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Getty Images Adds Content Bringing its Total Video Inventory to 825,000

Getty Images Adds Content Bringing its Total Video Inventory to 825,000

Videographers are in the business of creating artistic, instructional, or archival moving images. Creating and sharing original work is what it's all about. But what if you don't have the perfect sequence to tell your story? Or what about the times when in order to tell your story effectively you need historic or iconic footage from another source? That's when online sources of stock footage, images, and other audio and video content can come to the rescue.

Sometimes these sources even provide inspiration for what direction to take your story. At Videomaker we have an ever expanding archive of sound effects available. You should really check out our sound effects resource page. But if in addition to a sound file you need to flesh out your story with video from the news, from unique places around the world, or from historical events, there are many resources available to you.

Among the great online sources for audio and video is Getty Images Inc. And now Getty is home to an even larger collection. This week Getty announced that they are adding video from Bloomberg, the American Museum of Natural History, MacNeil/Lehrer Productions, Barcroft Media, and WGBH in Boston. These additions bring the Getty licensing library to over 825,000 video clips.

From clips of produce markets in Tehran, Iran (from WGBH) to footage of Paul McCartney marrying Nancy Shevell this fall (from Barcroft), you'll find amazing footage at Getty. Getty Images puts it this way: Leveraging creative research, trend data and analysis of the visual communications landscape, Getty Images has selected content from each partner to create collections that meet the growing demand across media, broadcast and educational segments for fact-based footage including news, science, technology, iconic moments and historical events. Getty isn't the only source for audio, still, and video files, but it is among the best.

December 02nd, 2011