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Video News

  • Boris Announces CONTINUUM COMPLETE

    Reprinted from a Boris press release:

    Boston, MA (April 4, 2002) - Boris FX, the leading developer of integrated graphics and effects technology for the television, broadcast, post production, and multi-media markets, today announced Boris CONTINUUM COMPLETE, a comprehensive package of more than 80 filters for both Adobe After Effects 5.5 and Apple Final Cut Pro 3.

    Boris CONTINUUM COMPLETE supports Macintosh OS X and Windows XP, as well as earlier operating systems on both platforms.

    Boris CONTINUUM COMPLETE provides the most powerful, flexible compositing features. Highlights include new apply modes, the ability to mix apply modes in a single layer, advanced animation tools, and new ways of managing multi-layer compositions.

    CONTINUUM COMPLETE provides a flexible Z Space compositing filter. Each layer has full 3D rotation capabilities with global 3D capabilities for hierarchical animation. Users can intersect layers in 3D space with soft cast shadows, true 3D spotlights and motion blur.

    New Filters:
    Cartooner lets you turn a video source or still image file into outline animation, in which only the outlines of the image material are seen. Cartooner also allows you to manipulate the outlines of an alpha channel source. You can stroke, colorize, expand or contract edges, and control the width of the stroke from an external layer.

    Color Palette provides a number of options for choosing and saving colors, as well as linking them via Expressions in AE 5.5 or the FCP Viewer or Canvas window.

    PixelChooser filter is a standalone version of the PixelChooser parameters included in many Boris filters. The PixelChooser allows you to select pixels based on color channel values or geometric position, or both.

  • Apple Announces DVD Studio Pro 1.5 Authoring Tool for Mac OS X

    Reprinted from an Apple press release:

    CUPERTINO, California-April 5, 2002-Apple today announced the immediate availability of DVD Studio Pro 1.5, Apple's professional DVD authoring tool, now optimized for Mac OS X. DVD Studio Pro takes advantage of the power of Mac OS X to deliver incredible application stability, as well as MPEG encoding and compilation of projects in the background. In addition, DVD Studio Pro gives creative professionals the ability to set chapter markers in Final Cut Pro*, Apple's professional non-linear editing application, that can automatically be carried over to DVD Studio Pro to create chapters in the user's DVD.

    Since its launch a little over a year ago, DVD Studio Pro has become the most widely used professional DVD authoring tool on the market. DVD Studio Pro 1.5 allows users to:
    Create full-featured DVD video discs including still or motion menus, high-quality video and audio tracks, and slide shows;
    Encode audio and video using the included QuickTime MPEG plug-in and Dolby Digital 5.1 encoding software;
    Include DVD-ROM data and track the overall size of the project to ensure it will fit on the disc;
    Preview finished projects in real-time; and
    Output to DVD-R using the Apple SuperDrive(tm) (or other DVD-recordable drives), or to DLT tape for submission to a replication facility.

    DVD Studio Pro 1.5 ships with Corel PHOTO-PAINT and BIAS Peak DV for Mac OS X to further enhance the DVD production workflow on Mac OS X. PHOTO-PAINT is a powerful graphic editing application, ideal for creation of multi-layered image files that can be used to create still menus in DVD Studio Pro. Peak DV is an easy-to-use audio editing tool, ideal for cleaning up audio files for use in DVD projects.

  • Apple Announces Cinema Tools for Final Cut Pro

    Reprinted from an Apple press release:

    CUPERTINO, California-April 5, 2002-Apple today announced Cinema Tools for Final Cut Pro, a new software package that enhances Final Cut Pro 3's 24 frames-per-second (fps) editing capabilities with support for film cut lists and 24-frame edit decision lists (EDLs) for high-definition (HD) video. The 24-frame EDL support allows off-line HD projects to be finished using significantly more affordable Final Cut Pro-based HD finishing systems, such as Pinnacle System's CinWave HD.

    Cinema Tools technology was used to edit two upcoming Miramax Film releases, "Full Frontal," from Academy Award winning director Steven Soderbergh and "Blue Car," an audience favorite at the 2002 Sundance Film Festival.

    Cinema Tools for Final Cut Pro is the ideal solution for filmmakers who shoot and finish with 35mm or 16mm film, but want to take advantage of the cost and time benefits of digitally editing on a Final Cut Pro system. Cinema Tools converts "telecined" content to its native 24-frame rate for editing, then generates a 24-fps cut list for negative conform.

    With its support for 24-fps EDL import/export, Cinema Tools for Final Cut Pro not only provides video professionals with an affordable path to online HD finishing, but also the EDL conversion capabilities required to create high-definition 24P universal masters used to efficiently meet the needs of varying international distribution formats.

    Cinema Tools for Final Cut Pro will be available in May through the Apple Store (, Apple's retail stores and Apple Authorized Resellers for a suggested retail price of $999 (US).

  • VisioWave Media Solutions: Video over IP

    Reprinted from a VisioWave press release:

    Ecublens, Switzerland March 26th 2002 VisioWave S.A. will jump at the unique opportunity of the National Association of Broadcasters (NAB) 2002, the world's leading conference and exhibition for the converging electronic media communications industries to unveil its brand new Media Solutions.

    VisioWave Media Solutions are providing an open digital video over IP platform for real time, full resolution and full rate live video streaming.

    At NAB 2002, VisioWave will present the latest improvements of its successful Dynamic Coding technology providing DVD quality video at bit rates starting at 500 Kbits/s. But the real new thing is the presentation of the VisioWave Media Server software, as well as of the brand new VisioWave PCI-2 Multimedia Video Codec Board and the VisioWave Media Power Encoder.

    VisioWave Media Server software is designed for distributed video networking applications. It comprises a live video server managing VisioWave's complete range of software and hardware video codecs. A meta server is also included for high availability operator class video streaming network management as well as a live video archive server for video on demand oriented applications. VisioWave Media Server Software provides interfaces to third party media asset management software and full web based management.

    VisioWave PCI-2 is a PCI multimedia Video Codec Board providing real-time, capture, processing, and coding of high quality, full rate, full resolution PAL or NTSC video including sound (MP3 coding). The VisioWave Media Power is a flexible and modular Digital Video Equipment providing up to ten simultaneous, high quality and independent PAL or NTSC video and sound (MP3 coding) ports.

  • JVC Incorporates PVS Image Sensor: Resolution 4 Times Higher than HDTV

    Reprinted from a JVC press release:

    April 7, 2002 Photon Vision Systems, Inc. (PVS), an industry leader in designing and delivering low cost, high quality imaging sensors, supporting electronics and imaging solutions to customers worldwide, today announced the integration of its CMOS 8.3 million pixel QuadHDTV imaging sensor into JVC's Ultra High Definition TV (UDTV) color camera. This camera utilizes three of PVS's QuadHDTV sensors to deliver 25 million pixels and operates at 30 full frames per second (progressive or interlaced, selectable). The resolution of PVS's QuadHDTV sensor is four times that of High Definition Television (HDTV), with a resolution of 3840 x 2160 pixels.

    PVS's QuadHDTV sensor brings new levels of resolution and speed, as well as quality, versatility and convenience to applications such as digital cinematography, studio broadcasting, demanding security and biometrics, scientific analysis, industrial quality inspection, and others.

    We chose PVS's CMOS 8.3 million pixel QuadHDTV sensor to bring its unique imaging capabilities to our Ultra High Definition TV (UDTV) camera now under development because of PVS's notable technology and quantifiable competitive advantages, said Clark Yoshida, President, JVC Laboratory of America. Of all the available sensor technologies, PVS's proved superior and helps to ensure that we continue to deliver the latest innovations in presentation, broadcast, and professional equipment.

  • Sonic Foundry Announces Sound Forge 6.0

    Reprinted from a Sonic Foundry press release:

    Madison, WI April 7, 2002 Sonic Foundry Inc., the leading developer and marketer of digital media and Internet software tools, services, and systems, today announced that its Software Division has released a new version of Sound Forge, Sonic Foundry's award-winning professional digital audio editing and mastering system, at NAB 2002. This latest release of Sound Forge 6.0 includes many new powerful features and enhancements including, nondestructive audio editing, multitask background rendering, user interface enhancements, new video render options, and more.

    Sound Forge includes a powerful set of audio processes, tools, and effects for recording and manipulating audio. This industry-standard application is ideal for audio editing, audio recording, effects processing, and media encoding. It is used worldwide for audio and multimedia production in leading recording studios, production houses, broadcast production facilities, home studios, radio stations, and training facilities. Sound Forge 6.0 includes an extensive set of customizable audio processes, effects, and tools for manipulating audio and media, and supports a wide range of file and audio/video compression formats, including streaming audio and video media for the web.

    New Features in Sound Forge 6.0 include:
    Nondestructive Audio Editing Now faster than ever! Cut, Paste, Mix, and Delete audio with extreme speed and accuracy, down to the sample level. Sound Forge offers users the freedom and flexibility to produce a clean, professional-sounding final product all with lightning-fast precision.

    Multitask Background Rendering - Work on one file while Sound Forge processes another. Open, Play, Preview, Cut, Copy, Paste, and Delete files while other project files render in the background. Sound Forge 6.0 provides an efficient multitask environment saving valuable production time.

  • ADS's PYRO DV DRIVE: Simultaneous DV Shoot and Capture

    Reprinted from a ADS Technologies press release:

    NAB, LAS VEGAS (April 3, 2002) --- ADS Technologies, a leader in consumer video editing solutions, today announced its latest digital video solution for DV direct-to-disc storage in the field. With the push of a button, the ultra-portable PYRO DV DRIVE enables videographers to capture digital video files directly from their DV camcorder to its hard drive via 1394/FireWire without having to connect to a computer. PYRO DV Drive features a 20GB high performance hard drive and a built-in rechargeable battery enclosed in a sleek silver and charcoal grey case about the size of a PDA.

    PYRO DV DRIVE features a 20 GB 2.5 IDE hard drive and the Oxford 911 chipset from Oxford Semiconductors. With a record/stop button, users can transfer digital video to the drive via FireWire while the DV camcorder is either in record or playback mode. This simplifies the process and eliminates the need for software-based video capture. It can accommodate up to one hour and 40 minutes of digital video, which can be imported via FireWire to any non-linear editor for PC or Mac.

    When connected to a computer, PYRO DV Direct is immediately detected as a drive volume and assigned a drive letter and also can be used as a portable external storage device or data back up system. The rechargeable built-in lithium ion battery can be charged through the FireWire bus or through the included power supply.

    PYRO DV DRIVE includes: PYRO DV DRIVE, six pin-to-four pin FireWire cable, six pin-to-six pin FireWire cable, power supply, and belt clip.

    PYRO DV DRIVE will be available through ADS Technologies' network of online and retail channels worldwide June 2002 at an estimated street price of US$499. For more information, visit

  • InPhase's Tapestry: First Holographic Video Recording System

    Reprinted from a Contour Design press release:

    LONGMONT, Colo.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--March 25, 2002--
    InPhase Technologies, the leader in holographic data storage development, today announced that it will demonstrate the world's first holographic video recording system, Tapestry, at the National Association of Broadcasters (NAB) show in Las Vegas, from April 8-10.

    This marks the first conclusive technology demonstration of optical video recording's next phase, which enables far greater capacities and transfer rates than DVD or other optical technology.

    The Tapestry system will be initially targeted at professional video applications - including editing, digital video effects, and both near-line and archival storage. The Tapestry media is a significant industry breakthrough, representing the first stable holographic data storage media.

    According to IDC, implementation of storage devices is estimated to exceed 1.3 million terabytes in 2003. As digital video recording applications increase, particularly in the professional sector, removable storage capacity needs will grow accordingly, providing opportunities for holographic data storage.

    Based on more than eight years of research and development, conducted mostly at Bell Labs, the Tapestry system will include both drive and media products developed by InPhase, and will be licensed to key industry partners. InPhase is targeting product delivery in limited volume by the end of 2003, with volume shipments targeted for 2004.

    While future generations of the Tapestry product will provide terabytes of storage on a single disk, the initial Tapestry write-once product will be capable of recording 100 gigabytes (GB) of video, enough to hold more than 20 compressed feature films on one disk, or roughly 30 minutes of uncompressed high-definition video.

  • muvee Launches autoProducer Cobalt Automated Editing Software

    Reprinted from a muvee press release:

    SINGAPORE, April 3 -- muvee Technologies announces the launch of its new 'muvee autoProducer Cobalt' product for the PC. The software is the result of technology innovations which enable the world's first smart automatic video editing software. The software is targeted at the 95% of camcorder owners who shoot video but do not have the time or inclination to tackle conventional editing tools.

    The software can use DV, AVI and MPEG-1 input video files and MP3 and WAV files for any music selected. It includes a choice of 24 production styles and the ability to mix in music or retain automatic mixing of the original video soundtrack. The software also allows the user to personalize the muvee productions with titles and credits. The muvee productions can be output in a range of formats such as MPEG-1 (for making VCD's), ASF (for video emailing), AVI (for high-quality playback) or DV (for recording back to the camcorder).

    muvee autoProducer uses patent-pending analysis techniques. The video is analyzed for characteristics such as shot boundaries, low-quality material, the presence of human faces and the direction and amount of motion. Selected music is analyzed for tempo, rhythm, cutting beats and overall energy/drive. The software uses this extracted information to decide how to edit the video.

    The software runs on the Microsoft Windows 98, 2000, ME and XP platforms. It is available now, priced $69.95.

  • Contour Design Enhances ShuttlePRO

    Reprinted from a Contour Design press release:

    Windham, NH April 3, 2002 - Reinforcing the award-winning Contour ShuttlePRO multimedia controller's appeal as the essential tool for audio, video, animation and other non-linear digital editing applications, Contour Design announced today they have updated the product with enhancements making the ShuttlePRO easier to install, more productive to operate, and more attractive to buy than ever before. The updated product will be unveiled at the National Association of Broadcasters' Tradeshow (NAB) in Las Vegas, Nevada April 8-11, 2002, where more than 117,000 professional audio and video editors will see the ShuttlePRO used with industry-leading applications from vendors such as Adobe, Alias|Wavefront, Apple, Avid, Boris, Canopus, Digidesign, Macromedia, Media 100, MOTU, Pinnacle, Sonic Foundry, Steinberg, Ulead and many more.

    The numerous improvements begin with powerful but unbelievably simple new ShuttlePRO software on the hybrid Mac/PC compatible CD that ships with the product. A fully automated installer swiftly initializes the ShuttlePRO, places all the necessary software components on the owner's computer, and automatically readies virtually any multimedia editing application to receive ShuttlePRO commands. To improve the end-user experience even further, the ShuttlePRO now includes pre-printed labels for it's 13 programmable buttons, new pre-programmed settings for industry-leading applications, new eye-catching and informative packaging, and an easy-to-read poster illustrating how ShuttlePRO owners may modify or create their own settings for any software application.