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Apple iPhone 4: Video Production Unchained

Apple iPhone 4: Video Production Unchained
If you are like me or my sister, one of the first things you do when you wake up in the morning is turn your computer on. For me, it's to check the weather for the day and to turn on music, for her it's to check the news. This morning something was different; as I'm trying to multitask between making my bed and turning on music I hear Apple has released its new iPhone 4! Busy and slightly frustrated I mumble something sarcastic like, Cool! Thinking it's not a big deal. However, later on when I arrive at Videomaker I am informed that I will be writing my first blog (Yikes!). While trying to think of ideas for the blog, the buzz at Videomaker is on the release of the iPhone 4, what a coincidence! As soon as the words iPhone 4 is mentioned a conversation instantly begins on the camera and editing capabilities available on the iPhone 4. The iPhone 4 allows you to shoot HD video with the camera located on the back. If you run into a low-light setting, the illumination sensor, also located on the back, will help. There is also a VGA-quality camera, which is located on the front, in case you want to take a video of yourself. The iPhone 4 also offers a tap focus feature that allows you to simply tap on the part of the screen where you want the camera to focus. Once you tap on the area it immediately focuses on that area and adjusts your exposure. Once you're done simply tap on the next area you want to focus. When youre finished recording, you are ready to edit. However, there's no need to whip out the laptop or wait until you get home, because the iPhone 4 now lets you use iMovie on the phone, utilizing the 960 x 640 resolution, with 326 pixels per inch on the 3.5-inch screen. After that, you can send your video to friends and family via MMS or send the video to YouTube. The iPhone also gives you the ability to sync the video that you have recorded and edited to your Mac or PC. Now what does this mean for the video producing world, you may ask? It was pointed out to me that the iPhone has the potential to overtake the pocket video camera world. Meaning, you may see people start to trade in their pocket video cameras for the iPhone 4 which lets them record and edit all within the comfort of one highly portable device. The iPhone 4 is available June 24th but the pre-order starts June 15th. ________ Alicia McCoy is a student at Butte College majoring in Multimedia Design with an emphasis in Digital Audio and Video.
June 08th, 2010


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I look forward to using both the photo and the video capabilities of iPhone 4. Been trying all day to preorder one. No luck so far - AT&T servers can't handle the preorder demand. They should have been better prepared after their last two launches were similar - AT&T fail.