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  • Canon Announces T6i, T6s and New L Glass

    Canon Rebel T6s - 24.2 MP APS-C Sensor Digital SLR

    Canon today announced the addition of two new EOS Rebel Digital SLR models, the T6s and the T6i. Featuring all-new 24.2 megapixel sensor, and long-awaited Wi-Fi and NFC connectivity, the new models represent a leap forward in Canon’s APS-C format camera lineup.

  • NewTek TalkShow Live Video Call Tool Now Shipping

    NewTek TalkShow Live Video Call Tool Now Shipping

    NewTek last week announced that their broadcast video calling system, TalkShow VS-100, is now shipping. TalkShow is a tool enabling broadcasters and producers to integrate video feed from any Skype user using any Skype-enabled device seamlessly with any live production. The Skype pool of users sits at around 300 million.

  • Samsung Announces NX500, a Pint Sized 4K Powerhouse

    The Samsung NX500 Compact Camera

    Samsung today announced the launch of the NX500, a compact shooter with the power of much larger competitors. The attractive new compact houses much of the core functionality of the NX1, acting as the heir apparent of the lineup, only at a smaller size and lower price.

  • Five Fun Setups Under a Grand

    We here at Videomaker love making video. Whether it’s made using a tablet or a Phantom Flex4K, the trade, craft and hobby of producing moving pictures is our bag. So how would we spend our money if we had exactly a thousand bucks to drop on a shooting setup?
  • The Ultimate Video Terminology List

    On a Betacam shoot!

    Video production is fun and immersive, but there are a lot of terminology relating to equipment, technology and practices which can confuse, confound and - once mastered - comfort us, while on shoots, edits and in the camera shop.