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Executive Desperate for Phone in Comedy Winner "Last Call"

Michael Comulada, Fort Worth, TX
Camcorder: Sony DCR-TRV730
Editing Software: Adobe Premiere Pro
Prize: Pinnacle Studio 11


Barry's picture

THIS WON SOMETHING!!! IT'S AWFUL! Technically it looks like this guy never read or watched any of the tutorials on videomaker It's not funny, he is not a comic actor. When something is bad one wonders about other things like, he seems to have a job so can afford joining AAA. Before my last remark I give him loads of credit for putting this video together finding actors and submitting it. But I better start shooting more. I have been making funnier videos going into my backyard and coming up with an idea and improvising the story and deciding good angles on the spot. Thanks to the help of what I learned at Videomaker and books and other web sites.
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Hello I'm J.B. Mr Underground Comedy Production's doing everything from Short movies to weddings ,music video's. looking for internship or someone to work with Twitter @underground_com youtube office (870)390-6804 cell (469)324-9409 email