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Video News

  • Canopus Adds MPEG Encoding, DVD Authoring and Internet Streaming Capabilities to NLEs

    Canopus Corporation today announced it is adding MPEG encoding, DVD authoring and Internet streaming capabilities to its entire line of DV NLEs for video professionals, prosumers and enthusiasts. By adding these features to EZDV, DVRaptor, DVRex-M1, DVStation, DVRex RT and all turnkey systems, Canopus delivers comprehensive solutions for delivery of video on CD-ROM, DVD and over the Internet. MPEG encoding and Internet streaming features have been added through plug-ins for Canopus' RexEdit, RaptorEdit and EzEdit nonlinear editing software. For DVD authoring, Canopus is including a trial version of Spruce Technologies' new SpruceUp DVD authoring software.

    Canopus delivers MPEG encoding features through its new SoftMPG Encoder to deliver the high-quality video and audio output required by today's video professionals. Using advanced algorithms, SoftMPG creates MPEG-1 or MPEG-2 streams in near-realtime directly from Canopus RexEdit, RaptorEdit, EzEdit or Adobe Premiere 5.1 nonlinear editing software, allowing users to quickly and easily encode their edited video productions. By using Main Profile at Main Level MPEG-2, also called MP@ML, the Canopus encoder delivers the high-quality video and audio MPEG-2 output essential for CD-ROM delivery, DVD authoring and network transmission. While other MPEG-2 systems use I-frame or IP-frame only, MP@ML features true IBP frame format, providing the highest quality video at the lowest bandwidth. In addition, SoftMPG's variable bit rate capability is one of the most effective techniques used to maintain video quality while reducing file size.

  • Media 100 Announces Immediate Availability of Cleaner 5

    Media 100 Inc. (NASDAQ: MDEA), the leading provider of software, systems and services for streaming media on the Internet, today announced the immediate availability of its breakthrough interactive streaming media design solution, Cleaner 5. Developed by Media 100 subsidiary, Terran Interactive, Cleaner 5 is the first interactive streaming media design solution to enable web designers, media professionals and Internet broadcasters to quickly and easily produce highly-interactive, dynamic streaming media content for next generation, video-enabled web sites. Cleaner 5 was announced last month to critical acclaim at the International Broadcasters Convention (IBC) in Amsterdam, winning the Best Technology of Show award.

    "Cleaner 5 will fuel the growth of streaming on the web, enabling entirely new applications where the video itself, like the Internet, is interactive. We see Cleaner 5 driving broad acceptance of web video by hundreds-of-thousands of web developers, creating next generation interactive applications for e-commerce, Internet broadcasting, distance learning and in a range of other fast growing applications," said John Molinari, chief executive officer at Media 100. "Cleaner 5 will redefine the web site, making it video-centric, interactive, and compelling.

    "Moving forward, we will tightly integrate Cleaner 5 with all of our products to deliver sophisticated, high-performance streaming solutions that will shorten the time required to design and bring online a streaming site. Our mission is to enable the Internet as a highly-interactive broadcasting medium."

  • Pinnacle Systems Announces Studio Basic for RealVideo

    MOUNTAIN VIEW, CA, October 9, 2000 - Pinnacle Systems, Inc. today announced immediate availability of Studio Basic for RealVideo, an easy-to-use video editing software for creating RealNetworks RealVideo content. This product is a result of an alliance between Pinnacle Systems, a leader in digital video editing solutions, and RealNetworks, Inc., the recognized leader in media delivery on the Internet.

    Studio Basic for RealVideo is available as a free download at The digital video editing tool supports RealVideo 8 technology that delivers high quality, full-motion video experience via dial-up modems, VHS-quality through mainstream broadband rates, and near-DVD quality through very high-capacity networks. Using Studio Basic, consumers can easily enliven their videos by selecting their best shots and arranging them in any order, adding titles, scene transitions, music, sound effects and narration. Movies are saved in RealVideo streaming format enabling the video to be played in RealPlayer.

    "People who produce DV content care about video quality so we think they'll be thrilled that we integrated RealVideo 8 into this product," says Bill Loesch, vice-president of Pinnacle Systems' consumer business group. "RealNetworks RealVideo 8 offers superior quality to other streaming video formats. We're excited about our relationship with RealNetworks."

    "The award-winning VHS quality of RealVideo 8 and the ubiquitous efficiency of RealSystem has spurred content developers to make their programming available to a rapidly growing, media hungry Internet audience," said Ben Rotholtz, general manager, products and systems, RealNetworks, Inc. "Once again, Pinnacle Systems has demonstrated leadership in digital video editing products with Studio Basic video software, making it straightforward to create and stream RealVideo 8 content."

  • Apple Releases QuickTime 5 and QuickTime Streaming Server 3 Previews

    QUICKTIME LIVE!, LOS ANGELES October 10, 2000 At the second-annual QuickTime Live! conference today, Apple released public previews of QuickTime 5 and QuickTime Streaming Server 3, the next generations of Apple's industry-leading software for creating, streaming and playing high-quality audio and video over the Internet.

    QuickTime 5's many new innovations include an updated media player with a new QuickTime TV (QTV) network channel display and new audio controls; a new component downloader for adding plug-ins on the fly; and support for new web codecs including Macromedia Flash 4, Cubic VR and Shoutcast.

    QuickTime 5, in combination with the new open-source QuickTime Streaming Server 3, offers Skip Protection, a collection of Apple-invented technologies that ensures a higher quality experience for watching and listening to Internet streams. Skip Protection protects against media skipping, or dropping frames, caused by the unpredictability of Internet transmissions.

    QuickTime is the standard for Internet audio and video and is being used to deliver the latest in Internet content to millions of surfers around the world, said Philip Schiller, Apple's vice president of Worldwide Product Marketing. The new technologies in QuickTime 5 enable a new generation of web-based audio and video solutions delivered with greater reliability than ever before.

    In addition to the updated media player, the new in-place component downloader and Skip Protection, QuickTime 5 also features: EUR a new Hot Picks guide highlighting cool, new QuickTime TV content; EUR support for Sorenson Video 3*; EUR easy developer support for delivering new user interfaces, or skins*; EUR an improved digital video codec for improved iMovie playback performance; and EUR real-time professional video editing support for professional applications such as Apples Final Cut Pro.

  • Inscriber Technology Releases New TitleMotion SD for Discreet edit*

    Inscriber Technology Corporation announced today a new release of Inscriber TitleMotion SD 4.2 for Discreet edit*, Inscriber's professional graphics plug-in for creating video titles and motion effects for Discreet edit* on the Windows NT platform.

    "This latest edition of TitleMotion gives edit* users fantastic creative potential by maintaining its easy to use interface and increasing its already powerful functionality. Users can create better graphics in less time," stated Joel St. Denis, Product Manager, Desktop Products at Inscriber Technology Corporation. "We've made a real effort to listen to users and integrate their suggestions in this new version. TitleMotion's new features include over 200 pre-designed templates, over 50 animation templates, over 200 new text styles, blur filter, spell checker and text on a spline." Inscriber TitleMotion for edit* is a professional graphics plug-in for creating video titles and motion effects. All graphics created with TitleMotion include full key channel support so titles can be laid over the digitized video with full transparency. Video professionals can now take any title and create multi-layered animations to fly text, graphics, logos, and even draw objects around the screen to produce dramatic effects.

    TitleMotion is based on technology developed for Inscriber's high-end character generator products, which means that NLE users get full access to Inscriber's top-quality output. In addition, Title Motion supports TrueType fonts as well as real-time stills, and rolling credits and crawls with sub-pixel movement for maximum image quality. TitleMotion also includes the unique feature that allows editors to animate each character of a title independently.

    Inscriber TitleMotion SD 4.2 for Discreet edit* is available immediately and sells for US$595.

  • Play Launches Nationwide Tour with Trinity Training and Free Product Demonstrations

    Play Incorporated announces "Trinity Power Techniques Tour 2000," a series of professional Trinity training seminars and free production tool demonstrations that will visit 22 cities across the United States. At each tour stop, Trinity users will learn powerful techniques and professional tricks to help them maximize their Trinity's capabilities in both live and post-production environments.

    Beginning September 5 in Denver, Trinity Power Techniques Tour 2000 crisscrosses the United States for 16 weeks before wrapping up in late December in Seattle. At each tour stop, Trinity users can participate in an all-day, professional training seminar given by one of the industry's foremost Trinity experts, Lee Stranahan. Additionally, separate product demonstration sessions have been scheduled at every tour stop for video professionals wanting a firsthand look at Play's award-winning Trinity, HoloSet and Pocket Producer products.

    During the training seminars, Mr. Stranahan will provide seven hours of instruction at each locale, showing attendees how to supercharge their productions with creative editing techniques; how to quickly make custom effects using Panamation and Personal FX; how to easily create sophisticated graphics, titles and animations; and how to stay organized by customizing application interfaces. Mr. Stranahan served as the lead teacher and demo artist at Play's NAB 2000 training events and is well known for creating industry-standard instructional videos and seminars.

  • Eveo Launches Talent Incubation Program

    Eveo, the leader in user-generated online videos launches the first Next-Gen Talent Incubation and Management Program, which provides talent development and management services to emerging filmmakers who demonstrate the ability to crossover into other mediums and formats of filmed entertainment. Danielle Knight has joined Eveo as Senior Director of Talent and Business Affairs to head the program, and the first seven filmmakers who have elected to sign with the incubator are: Natalie MacGowan Spencer, Dustin Robertson, David Vegezzi, Oliver Wolfson, Rob Thomas, Chris Vincze and Corey Rosen, it was announced today by Eveo CEO Oliver Zitoun.

    Zitoun says, Eveo has created a truly new incubation model. We receive thousands of videos from all over the world and by riding the wave of the DV revolution, we are building a large and strong community of aspiring filmmakers. With this new program, we will help filmmakers make money while they build their careers.

    Knight says, We're creating a new paradigm in talent management by accessing the power of the Internet as well as the success of Eveo to incubate emerging filmmakers. We provide them with directing opportunities that stem from our online partnerships, affording them greater experience and exposure, and also offer tailored career management services for those who are ready to be introduced to agents and buyers in the world of commercials, music video, film and television.

    The variety of services that Eveo's Talent Incubation Program extends to its signed filmmakers includes:
    -Submission of films (eveos) to worldwide festivals
    -Preferred status on Eveo promotional DVDs
    -Special theatrical screenings of their eveos
    -Eveo-generated paid directing assignments
    -Special channel on the Eveo site that showcases work
    -Preferred status for inclusion in banner ads and offline syndication.

  • Digital Origin's EditDV Now Fully Optimized for Apple's New Dual-Processor Power Mac

    Digital Origin, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Media 100, (NASDAQ:MDEA) has announced a free upgrade to its content creation and streaming media authoring tool EditDV which is now fully optimized for Apple's new dual-processor Power Macintosh.

    EditDV uses Digital Origin's unique scalable software codec designed specifically for the DV format. This enables EditDV, already compatible with the new Power Macintosh systems, to achieve maximum performance on the new dual-processor systems. According to Mike Micheletti, Product Manager for Digital Origin, the combination of Digital Origin EditDV and the dual-processor Power Macintosh offers the fastest Mac OS desktop environment for DV-format content creation and streaming media workflow in the industry. "Because our video codec is entirely software-based, our tools - which already offer the fastest rendering times in the market - can easily leverage any performance increase in host processors like those recently announced by Apple. By integrating this scalable performance into our products, Digital Origin is maximizing the huge investment our customers make in their hardware systems."

    The current version of EditDV is available directly through Digital Origin or through authorized resellers. The updated codec is available to registered EditDV 2.0 owners free of charge from The EditDV package includes the EditDV software application, Digital Origin RotoDV for painting and special effects, Digital Origin PhotoDV for still image capture, Media Cleaner EZ 4.0 from Terran Interactive, SpiceRack Pro Lite from Pixelan Software, and a Digital Origin 1394 IEEE FireWire card and cable for $599. A software-only version is available for $499.


    JVC Americas Corp. is calling for entries for JVC's international Tokyo Video Festival, with a deadline for entry of October 10, 2000. Now in its 23rd year, this video festival encourages creativity by accepting all compositions without restriction, allowing artists to submit works with artist themes, experimental pieces and those expressing their personal opinions, goals, experiences or discoveries. At the Tokyo Video Festival, there is no limit to the imagination!

    Fund your next creative venture and win worldwide acclaim at the same time! Awards will be announced and presented at Shinjuku Park Tower Hall, Tokyo, on February 3, 2001. Grand Prize winners will receive an all-expense paid trip to Japan to receive their awards.

    Amateur and professional videographers from around the world are invited to enter general or artistic videos in two categories: Video Contents and Video Production. Submissions must be entered in one of the following formats: VHS, S-VHS, or MiniDV. Last year the Tokyo Video Festival received more than 2,000 entries from 40 countries and regions. The Festival plays a significant role in promoting global communications through video images, and in creating a new video-imaging culture. For more detailed information, please visit the JVC Websites. See the contest application form at or the JVC home page at GOOD LUCK!

  • Sinks Before Launching announced its formation back in late October of 1999, and the company's original intention was to launch the site this Spring. Spring came and went, but there was no sign of on the net. has allegedly spent about $7 million searching for an appropriate business plan. Yet, with the deflation of the bubbled net economy, the Hollywood heavies behind couldn't come up with a profitable business model.

    The company was originally founded as a joint venture between DreamWorks SKG and Imagine Entertainment with the funding provided by Vulcan Ventures, Inc., the investment organization of DreamWorks investor Paul G. Allen.'s founders included Steven Spielberg and Jeffery Katzenberg of DreamWorks and Imagine's Ron Howard.

    According to sources at, it has now been decided that the site will not launch, and pink slips arrived on the desks of the staff yesterday morning. For the vast majority of the staff, Friday will be their last day. Some of Pop's accumulated content may be showcased on, a site that Pop acquired at the beginning of the year.