Video News

  • Red Giant’s Universe Expands

    Red Giant Universe Screen Grab

    VFX software company, Red Giant, this week released an update to their Universe offering. Included in the update are a handful of new free and premium effects, native-style transitions for Premiere Pro CC and CC2014, and support for Sony Vegas.

  • Get a Dog’s-Eye-View with GoPro’s Fetch

    GoPro's fun and cute Fetch harness accessory for GoPro action cameras

    GoPro has released Fetch, a dog harness mount accessory, into the wild - literally - for their popular action sports cameras. Fetch takes all of the fun of creative camera placement and makes it more comfortable for participating pooches.

  • Fight! OnePlus One Smartphone Takes on Canon 5D Mark III

    OnePlus One - the DSLR killing smartphone

    Even though the Canon 5D Mark III is a couple of years old, and no longer the top of the DSLR resolution food chain, it is still, for many, the go to cinema DSLR. Full frame, improved feature set from the legendary 5D Mark II, and a plethora of Canon and third party lenses and accessories still place the 5D Mark III in the hands of more DSLR filmmakers and video producers than any other DSLR, save perhaps the Mark II.

  • Getting Started With Adobe After Effects

    After Effects in Action - A composite of a cartoon over live footage

    The possibilities for creating animations with Adobe After Effects are pretty close to limitless. We can composite complex scenes, add thousands of lens flares to Star Trek footage, or create fun graphics without any live action footage whatsoever.