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  • ARRI Announces ALEXA Mini

    ARRI Announces ALEXA Mini

    ARRI has announced the ALEXA Mini, a cube-shaped camera with all of the horsepower of an ALEXA in a much smaller carbon fibre casing. Pros looking for ultimate high-end equipment for use with drones, MoVis and other portable shooting solutions should see this as a strong alternative to the RED EPIC.

  • Ailing Sony to Spin Off Audio and Video Business

    Sony's current flagship, the Xperia Z3 sports a 20.7 MP sensor

    In speaking to investors last week, Sony has announced that it will be making changes to return the ailing electronics giant to profitability. Changes include spinning off Sony’s audio and video business into a wholly owned subsidiary. Additionally, Sony mentioned the possibility of selling off their smartphone and television business entirely.

  • NASA Takes Time-Lapse Video to Cosmic Levels

    Hope you brought your sunscreen.

    Tired of the hurry up and wait of time-lapse shooting? Unhappy with the huge files your 4K workflow is producing? Well, imagine this shoot: 1,826 days, 2,600 Terabytes of data, 200 million images, and the shoot location? Space.

  • 4 Free Production Tools That Pros Use

    Save that money!

    Low budget projects call for low cost solutions. Before referring cheapskate clients to an uncle with a camcorder, take a look at a few free tools which, with little else, can produce some professional results.