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Video News

  • First Impressions: The NewTek TriCaster Mini is a Winner

    NewTek Tricaster Mini

    The lobby of my apartment building is more suitable to standing around reading the mail than it is for working as a 4-camera capable, multimedia video studio outputting network-style content. But that’s what is about to happen, courtesy of NewTek’s Tricaster Mini.

  • Blackmagic Design Releases Free ATEM Switcher Update 6.1

    ATEM Switcher Update 6.1

    Blackmagic Design this week released a free update to their ATEM switcher software, which includes an innovative new copy and paste function that allows color correction settings to be copied across multiple camera controllers, either individually or to all cameras without affecting iris, focus, coarse and pedestal settings.

  • Ways to Improve Your Green Screen Shoots and Keying in After Effects

    A shot with composited characters

    Keying and compositing. The act of removing and replacing portions of a shot to put together something new. For most of us, most of the time, this means keying out a green or blue screen (or any other solid color, for that matter) and placing the subject - usually a person rambling about something that makes little sense to us - over top of a different background.

  • Movidiam Connects Filmmakers, Brands, Agencies

    Movidiam - Freelance Profile

    Movidiam is taking project management, collaboration, recruiting, talent scouting and other project related work and rolling it up into a well-oiled package for filmmakers, brands and agencies in an effort to reimagine the filmmaking process.

  • GoPro HERO4 Specs and Pictures Revealed! (UPDATED)

    GoPro HERO4 - Black Edition

    Few devices have garnered the amount of buzz GoPro's HERO3+ successor, the HERO4, has. Finally, specs and photos have hit the Interwebs, and confirm some of our suspicions. 4K video up to 30fps? Yup. Integrated touchscreen? Yup. Both in one model? Nope.

  • Amazing Underwater Film Bends Minds Without Using Visual Effects

    The Ocean Brothers

    For this Thursday, we harken back to a time before photo-realistic post production and visual effects existed and remember when camera creativity and trickery were the rage. Perspective was played with to create mind-bending images, and viewing these images was as much fun as it was amusing or confusing, depending on the clip.