Video News

  • JVCs New MiniDV/Super VHS Dual VCR

    Wayne, NJ (April 21, 2000) - JVC, one of the world's leading developers and manufacturers of audio-visual consumer electronics and multimedia, is introducing a new 2-in-1 video deck that incorporates both MiniDV and Super VHS VCRs in one unit. This new model, the HR-DVS1, is ready to meet the demand from among the ever growing number of MiniDV camcorder owners who are looking for an easier way to watch and dub their DV footage. MiniDV is undeniably the de facto standard in digital camcorders, while Super VHS allows flexible dubbing and editing at the highest quality levels available in analog video. By bringing MiniDV and Super VHS together in a single "box", JVC gives users one-touch viewing and dubbing of their MiniDV recordings, with no cable connections necessary, providing an easy way to store high quality DV images in the form of high resolution Super VHS recordings, or dubbed to standard VHS cassettes that can be shared with virtually anybody who owns a VCR. Integration also enables a wide variety of advanced features - like automatic DV-to-S-VHS Random Assemble Editing. After you're done shooting, you can have an easy time enjoying the results with an HR-DVS1 in your home.

  • Eveo and ARTISTdirect Introduce First Competiton

    San Francisco, CA and HOLLYWOOD, CA, April 19, 2000 -- Eveo, the leading user-generated video company, today announced a promotional partnership with ARTISTdirect, an online music network that connects music artists and fans. Eveo ( and ARTISTdirect ( are teaming up to introduce the Eveo ArtistDirectorial Series, challenging fans to create original music videos to accompany their favorite artists' songs. Eveo's

    ArtistDirectorial Series will recognize and reward videomakers' originality and inventiveness; the contest will commence on April 19 with Counting Crows inviting directors to interpret their eight minute narrative song "Mrs. Potter's Lullaby". This contest, the first in the series, will conclude on June 5. The entire contest will conclude August 31, 2000. Qualifying music videos will be broadcast on the ARTISTdirect Network ( at a co-branded site,

  • Video A Hot Topic at WinHEC 2000

    NEW ORLEANS, LA and TORONTO, ONT.- April 24, 2000 - Streaming media and digital video editing will be one of the hot topics discussed at WinHEC 2000, the premiere hardware engineering conference and industry gathering for Microsoft Windows platform developments. MGI Software (TSE:MGI), a technical and market leader in digital video, announced today it has been invited to speak on the subject: Video, The New Frontier as part of the Technical Session on Digital Entertainment at WinHEC 2000, being held at the Morial Convention Center, New Orleans, Louisiana, April 25-27, 2000.

  • Ice Ships New Avid 'ON ICE' EZ Release

    WALTHAM, MA April 10, 2000 - ICE, the leader in accelerated digital video solutions for the desktop, announced it has shipped Avid 'On ICE' 3.5, known as the Avid 'On ICE' EZ release, with exceptional ease in adding effects from within the familiar Avid nonlinear editing environment. Now with more effects and transition treatments, this latest Avid 'On ICE' release includes over 110 superfast special effects filters that leverage ICE's award-winning hardware/software acceleration technology - all easily accessed from within the Avid effect palette. Avid 'On ICE' editors work more collaboratively, and productively to boost the creativity of their work - inserting more special effects as they edit, saving time spent learning new software interfaces, and moving seamlessly between offline Avid systems used to build effects and online systems for final finishing.

    The Basic Edition of Avid 'On ICE' is priced at $5,995 and an Ultra Edition, with added functionality and speed for ICE's ultimate advantage, is available for $9,995. This EZ release is provided at no charge to those registered Avid 'On ICE' users as of April 10, 2000.

  • Canopus News From NAB2000

    In continuing its efforts to boost productivity for video professionals, Canopus Corporation today announced Rex Edit 2.8 for RT. Rex Edit 2.8 for RT, an update to the company's powerful video and audio capture and editing software, delivers a bounty of real-time capabilities to the company's real-time DV NLE solutions, DVRexRT, DVRex R3 (a turnkey system) and DVRex M3 (a mobile system). New features in Rex Edit 2.8 include real-time chroma key, color-replacement, and Old Movie video filters; advanced image and audio import features, including the ability to import TIFF and TARGA files with alpha channel; keyframable picture-in-picture transitions; media importer audio filter; and DirectX audio plug-in support. Rex Edit 2.8 for RT is included free with the purchase of Canopus' real-time solutions. The upgrade to 2.8 will be available May 1, 2000 to Canopus' current real-time users at no charge, directly from the Canopus Web site at --------------------------


  • Applied Magic Unveils New Turnkey At NAB 2000

    Video appliance pioneer, Applied Magic, Inc. unveiled Sequel, its newest nonlinear video production appliance during the National Association of Broadcasters' annual Expo, NAB2000, in Las Vegas, Nev. Expo attendees were able to test-drive a new, more full-featured version of software for Applied Magic's premier video production appliance, ScreenPlay.

    Sequel will empower the mainstream business market to produce professional-quality training, promotional, and educational videos, as well as Internet content for enhancing communication and the advancement of business and educational pursuits, said David Newman, co-founder and chief technical officer for Southern California-based Applied Magic. Sequel is easy-to-learn, easy-to-use and will appeal to individuals and companies looking for a potent entry-level video production system.

    Sequel is a complete, PC-free video production appliance designed to optimize video production while eliminating the hassle of system configuration or add-on boards. Like ScreenPlay, Sequel offers an intuitive interface, real-time effects engine and advanced Wavelet compression technology.

  • Avid Partners with Terran Interactive

    LAS VEGAS, Nev. (April 9, 2000) At the 2000 National Association of Broadcasters Conference (NAB), Avid Technology, Inc. (NASDAQ: AVID) today announced a partnership, licensing and distribution agreement with Terran Interactive, a subsidiary of Media 100, Inc. (NASDAQ: MDEA).

    Avid will embed an enhanced version of Terran's professional media encoding product, Media Cleaner Pro, into a new, network-based, distributed media encoding solution now under development. This new product will augment the growing Avid Unity family of shared media services, allowing Avid editing and finishing systems to offload compute-intensive digital encoding to multiple networked encoding engines.

    As a result, Avid users will be able to efficiently and quickly encode video into a variety of delivery and streaming formats without tying up their editing and finishing systems.

    As part of this agreement, Avid also plans to bundle the basic Terran Media Cleaner EZ product into upcoming releases of its Symphony, Media Composer, Avid Xpress, Avid Xpress DV and NewsCutter editing and editorial finishing systems. Avid will also add features to these upcoming releases designed to enable seamless interoperability with other stand-alone, professional Terran products already in customers' hands or acquired separately. Avid's strategy is based on a 'create once, publish everywhere' approach, where we strive to enable professional content production workgroups to create video content once in universal formats, and then to automatically publish into any of the dozens of digital and analog formats required for traditional broadcast, internet broadcast and interactive delivery. We are pleased to incorporate Terran's industry standard streaming products into our solutions, extending the range of digital formats to which we can automatically publish, said Paul Henderson, Avid's vice president of product marketing for new media solutions.

  • Sonic Introduces DVDit! For Macintosh

    Las Vegas, Nevada, (April 10, 2000) Sonic Solutions announced today at the National Association of Broadcasters Convention (NAB) a Macintosh version of DVDit!, the worlds leading DVD authoring software. DVDit! for Macintosh combines the simplicity and affordability of DVDit! for Windows with the power of the worlds only family of desktop supercomputers, allowing anyone with a Macintosh to create DVD titles on their desktop.

    The introduction of DVDit! for the Macintosh revolutionizes the home and professional video market," said James Manning, Product Manager for DVDit! at Sonic Solutions. "When combined with Apples ground-breaking suite of applications for the personal video market iMovie and Final Cut Pro DVDit! for Macintosh allows consumers and video professionals to easily create exciting and memorable DVD and cDVD titles in minutes." DVDit! for Macintosh allows users to combine virtually any video and audio file with multi-level menus and exceptional interactivity for release on the most popular consumer format ever. DVDit! includes integrated transcoding of multimedia content into DVD-compliant formats, as well as support for virtually all graphic file formats. DVDit! also allows users to create internet-enhanced eDVD titles, combining high-quality DVD-Video content with up-to-the-second HTML, Macromedia Flash and Java content that can be served over the Web.

    "Apple has catalyzed the broader market for desktop video production, with the most powerful family of iMac and G4 systems and easy-to-use video editing applications like Final Cut Pro and iMovie," said Manning. "DVDit! for Macintosh is the perfect companion product to these systems, making it possible for video enthusiasts everywhere to publish to DVD, the most popular consumer video format of all time."

  • Alliance Partners to Simplify Streaming Media

    LAS VEGAS--April 11, 2000--In a major press conference at NAB 2000 today that promises to set the tone for Internet broadcasters and the burgeoning streaming media marketplace, Media 100 Inc. (NASDAQ:MDEA) and Digital Origin (NASDAQ:DODV) will announce the formation of a strategic streaming media alliance of leading consumer technology and Internet innovators. Chartered with simplifying streaming media for the masses and accelerating adoption of digital video and streaming media technology - the key components for delivering video over the Internet - Canon U.S.A., Inc., Beatnik Inc. and Kensington Digital have joined the streaming media alliance and are primary contributors to the development and launch of its first online initiative -

    This newly announced alliance heralds some of the most powerful brands in the consumer technology and streaming media marketplace and is driven by strategic partnerships between Canon, Beatnik Inc., Kensington Digital, Media 100, Digital Origin, Terran Interactive and Wired. The first alliance of its kind to leverage such breadth of expertise, the streaming media alliance will also unveil today its first initiative toward its charter -, the world's first web site dedicated to teaching new and experienced video enthusiasts the basics of streaming media, includes unique content that promotes understanding of the complete process of shooting, editing and streaming video over the Internet.

  • Videometry Inc. Launches New Stock Footage Website

    SAN FRANCISCO, CA. - Videometry, Inc., the brainchild of award-winning producers Steve Gianfermo and Sean Frame, announced its foray into the royalty-free stock footage market with the launch of and a refreshing approach: more high quality clips that run longer at a reasonable price is better.

    We're offering the solution for the desktop video producer in the digital age who needs web-ready content, says Gianfermo, president of the new company. For producers who need stock footage, continues Gianfermo, I noticed a real problem with the content available from other stock footage houses: the number of clips available on a royalty free basis, the length of the clips and the quality of the footage itself sometimes leaves a lot to be desired. And since we own countless hours of high-quality, BetacamSP masters from twenty years of shooting and producing, it seemed natural to put our footage out for other producers.

    Videometry's vast library of footage includes some spectacular shots of San Francisco, from the Golden Gate Bridge to Cable Cars to the downtown skyline that is as dramatic as anything you could find in any stock footage library. They also have a huge collection of one subject that is hard to find in other collections: people.

    People shots are problematic", continues Gianfermo, "because you need full releases if you want to use them, so many stock footage houses have a limited selection. But every one of our people shots have full releases.

    While all Videometry footage is available on tape formats, the format of choice for many producers is digitized on CD-ROM. To create their CDs, Videometry compresses its images in QuickTime at 320 x 240, at 15 fps, and using Sorenson VBR codec for the highest quality compressed imagery available on the market today.