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  • SmallHD Releases Canon 5D MKIII Port Protector

    smallHD Canon 5D MKIII Port Protector

    SmallHD, makers of high definition field monitors and small camera accessories, has released the Canon 5D MKIII Port Protector, a lightweight device designed to hold cables securely and defer tugs and pulls away from the delicate external ports on the side of the Canon 5D Mark III.

  • Blackmagic Design Camera Update Available Now, Featuring Three New ProRes Formats

    blackmagic design cameras - software update 1.8.2

    Blackmagic Design announced the release of Camera 1.8.2 software for all models of Blackmagic Camera, adding three new Apple ProRes recording formats. The cameras have always be capable of CinemaDNG RAW and compressed ProRes 422 HQ formats, but the addition of ProRes 422, ProRes 422 LT and ProRes 422 Proxy will free up shooters to shoot in high quality and bring down the footage file sizes.


    All of the formats are still 10-bit 4:2:2 quality, and therefore shooters can simply shoot more with lower cost, smaller storage SSD drives and SD cards and not sacrifice on quality. For example, using ProRes 422 Proxy will allow for 230 minutes of full 1080p recording on an inexpensive 64GB SD card.

    The update is available free of charge right now at from the Blackmagic Design website, and updating the camera is as simple as connecting a Mac or PC to a Blackmagic Design camera via USB cable and performing the update.

    Apple’s ProRes formats are created specifically with multi-stream non linear editing in mind. Their performance in editing applications, including minimal generation loss and fast export make them very popular for use in professional applications such as broadcast and in post production.

  • Imagineer Systems Ships Mocha Pro 4 and Introduces Mocha Plus

    imagineer systems mocha pro v4

    Imagineer Systems, the Academy Award winning developer behind mocha, has just shipped out mocha Pro v4 and mocha Plus. mocha Pro 4 is the fourth generation of the industry standard planar tracking, roto, stabilization and camera solving tool.

    Beyond the amazing capabilities mocha Pro has proven through use in films and television, mocha Pro 4 shoots for the next level with new features such as a revamped interface, Python scripting support, customizable keyboard shortcut interface, and a stereoscopic 3D workflow.

    On the lighter side, mocha Plus is the heir apparent of mocha AE, a version of mocha which shipped with Adobe After Effects. Now available separately, mocha Plus ups the ante with new features, including a 3D camera solver, and lens correction tools for After Effects.

    Both versions are available now, and Imagineer System’s is offering 20% off on all upgrades.

    Imagineer usage is widespread, featuring prominently in major feature films such as The Hobbit, Black Swan, The Amazing Spiderman, The Wolf of Wall Street, and the Harry Potter series.

    Imagineer’s current product lineup includes:

    mocha Pro: Planar Tracking and visual effects utility with advanced modules for: tracking, roto, 3D camera solve, object removal, lens distortion, stabilization and more. Supports industry standard VFX, editing and finishing software.

    mocha Plus:  Planar Tracking and roto mask utility supporting Adobe After Effects & Premiere Pro, Apple Final Cut Pro & Motion, HitFilm and Boris FX.

    mocha AE CC: bundled free with Adobe After Effects Creative Cloud. Planar Tracking and roto mask utility.

    mocha HitFilm: bundled free with HitFilm 2 Ultimate. Planar Tracking based 3D Camera Solver.

  • Global Dialogues Video Challenge On the Lookout for Entries

    global dialogues, video challenge

    International public health organization, Global Dialogues, has issued a call for entries for their latest video challenge. The theme this year is Love, Freedom … Pregnancy?

    Each year, Global Dialogues challenges filmmakers of any walk of life, discipline or skill level to participate in a challenge where they kick off a story and it is up to participating filmmakers to complete the story with their own vision in two minutes or less.

    For this challenge, the three minute intro video was Directed by Sergio Ramirez of Guatemala and produced by Javier Donis of the Fundación Pro Desarrollo Pro.

    The goal in this particular challenge is to continue the story they’ve started in a way that reflects a vision of a better world. They want to see different takes on how the characters in the intro video can come up with positive solutions to the problems they are facing.

    The contest is open now through August 31, 2014, with voting running through September 15, 2014. A filmmaker from each of Global Dialogues regions (The Americas, Africa, Eurasia/Pacific) will gain exposure to all regions as well as win $1000.

    For more information about Global Dialogues and this contest in particular, please visit:

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  • Blackmagic Design Drops Price on Pocket Cinema Camera for Summer

    Blackmagic Design Pocket Cinema Camera

    Blackmagic Design today announced it was reducing their pricing on the powerful Pocket Cinema Camera to only $495 until August 31st, 2014. The Pocket Cinema Camera is normally priced at $995.

    The Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera features many of the same features as the Blackmagic Cinema Camera, such as an Super 16 sized sensor with an ultra wide 13 stops of dynamic range (though only capable of 1080p vs. 2.5K with the Cinema Camera), lossless CinemaDNG RAW or ProRes capture, as well as some more consumer-friendly features such as recording to inexpensive SD cards and an active Micro Four Thirds lens mount.

    With such a drastic price reduction stock is limited and interested shoppers are encouraged to contact their local Blackmagic dealers to take advantage of the promotion. Many retailers are offering an option to join a waiting list until stock replenishes.

    For more information about the promotion, please see the press release to follow.

  • Replay XD Races All-New Prime X into the Action Cam Arena

    Replay XD Prime X Action Camera - mounted

    Replay XD announced the upcoming release of the Replay XD Prime X this week. The Prime X is the fourth generation of robust action cameras from Replay XD, and it looks to improve on the success of previous models in a number of ways.

    Sticking with the highly-placeable column-shaped body style, the Prime X doesn’t appear terribly different from previous generations at first glance. Closer inspection will reveal a number of minor aesthetic and ergonomic changes, adding up to a nicely finessed design. The buttons are easier to press, the textures are thoughtfully employed and the rear control panel gives the user far greater feedback as to what the camera is set to do.

    Replay XD Prime X Action Camera - rear controls

    The magic of the Prime X, though, is in the major changes added internally.

    The bulk of the interior of the camera is used to house a much larger and higher capacity 1700 mAh battery. The result is more than double the life of previous generations, with up to 3.5 hours of operation on a single charge. That charging has improved as well, with a rapid charge feature that cuts charging time in half.

  • Announces Launch of Cloud-Based Video Platform - pro video management platform -  main interface today announced the launch of their cloud-based video platform for creative professionals. is a purpose-built web application designed to solve common issues in production and post production by building in features for video review, storage, transcoding, versioning and task management. Think of it as the best parts of Dropbox, Basecamp, Vimeo, Wistia and Facebook, all rolled into one, production-oriented package.

    Taking a swing at the big players in commercial hosting and collaboration, the platform elevates online project management and collaboration tools to a new level by combining many of the common tasks and features required by production professionals. Pros can upload and store their footage, manage project collaborators, compare shots, mark and annotate footage, and quite a bit more.

  • Rampant Design Tools Plays a New Tune with Music for Editors

    rampant design tools music for editors

    Visual effects specialists Rampant Design Tools have added to their growing lineup of products with the release of Music for Editors Volume 1 and Volume 2, two new volumes of royalty free music for video producers. Music for Editors first two releases focus on positive motivational tracks, though upcoming releases will include rock, pop, dance and other music genres.