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  • Walter Hewlett Accepts Judge's Decision, Clears Way for Compaq Merger

    Reprinted from a William R. Hewlett Revocable Trust press release:

    PALO ALTO, Calif., April 30 /PRNewswire/ -- Walter B. Hewlett, on behalf of The William R. Hewlett Revocable Trust and its trustees, issued the following statement in response to today's ruling by the Delaware Chancery Court regarding Hewlett-Packard Company's acquisition of Compaq Computer Corporation :

    As I stated when this suit was filed, our goal was to make sure that the outcome of the HP stockholder vote on March 19th was determined in a full, fair and lawful manner. After reviewing the Court's opinion, we have decided not to appeal the decision to the Supreme Court of Delaware. Additionally, we have decided to discontinue the review and challenge period of the preliminary vote count and permit the vote to be certified.

    I have disagreed with the Board over the merits of acquiring Compaq, however I have always been dedicated to enhancing value for HP's stockholders. I will therefore now do everything possible to support the successful implementation of HP's acquisition of Compaq and encourage others who have shared my views in the past several months to do the same.

    I would like to thank all Hewlett-Packard employees, retirees, stockholders and the others who have played a role in the proxy contest over the past several months.

    My involvement with HP will not end today. As Chairman of The William and Flora Hewlett Foundation and as a trustee of The William R. Hewlett Revocable Trust, I represent two major stockholders and I will continue to monitor the company's performance to ensure that it acts in the best interests of all stockholders.

  • Sony Agrees to Purchase About 1% Stake in RealNetworks, Cites Alliance

    Reprinted from a RealNetworks press release:

    SEATTLE, April 30, 2002 - RealNetworks, Inc. (Headquarters: Seattle, USA) and Sony Corporation (Headquarters: Tokyo, Japan) today announced a strategic alliance agreement. In addition, Sony has also agreed to purchase a minority stake of about 1% in RealNetworks. These new agreements will enable the two companies to further collaborate on the deployment of various distribution and digital content software technologies to a wide range of Sony's industry leading digital devices.

    Today's announcement builds on a more than two-year relationship between the two companies. Since a joint announcement at Winter CES 2000, RealNetworks and Sony Corporation have cooperated to integrate Sony technologies such as ATRAC3 sound compression format and OpenMG copyright protection technology with various RealNetworks' products including RealPlayer and RealJukebox and to promote the combined products to PC users, and to distribute the combined products with Sony hardware products. Today's announcement represents an extension of this existing technical relationship reflecting the rapid expansion in network distribution of digital audio and video content to personal computers and a new generation of networked consumer electronics products. Both companies are committed to working together to deploy easy-to-use solutions that will encourage the expansion of digital distribution business opportunities.

  • Magix to Launch Music Maker 7

    Reprinted from a Magix press release:

    Los Angeles, CA - (04/22/02) MAGIX Entertainment, Corp. a worldwide market and technology leader in the personal rich media content category, has announced the launch of Music Maker 7, in stores May 15, 2002.

    Music Maker 7 standard ($49.99) and deLuxe ($79.99) versions equip users of any level with tools for producing self-made music. Additionally, users can easily create and combine videos with their music, build a personal website and publish their music productions on it to promote themselves. Both versions contain the powerful music maker engine with easy drag & drop loading of user-generated and program-provided samples of music and video files. Also included in both versions, a 3D Sound-Generator for spectacular movie sound effects, a new gigantic up-dated audio-visual library including countless pre-set effects, instruments, melodies, 9 real-time audio effects, a witty Text-to-Speech module, and free access to the huge MAGIX online-sound archive. Music maker 7's noteworthy, intuitive interface continues to guide users through the production process concluding with the new option to create an impressive personal website.

    SOUND: The sources for sounds are endless--MPEGs, WAVs, MIDI, AVI, CDs, or opt to record live vocals. Virtual instruments such as the drum machine to create beats, a scratchbox for DJ scratching, a silver synth to simulate the old analog synthesizer sounds, and a variety more provide the option to design or generate musical components from scratch. The users can also use the existing sounds provided in the sound pool CDs with a broad variety of music styles in the form of samples, like drums, bass, guitar, keys, synth, plus more (2, 200 samples for standard version and 3,300 for deLuxe version).

  • ATI and NVIDIA Support Windows Media Corona HDTV-Quality Video on PCs Predicted

    Reprinted from a Microsoft press release:

    REDMOND, Wash. April 23, 2002 Today Microsoft Corp. announced that leading graphics chip developers ATI Technologies Inc and NVIDIA Corp. will support new DirectX technologies that enable HDTV-quality video playback experiences on the PC using the next version of Windows Media code-named Corona. By combining the compression and quality innovations in Windows Media Corona, together with the help of DirectX innovations enabling processing video in hardware alleviating the load on the PC's central processing unit (CPU) video playback will be possible at resolutions as high as 1080p. With six times the number of pixels in today's 480p DVD-quality playback these innovations offer the potential for an HDTV quality experience for the first time on a PC. This will be the highest video resolution ever attained on a PC and enable PCs running Windows XP to offer video resolution far beyond what is capable on many TVs today.

    ATI and NVIDIA, some of the leading innovators of graphic chips and video cards, will support advanced hardware acceleration, both for de-interlacing and playback of HDTV-quality video in the next version of Microsoft Windows Media Technologies, code-named Corona. This support is enabled with the advancement of the DirectX Video Acceleration (DXVA) interfaces in the Microsoft Windows operating system. DXVA interfaces allow video processing, including Windows Media Video decoding and de-interlacing, to occur on graphics hardware, freeing the PC's CPU for other tasks and offer lower power PC processors the ability to render much higher quality video. This support for advanced video acceleration technologies in DXVA together with Windows Media Corona will be offered in the following ways:

  • Intel XScale-Based Processors To Be Used in MS's Mira Wireless Products

    Reprinted from an Intel press release:

    SANTA CLARA, Calif., April 12, 2002 -- Top makers of smart display devices have selected processors based on the Intel XScale technology to power their new wireless monitors, Intel Corporation announced today. In addition, Intel has developed a reference design to help speed the development of a range of new generation of smart displays powered by Microsoft Corporation's Mira* technology.

    Mira is a new set of Windows* technologies that enables users to wirelessly connect to the Windows XP PC from anywhere in the home via battery-operated smart display devices. The Intel XScale technology provides the performance and low-power consumption to process the wireless data interchange between the PC and display while helping to extend battery life.

    The introduction of wireless monitors means users will no longer be limited to typing on a keyboard in a den or office. Instead, consumers can use their computer to listen to music, monitor news and get weather updates while cooking, watching TV or relaxing with friends.

    Philips Electronics and Viewsonic Corporation plan to use the Intel PXA250 applications processor to power their Mira-enabled products. In addition, original design manufacturers AboCom and Tatung have selected Intel for their new devices to take advantage of the high performance and low power benefits of the Intel applications processor. These products are planned to be available around the winter holiday 2002 season.

  • NVIDIA's 420-D Platform Processors To Be Used in HP Pavilion PCs

    Reprinted from an NVIDIA press release:

    SANTA CLARA, Calif., April 15 /PRNewswire-FirstCall/ -- NVIDIA Corporation today announced that the Company's nForce 420-D platform processors have been selected for use in Hewlett-Packard Company's HP Pavilion desktop PCs -- further proof that NVIDIA's nForce product family continues to be the PC platform of choice by leading OEMs and system builders worldwide due to its integration of innovative system, memory, networking, and audio technologies. According to NPD Techworld, a leading market research firm, HP Pavilion has been the number one retail desktop PC brand nationwide for the last 12 months.

    Designed and optimized to take advantage of AMD's latest CPUs, including the new Athlon XP processor 2100+, the nForce 420-D platform processors -- the nForce Integrated Graphics Processor (IGP) and nForce Media and Communications Processor (MCP) -- integrate a myriad of innovative features, all of which reaffirm NVIDIA's technology leadership in the integrated core-logic market. In addition to the award-winning GeForce(TM)2 Graphics Processing Unit, dual 64-bit memory controllers, and uniquely flexible architecture, the nForce 420-D platform processors also feature the industry's only integrated Audio Processing Unit (APU). Through its use of a multi-DSP engine, the NVIDIA-designed APU provides hardware processing for up to 256 simultaneous voices and special effects, and consumes the smallest amount of CPU overhead -- when measured against all other add-in card PC audio solutions available today. And, by using the high-speed HyperTransport bus technology as the digital connection between the two platform processors, NVIDIA's nForce architecture provides the HP Pavilion PC family with substantially more bandwidth to allow for a truly media-rich, multi-tasking environment, perfect for digital video editing, Internet audio streaming, and photo manipulation.

  • Roxio Completes Acquisition of MGI Software

    Reprinted from a Roxio press release:

    MILPITAS, CA - February 01, 2002, Roxio, Inc., The Digital Media Company, today announced that it has completed the acquisition of MGI Software Corporation. The intent to acquire was originally announced on December 4, 2001.

    By adding the best-selling photo and video editing software products, PhotoSuite and VideoWave, to Roxio's best-selling CD burning, Easy CD Creator and Toast, and system recovery software, GoBack, the acquisition creates one of the world's largest digital media software companies with a global installed base of more than 100 million consumers. Roxio's products are sold by leading retailers worldwide including Best Buy, CompUSA, Circuit City and Staples, and are bundled with devices including PCs, PDAs, digital cameras, digital camcorders, scanners and printers by leading OEMs such as Dell, Toshiba, Sony, Palm, Olympus, Nikon and Lexmark.

    Roxio's product portfolio now includes the following top-selling brands:

    Easy CD Creator (for Windows) - the #1 selling CD burning software product in the world that enables consumers to burn photo, music, video and data CDs.

    Toast (for Macintosh) - the #1 selling CD burning software product in the world that enable consumers to burn photo, music, video and data CDs.

    PhotoSuite - the #1 selling photo editing software that makes it easy to edit, organize and share your photos.

    VideoWave - the #1 selling video editing software tool that allows business and home users to create videos for the Web, CD, DVD, VCD and VHS.

    GoBack - the #1 selling system recovery software that allows user to "go back" in time and recover from system crashes and virus attacks.

  • Canopus: DVStorm Just Got More Powerful

    Reprinted from a Canopus press release:

    Las Vegas, NAB (April 8, 2002) - Canopus Corporation today announced that DVStorm, the company's acclaimed realtime nonlinear editing solution, just got more powerful. At this week's NAB conference, Canopus (booth #S6944) will demonstrate DVStorm outperforming the competition by delivering five simultaneous realtime video streams. While Canopus users have long enjoyed the realtime editing and output performance of DVStorm, they can now take advantage of this realtime processing - of filters, transitions, picture-in-picture effects, color correction, chroma and luma keying and more - with five streams of video.

    Due to Canopus's Scalable Technology Architecture, which extends the life of the DVStorm and gives users a much higher return on their investment, this new five-stream capability is added to DVStorm through a simple software update. The five-stream update will be available next month to current DVStorm users at no charge directly from the Canopus Web site at

    DVStorm combines stability, reliability, and affordability with an extensive high-performance feature set that boasts render-free, realtime native DV editing, realtime DV and analog input/output (1394/i.LINK, S-video or composite) and MPEG output for DVD and Internet streaming. For compelling content creation users can take advantage of DVStorm's impressive set of editing tools that deliver an assortment of realtime capabilities including multiple moving titles and graphics layers, audio and video filters, and transitions. DVStorm features over 23 realtime filters, such as color correction, motion blur, old movie, picture-in-picture, chroma key, luma key and chrominance.

  • NewTek Announces Aura DV Paint

    Reprinted from a NewTek press release:

    NAB - Las Vegas, NV - April 8, 2002 - NewTek, Inc., manufacturer of industry-leading video and 3D animation products, announced the release of Aura DV Paint, a real-time DV paint and animation system. With an extensive set of sophisticated painting and animation tools, Aura DV Paint allows users to paint directly on video in real-time, and edit their creations in real-time on the display of a digital video camera or other video monitor. Aura DV Paint has a retail value of $695, but will be available free of charge for a limited time to consumers who visit an Authorized NewTek Reseller in North America and receive a demonstration of any NewTek product.

    Aura DV Paint is a powerful painting, animation and video layering system that can be used for something as simple as adding titles to a video project, or something as complex as complete animated shorts. With more than 100 preset video effects included in the package, users will discover how easy and fun it is to create professional-quality productions complete with titles and sophisticated painted elements.

  • VideoClix 2.0 Enables Interactive Video Content

    Reprinted from an eline Technologies press release:

    eline Technologies has released VideoClix 2.0, a major upgrade to its next generation interactive video authoring software for Mac OS and OS X.

    VideoClix is an innovative and progressive application enabling content producers to build interactive -Objects- into their video content. This system allows viewers to get feedback by clicking on actual objects in the video. VideoClix can be used for educational, commercial and military purposes (i.e. product sales, vote registration, computer based training, viewer behavior tracking, kiosks, simulations, distance learning and more)

    Added features in VideoClix 2.0 include new click, rollover and time triggered Actions, messaging for third party application support (Flash, iShell, LS Pro...), HTML independent interactivity, faster Object tracking, canned effects, full OS X and MPEG support and all around UI improvements.

    VideoClix is the easiest and most cost effective tool for creating entertaining and engaging videos for use on the Internet, CD and DVD ROM. A simple click-and-drag can add breath taking interactivity.

    Videos can be served from any HTTP or RTSP server, tie into any database and do not require an additional plug-in or component to play. VideoClix enabled content can provide accurate viewer statistics and vital marketing data as well.

    Supported file formats are QuickTime movies: Mpeg1, Mpeg2*, Mpeg4*, AVI, Flash and DV.

    VideoClix 2.0 is priced at $499 US. During a time limited offer you can purchase VideoClix 2.0 and iShell silver membership for $999 (reg. $1474)

    * With the release of Quicktime 6