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  • Boris FX Acquires Imagineer Systems

    Boris FX Acquires Imagineer Systems - Boris Continuum Complete 9

    Post production software company, Boris FX, has acquired Imagineer Systems, makers of best-in-class planar tracking application, mocha Pro, among others. The move, a surprise for many, seems to allow both companies to operate autonomously, while still complementing the goals and capabilities of one another.

  • Wipster Eases Video Review and Approval Pains - creative annotation system

    New Zealand-based Wipster has taken the difficult review, revision and approval process, and launched a purpose-built platform specifically to simplify said process. While other platforms have competed in this space, Wipster has taken a creative - and pragmatic - approach to interface and usability.

  • Free to Cheap, Enthusiast to Pro: The Journey of a New Video Generation

    Lesson one at any level: Get out and shoot!

    For quite a few years now, many of us have strived to do the term “professional” justice. Framing shots properly, delivering in widely accepted formats and using tools both intuitive and cost effective for clients. We invest in gear and training that ensures that we have the knowledge to deliver something at a high enough level that only our imagination and creativity can limit us.

  • PES Shares Latest Stop-Motion Film, Captured on Nikon D810

    Nikon D810 Animator's Kit

    Director PES (real name Adam Pesapane) today shared his latest work, the stop-motion film Submarine Sandwich. The work represents the third installment of his Kickstarter-funded stop-motion cooking series, and was captured entirely using Nikon D810 DSLRs and a handful of NIKKOR lenses.

  • Video Copilot Releases Element 3D V2

    Video Copilot's Element 3D V2 Interface

    Effects powerhouse Video Copilot has released the second generation of their hugely popular Element 3D plug-in for After Effects. E3D V2 brings about sweeping changes to the plug-in, adding another level of realism and flexibility to 3D object and particle system rendering.

  • 7 Tips to Remember Before Hitting Record

    Tip One: Don't drop your camera in the pool.

    For Friday, let’s take a look at a fun video from YouTube video blogger, Stephen Schweickart, of ReelSEO. The video runs us through 7 things to check before hitting record at a shoot.

  • Zaxwerks Invigorates the 3D World

    Zaxwerks 3D Invigorator PRO - Adobe After Effects Plug-In

    Purveyors of fast and friendly 3D software, Zaxwerks, just released their latest 3D creation, 3D Invigorator PRO 8. The latest Invigorator takes their proven After Effects plug-in through to the next level, with the biggest upgrade in it’s history.