Facebook's been really trying to buckle down on its video efforts in recent times. They’ve launched Facebook Watch, which hosts Facebook's original TV content, and they’ve just added a new feature to Instagram that allows for two Instagram users to go live together in the same broadcast. Now, Facebook is taking a long-awaited and much needed step forward: They are reportedly testing 4K video uploads.

It’s a very welcome step, especially since YouTube’s been supporting 4K video ever since 2010 and now supports 4K live streaming. As Facebook pushes forward with more original content, people are going to be expecting the same quality that they get from 4K televisions or other online streaming places like YouTube or Netflix.

Much of Facebook’s original content on Watch could see great benefits with this resolution boosts, including sport, science, travel, fashion, and game streaming videos on the platform. If any of Facebook’s content is going to really compete with YouTube or Netflix on a visual aesthetic aspect, it needs 4K.

Even though Facebook does already support 4K in live 360 videos, the site’s standard resolution for 2D videos has been fixed at 720p. Facebook is currently testing 4K uploads using the 2016p UHD-1 Ultra-High-Definition Television standard, but some Pages and profiles can post and watch 4K videos on Facebook today.

It’s a much needed step for Facebook to take if it wants to be truly competitive in the video hosting arena. Hopefully, Facebook will further elaborate on its 4K upgrading and allow for 4K live streaming outside of 360 videos soon, as well.


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