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  • Pinnacle Systems Teams with Canon, Intel, and Microsoft for DV Revolution Free Seminar Tour

    Reprinted from a Pinnacle Systems press release:

    MOUNTAIN VIEW, Calif., Sept. 5 /PRNewswire-FirstCall/ -- Pinnacle Systems, Inc. (Nasdaq: PCLE - News) announced today that Pinnacle Edition(TM) DV will be the platform for the DV Revolution Free Seminar Tour presented by, a national digital media training company. Following the September 30 launch in Los Angeles, the DV Revolution Free Seminar Tour will begin a year-long, nationwide, 80 date road show. Other partners participating in the free seminar series include Canon, Intel, and Microsoft.

    The DV Revolution Free Seminars will focus on showing corporate and event video professionals, educators and DV filmmakers the speed, quality and ease of use that today's new, more powerful digital video solutions offer.

    During the seminars, attendees will see professional instructors shoot, edit and deliver a complete digital video project in 2-1/2 hours. Using Pinnacle Edition DV, video will be captured from a Canon camcorder and edited on a Microsoft XP-based HP workstation powered by Intel Pentium(TM) 4 processors. The final, interactive video, complete with menus, titles, transitions and background music will be recorded to a DVD and played back to illustrate the quality that can be achieved.

    "The DV Revolution Free Seminars are a great opportunity for videographers and video enthusiasts alike to see, first-hand, the power and flexibility of Pinnacle Edition DV," said Scott Taylor, VP Marketing, Business & Consumer Division at Pinnacle Systems. "In each free seminar, instructors will demonstrate Pinnacle Edition's Sub-pixel processing that offers the highest-quality output for the final product, InstantSave(TM) technology that backs up video projects automatically, background rendering that allows video editors to continue working while effects render in the background, as well as the many other innovative features included in the product."

  • Sonic Ships ReelDVD 3.0.1

    Reprinted from a Sonic Solutions press release:

    Amsterdam, The Netherlands (September 16, 2002) Sonic Solutions [NASDAQ: SNIC], the world leader in DVD creation systems, announced today that it has begun shipments of ReelDVD Version 3.0.1. Designed for the booming authoring community focused on corporate, in-house, multimedia, event videography, and independent productions, Sonic ReelDVD Version 3.0.1 extends the limits of entry-level professional DVD creation by providing full-stream support for audio and expanded subtitles integrated with the Hollywood-standard Sonic Scenarist DVD engine.

    "We originally chose Sonic ReelDVD for its ease of use, professional features, and reputation for creating highly-compatible DVDs ," said Chip Eberhart, Owner of High Level Productions in Chicago, Illinois. "Now, ReelDVD 3.0.1 provides us even more flexibility to reach a wider audience and expand our business."

    Sonic ReelDVD provides many advantages for the entry-level professional DVD author. Based on the same technology used in Sonic Scenarist, the DVD creation standard of Hollywood DVD production studios, ReelDVD delivers the maximum level of DVD player compatibility that has become the foundation of the commercial DVD release industry. Sonic ReelDVD offers an intuitive user experience designed to provide creative professionals, corporate in-house video and independent videographers with a powerful pallet of essential tools to make compelling DVDs. ReelDVD Version 3.0.1 also features output to the latest selection of DVD-Recordable devices including DVDR/RW and DVD+R/RW, DVD-RAM, CDR/RW, and DLT. And ReelDVD provides a powerful migration path permitting video facilities to move easily to the more sophisticated Sonic Scenarist as their needs increase, or to move projects started in ReelDVD to Scenarist for polishing and finishing.

  • Maxtor Breaks Industry Record - Ships 80 GB Per Platter Drives

    Reprinted from a Maxtor press release:

    Maxtor Corporation (NYSE: MXO) , a worldwide leader in hard disk drives and data storage solutions, today announced it is shipping the industry's highest density hard disk drives, its latest additions to its DiamondMax(R) 5400 RPM and DiamondMax Plus 7200 RPM families of desktop drives. Both feature industry-leading 80 GB per platter areal densities. The DiamondMax 16 and the DiamondMax Plus 9 are designed for capacities from 60 GB to 160 GB.

    Both drives are currently shipping with the UltraATA/133 interface and will be available with Serial ATA (SATA) interfaces, for even higher performance with data transfer rates up to 150 MB per second. Built on the same platforms as the DiamondMax Plus 9 and the DiamondMax 16, Maxtor also is currently shipping the parallel ATA DiamondMax Plus 8, the company's first single head, single disk performance 7200 RPM drive, and the Fireball(TM) 3, a single head, single disk 5400 RPM drive. Both drives will be available at 20, 30 and 40 GB capacities.

    Currently shipping in volume to OEMs, distributors and channel partners, the latest DiamondMax, DiamondMax Plus and Fireball drives are engineered to achieve the best capacity, performance, reliability and value. They are ideal for a wide-variety of applications including personal and commercial video recorders, external storage devices, and traditional PC and Macintosh environments.

  • Microsoft Announces Windows Media 9

    by Richard Lin

    Microsoft celebrated the launch of the beta version of Windows Media Player 9 on September 4, 2002 at the Renaissance Hotel in Hollywood, California. The attendees witnessed several major improvements to the Windows Media Player family including the elimination of video buffering on streaming video, video smoothing for making 10fps video look like 30fps, streamable 5.1 audio, superior video quality over MPEG-2 and MPEG-4 at lower data rates, and finally, variable speed playback without pitch change.

    Using a combination of powerful new server technology, broadband, and new player software, Windows Media 9 permits more concurrent audio and video streams without hesitation. The main focus of the new software was improving quality and ease of use which summarized Bill Gates vision for the coming decade.

    While broadband users gained the most benefits from the new release, users with slower connections, but high powered Pentiums still had much to look forward to. Video smoothing uses CPU power to smooth out video frames on playback. Major improvements have also been made for internet radio broadcasters streaming at 8kbs, so that music played in these low bit rate streams don't suffer the typical degradation and offer much improved playback quality.

  • Ulead Teams with Canopus to Offer DVD Authoring in Realtime Editing Stations

    Reprinted from a Ulead press release:

    Ulead Teams with Canopus to Offer DVD Authoring in Realtime Editing Stations

    Ulead DVD Workshop Included in Canopus RES-100, RES- 300 and RES-500

    Torrance, CA - (September 3, 2002) - Ulead Systems, Inc., a leading developer of video and image editing, and Web graphics software, and Canopus Corporation, makers of award-winning, realtime video editing products, has completed an agreement to include Ulead DVD Workshop in Canopus's new line of turnkey Realtime Editing Stations, bringing a rich palette of advanced DVD authoring tools to Canopus customers.

    In this deal, Canopus will include DVD Workshop, which recently won Editor's Choice award from EMedia Magazine, and the Seal of Excellence award from Animation Magazine, in its RES-100, RES- 300 and RES- 500 Realtime Editing Stations.

    "Ulead has leveraged its strength in the imaging and video space to solidly position itself in the advanced DVD authoring market with DVD Workshop," said Curtis Harris, product marketing manager at Canopus Corporation. "DVD Workshop is unique because it has advanced features such as motion background and menus, and offers a robust selection of creativity and layout tools that let video professionals spend as little or as much time as they want customizing their DVDs. This along with the power of our new realtime editing stations will help our customers streamline the creative process to turn their videos into polished DVDs.

    "We're pleased that Canopus has chosen DVD Workshop to complement its powerful RES line of turnkey realtime editing stations," says Colin Stiles, director of OEM Sales at Ulead Systems, Inc. "Canopus's acclaimed scalable architecture and realtime technology, coupled with a slick bundle of software, will take video professionals to a new level of creative freedom."

  • Roxio and YesVideo Partner - Will Co-Brand Products

    Reprinted from a Roxio press release:

    SANTA CLARA, Calif., Aug. 29 /PRNewswire-FirstCall/ -- Roxio, Inc., (NASDAQ: ROXI) The Digital Media Company, provider of the best selling digital media software in the world, announced today it is partnering with YesVideo, the leader in videotape-to-DVD conversion, to jointly develop various marketing and distribution channels, and to share technology licensing. Additionally, Roxio announced it has made a $3 million strategic investment in YesVideo. The Eastman Kodak Company is also an investor in YesVideo.

    "Analysts say Americans have 400 million hours of home movies on videotape stored in their closets. By partnering with YesVideo, we are providing our customers with a hassle-free way to convert their tapes to pristine DVDs," said Roxio President and CEO Chris Gorog. "Technology, automation, scalability, and distribution have made YesVideo the clear leader in this emerging market. Through key relationships with Eastman Kodak and Fuji Color Services, YesVideo has already begun rolling out its products worldwide, and is estimated to launch in over 38,000 retail locations in 2002."

    Under terms of the agreement, Roxio will have the exclusive right to bundle, market, and distribute YesVideo products online and to certain retailers, including Roxio's existing retail channel partners. In turn, certain Roxio products will be bundled with YesVideo products, expanding Roxio's already strong distribution channels to the traditional photo-finishing channel.

    YesVideo President and Chief Executive Officer Sai-Wai Fu said, "Our partnership with Roxio will enable us to grow our distribution channels significantly, while connecting us with the leading brand name in digital media management. Additionally, the strategic investment by Roxio will help YesVideo meet market demand, expand into Europe, and solidify a strategic partnership with a digital media frontrunner."

  • HP Introduces Faster, Lower-Priced Compaq Presarios

    Reprinted from a Hewlett-Packard press release:

    PALO ALTO, Calif., Aug. 28, 2002 -- Hewlett-Packard Company today announced several new options and new low pricing for its 2002 Compaq Presario holiday direct line.

    A powerful solution for home entertainment, digital audio, digital imaging, multiple applications and gaming, the Compaq Presario 6000 series offers consumers not only a variety of Intel Pentium 4 processors, but is also now available with Intel Celeron 1.7 and 1.8 GHz processors, starting at the estimated U.S. retail street price of just $729 with a 15-inch CRT monitor. (1)

    The state-of-the-art Presario 8000 Desktop series is the ultimate digital powerhouse offering the greatest expandability for today and tomorrow, and is now available with both Intel Pentium 4 processors up to 2.66 and 2.8 GHz, starting at estimated U.S. street prices of $1349 (2) and $1499 (2), respectively, including a 17-inch CRT monitor, direct from HP.

    In addition, both the new Celeron and Pentium 4 models of the Presario 6000 and 8000 are available with the new 48X CD-RW drive or 12X DVD+RW/R and CD-RW combo drive with transfer rates up to 30 to 60 percent faster than previous generation drives. Both PC series can also now be configured with the ATI RADEON 7000 graphics controller with TV out for enhanced 3D and 2D graphics performance and choice of Microsoft Works or Microsoft Office software suites.

    The new Compaq Presario 6000 and 8000 Desktop PCs are available immediately direct from

    (1) $749 price includes Presario 6000, CV5500 monitor with $30 mail-in rebate
    (2) $1349 and $1499 prices include Presario 8000, CV7500 monitor with $100 mail-in rebate

  • Pinnacle, B&H, HP and Intel Donate Editing Systems to NYC's Fire Dept.

    Reprinted from a Pinnacle Systems press release:

    NEW YORK, Aug. 28 /PRNewswire-FirstCall/ -- Pinnacle Systems, Inc., B&H Photo and Video, Hewlett-Packard and Intel Corporation announced today their combined contribution of two comprehensive Digital Video Publishing Stations to the New York City Fire Department. This donation was presented to Fire Commissioner Nicholas Scoppetta today at the New York City Fire Department, located in Brooklyn, New York.

    "With the technology provided by these companies, our department will be able to capture digital video footage of our response to actual fires and emergencies, enabling us to quickly analyze and learn from critical aspects of individual operations," said Nicholas Scoppetta, New York City Fire Commissioner. "In effect, this technology will help enrich our training efforts, enhance our performance in the field and ultimately save more lives. We thank these generous technology companies for devoting their resources to this contribution, and for helping make the greatest Fire Department in the world even greater."

    The donation will be directed to the New York City Fire Department, which provides fire protection, fire safety education and emergency medical services to the citizens of New York City. The Digital Video Publishing Stations include two Intel-based HP 2 X 4000 workstations complete with flat panel monitors, Intel(R) Xeon(TM) processors for each system, DVD burners and Pinnacle Edition DV and Creative Collection software.

    "When we recently heard Deputy Chief Wells speak about how he and his department overcome the challenges they face on a daily basis and how video analysis can help them save lives, we knew that joining together with other leaders in the video industry could effect real change," said Jerry Thompson, Vice President and General Manager for Pinnacle Systems' Business & Consumer Division.

  • Dazzle Releases DVC 100-'True All-In-One Video Solution'

    Dazzle Digital Video Creator 100 Reprinted from an SCM Microsystems press release: Fremont, Calif. August 28, 2002 - SCM Microsystems, Inc., a leading provider of solutions that open the Digital World, today announced the ultimate solution for creating Hollywood-style movies from home videos, the Dazzle Digital Video Creator 100 (DVC100). The Dazzle DVC 100 is the perfect all around solution for video editing. In the past, users had to separately buy video capture hardware, video editing software, CD burning software, DVD authoring software and Webcasting software and hope it all worked together when installed on the same computer. With the DVC 100, everything is supplied in one powerful, integrated, easy to install package that gives consumers everything they need to work with digital video. The DVC 100 captures video from any camcorder, TV or VCR and converts it in real-time to DVD quality MPEG-2 video. This compresses the video to 1/4th its original size saving valuable hard disk space, while maintaining DVD quality video. The DVC 100 comes with 3 powerful software applications: Dazzle MovieStar 5 for video editing, Dazzle DVD Complete to design and burn interactive DVDs and Dazzle OnDVD to make photo slideshows for DVD players. Users can take their edited video and output to a VCR tape, burn a Video CD, make a DVD or even stream the video across the Internet via the Dazzle Webcast Theater. "The DVC 100 is a breakthrough product because it gives users everything they need to create multiple types of videos in one affordable solution," said Dirk Peters, Director of Marketing for SCM Microsystems' Digital Media and Video division. "The DVC 100 captures great quality video and also has all the software tools to make videotapes, Video CDs, DVDs and stream video across the Internet -- nothing is left out in the DVC 100." Key features of the DVC 100 include: Easy one cable USB connection to the PC
  • Canopus Announces Imaginate Animation Software

    Reprinted from a Canopus press release:

    San Jose, Calif. (August 27, 2002) - Canopus Corporation today announced Imaginate, the newest member in its growing line of software tools for video production. Imaginate(tm) still-image animation software lets video professionals use high-resolution stills to create animated and keyframed pan, zoom, rotate, and tilt movements in 3D. Imaginate gives documentary filmmakers and broadcasters, as well as corporate and event videographers, the freedom and flexibility to bring new dimensions to their productions by transforming their still images and photographs into movies.

    Producers can use Imaginate as a standalone tool to create AVI movie files that can be imported directly into all popular nonlinear editing systems or they can use Imaginate's Premiere plug-in for even greater flexibility, including alpha channel support. Imaginate's Premiere plug-in alpha channel support lets producers create composite effects for greater creativity. In Premiere, users can modify Imaginate project files directly from the timeline, allowing them to integrate Imaginate into their video editing workflow.

    Imaginate's intuitive interface and timeline features, along with realtime preview, make the design process fast. Combined with comprehensive camera control, Imaginate can create precise motion paths and sweeping, cinematic effects. Imaginate even allows users to change camera "locations" to create stills with different perspectives from the original photos. In addition, high-quality image scaling is performed using Imaginate's rendering engine to retain details in the sharpest, most precise photos, even during extreme close ups.