVRexRT Professional offers native DV editing with real-time analog and DV output for greater quality and timesavings. DVRexRT Professional supports camera control of DV, DVCAM and RS-422 devices to give the user frame accurate batch capture and timeline output for both DV and analog decks.

    DVRexRT Professional includes a professional 19" rack-mount breakout box that brings the connectors to a convenient location making it easy to integrate the DVRexRT Professional into existing editing studios. The breakout box features analog audio level meters that can be switched between input and output levels, and left/right input gain adjustments. A headphone output jack is also included for monitoring.

  • Canopus Announces New Digital Video Editing Solution

    Canopus Corporation, makers of award-winning non-linear video editing solutions, today announced DVStorm, a powerful real-time DV editing system that combines an extensive high performance feature set with stability and reliability. DVStorm delivers render-free, real-time digital video editing, DV and analog (S-Video and Composite video) input and output, MPEG output for DVD and Web streaming, plus a complete suite of digital video production tools, making DVStorm a powerful and cost-effective NLE solution for videographers.

    Videographers can bring their productions to life and save valuable production time by taking advantage of DVStorm's impressive assortment of real-time editing tools that feature over 24 real-time filters, including color correction, mosaic, emboss, slow motion, picture-in-picture, chroma key, luma key and chrominance, and 15 transitions, including wipes, dissolves, slides, page curls and stretch. DVStorm also provides real-time audio filters applied to both the video and external audio tracks.

    Real-time DV and Analog Input/Output DVStorm offers all the input/output connections videographers need to get the flexibility required from an editing system, allowing them to deliver video on tape, CD, DVD or over the Internet. DVStorm uses an advanced hardware CODEC to deliver real-time capture through 1394/i.LINK, S-video or Composite connectors and real-time output to DV or analog tape.

    Comprehensive Suite of Digital Video Production Tools To provide users with a comprehensive nonlinear editing solution, DVStorm includes Adobe Premiere 5.1 (full version) and Canopus StormEdit software. StormEdit is a powerful video editing software application that includes an assortment of real-time titles and transitions. Sonic Foundry's ACID Style audio software for a quick and easy way to produce custom music, and a trial version of SpruceUp DVD authoring software are also included.

  • MainConcept Releases Low-Cost Compositing Program

    AACHEN, GERMANY -- MainConcept today released its compositing, effects and vector animation program at an unprecendented low price -- just US$150 for the downloadable version through November 2000.

    MainVision offers high-end capabilities in a surprisingly friendly interface. Features are accessed through easily configured modules. Unlimited layers can be combined to create an infinite variety of compositions. The program also features a unique Image Processor which can quickly generate looping, organic backgrounds and many other effects.

    Other features include RAM preview, resolution-independent projects, advanced keyframe animation, multiprocessor support, and up to 10,000 undo levels. The software works under Windows 95, 98, NT, 2000 and Me.

    "MainVision is a very powerful program," said Markus Moenig, founder and president of MainConcept. "Its clean interface lets users concentrate on being creative, rather than trying to find their way through dozens of palettes and commands. And our introductory special further proves our commitment to offer professional tools at enthusiast prices."

    After the introductory special, the downloadable version will be priced at US$250, which is still hundreds of dollars less than comparable software. A boxed retail version will be made available shortly.

    MainVision can be downloaded from, and from selected distributors. Until unlocked with a key code (available for purchase online), it will operate in demo mode. All features will work, but a logo will be added to processed video. The downloadable version includes a full User Guide in PDF format.