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Video News

  • NewTek Ships Toaster for Windows

    San Antonio, August 25, 1999- NewTek, manufacturer of3D animation and video production products, today announced the Video Toaster for Windows is shipping to dealers worldwide at a SRP of $2995. The new Video Toaster is the heir to the original Video Toaster for the Amiga, which helped to initiate the desktop video revolution in 1990.

    The Video Toaster offers users a suite of tools for video creation including many essential components for video editing, compositing and 2D/3D animation. This uncompressed D1 (Composite, Component, Y/C), Windows NT solution provides a level of price/performance that's unmatched in the industry. Unique to the Video Toaster is a breakthrough technology developed by NewTek that turns a standard Pentium II or III processor into a highly specialized video DSP (digital signal processor) for time base correction and other capabilities typically associated with expensive custom chipsets. "By using an extremely efficient, proprietary assembly language code, we are able to use the computer's processor to emulate tens of thousands of dollars of specialized video hardware," said Tim Jenison, founder and CEO of NewTek. "Because of this, the Video Toaster is superior to sophisticated systems that cost tens of thousands of dollars."

    The Video Toaster, which includes a version of LightWave 3D animation software, Aura paint and compositing software and in-syncs Speed Razor 4.5 SE video editing software, requires no proprietary drives. Complete systems capable of editing up to an hour of video can be assembled for as little as $8000.

  • Sony's Pro Division Announces Edit-M Portable Linear Editing Bundle

    Sony today announced its new Edit-M DVCAM-based portable editing solution, which includes a DSR-PD100A 3-chip camcorder, DVCAM DSR-V10 Video Walkman(tm) TV/VCR and DSRM-E1 cuts-only edit controller. "The Edit-M system offers event videographers, documentarians, and corporate and government video professionals a powerful solution for their acquisition needs," said Robert Ott, vice president of VTR products and marketing for Sony Electronics' Broadcast and Professional Company. The Edit- M package is available through select Sony resellers at a suggested list price of $6,640.
  • Dell Rolls Out Turnkey Nonlinear Editing Solutions

    Dell Computer has introduced two turnkey nonlinear editing solutions, the Dell Precision WorkStation 410 and 610. Starting at $4000, these workstations come configured with Pinnacle Systems Inc.'s DC1000 video capture card, which uses the MPEG-2 codec for easy interface with DVD and streaming video applications.
  • Spruce Technologies, Canopus Join Forces for DVD Authoring Solution

    Spruce Technologies and Canopus Corporation have announced plans to integrate Spruce's DVDVirtuoso(tm) DVD authoring software with Canopus' Amber MPEG-2 encoder to provide a low-cost ($2999) DVD authoring system.

    Spruce DVDVirtuoso's authoring interface enables users to take advantage of the unique features of the DVD platform including interactive menus, multiple chapters, and more. Canopus's Amber encodes analog footage in real-time using Main Profile at Main Level MPEG-2, also called MP@ML, to deliver high-quality video and audio MPEG-2 output for DVD authoring.

    "Amber for DVD is an easy, low-cost way to make a real DVD project," said John Shike, Director of Business and Product Development at Spruce Technologies.

  • New Kodak USB WebCam Announced

    Kodak's newly announced DVC325 camera plugs directly into a computer's USB port for quick capture of still or moving images. Maximum resolution is 352x288 at 30 frames per second, or 640x480 for still images; bundled software includes Presto! VideoWorks, Presto! Mr. Photo and Microsoft NetMeeting for videoconferencing.

    Other features inlude a record/snapshot button mounted directly on the camera body, and adhesive mounts for placement on the side of a monitor, in a window ledge or anywhere within the USB cable's 3-meter length. The DVC325 works on any Windows 95 OSR 2.1 or Windows 98 computer. (Pricing not available at time of writing.)

  • JVC Announces Price on New MiniDV Camcorder

    JVC recently announced a special introductory price for the GY-DV500, its new MiniDV camcorder, which is set to ship at the beginning of October.

    The new 3-chip camcorder will have a suggested price of $4995 until December 28, after which, the price will go up to $5995. JVC will unveil their new Professional DV model at Videomaker's Expo East in September (

    For more information on the GY-DV500, you can visit JVC's Web site at

  • The Latest From Siggraph - Pinnacle and Artel Release New Software

    Pinnacle: FreeFX is a line of 20 Free effects (Page peels, oil drops, bouncing balls and other DVEs) for use in Adobe Premiere. The package is free and available for download from the companies Web site. FreeFX plugins are software based and do not require any special acceleration hardware. Using any Pinnacle card will, according to Pinnacle Systems, accelorate the plugins to "Faster than real time rendering." What's the catch? Well the catch is that if you don't have any Pinnacle hardware you get a small "P" embossed in the lower corner of your rendered video transition. Artel Software: Boris Effects 4.0. The new release has modified it's old fixed one window interface to a multi-window tabbed window interface. New features include; real-time RAM preview, Bezier animation controls, drag and drop "containers" for creating 3D DVE's, and more. MSRP $695 Boris Effects AE 3.0. The latest release of the popular After Effects plugin adds a wealth of new features including: 3D Extruded text, Custome Shape 3D Image Shatter system, Edge Lighting, Noise Map and Cloud Generator, AE 4.0 Extended plug-in architecture support and more than 55 filters. MSRP $695 Boris Red. This new product from Artell is expected to ship within a month or two. Characterized by Technical Product Management Director, Olivier Karfis as "Borris 4.0 on Steroids," the Alpha build of Red is quite similar to Boris Effects 4.0 but adds true 3D text and the ability to move any media in a 3D space, including video clips. Boris Red works within Premiere just as other filters and transitions. In the demo I saw two video clips were applied to a flat plane and moved so that they intersected at a 90 degree angle. Text handling features include RTF import, title rolls, crawls and 3D extrusion. Another feature Boris Red will include is the ability to accept After Effects plugins allowing users to use After Effects Plugins without switching out of Premiere.

  • NASA Wants Your Shower Footage

    The Perseids Meteor Shower peaks on Friday August 13, 1999 and NASA wants your amateur videos of the event. Send your videos via e-mail to Dr. Tony Phillips or write him for more information.

  • JVC Pro Set to Introduce New Mini DV Camcorder

    In a move promising a professional-level camcorder at a consumer-level price, JVC Professional is set to introduce the GY-DV500 Mini DV camcorder. The Professional DV line is a dynamic new innovation from JVC, closing the gap between high-cost professional camera and consumer camcorders that just don't have the performance a professional needs, said Jerry Cohen, JVC's Manager of Product Development and Strategic Marketing.

    Priced to compete with high-end consumer camcorders like the Canon XL1, the GY-DV500 sports a host of features not found on most consumer gear. First, the GY-DV500 has three 1/2-inch CCDs, interchangeable lenses via a 1/2-inch bayonet mount, XLR microphone inputs, SMPTE-type color bar generator and manual audio and microphone level adjustments.

    There is also a new feature that JVC Professional has included in the GY-DV500 called Super SceneFinder. This keeps track of individual scenes by recording a special header on the tape. You can also flag up to 134 good and no good scenes per cassette. The scene data from the last three cassettes is stored in the camera's memory, allowing it to be recorded to the cassette later.

    To keep it compatible with the plethora of newer nonlinear editing systems on the market, the new camcorder has IEEE 1394 (FireWire) in and out. It also has a headphone jack, audio, composite video and S-video outputs.

    Look for more information in mid-August, when JVC Pro is rumored to be ready to officially introduce the new camcorder at the WEVA (Wedding and Event Videographers Association) Expo in Las Vegas. Although there is no word on price, Videomaker's inside sources say that it should be about $5,000.

  • Canon Set to Introduce New 3-chip

    Canon will announce a new 3-chip Mini DV camcorder this month, sources say. The new camcorder, expected to cost $2000 less than the XL1, will have most of the features of the popular shooter--minus the interchangeable lenses. Look for more information as soon as it is available.