Videomaker's Tutorials are a step-by-step look at video production. Learn the ins-and-outs of a variety of topics including documentary storytelling, wedding videography, genre types and special effects. With the following tutorials you can learn how to create muzzle flash effects and light saber effects, obtain legal clearance to shoot on location, and how to set up interview lighting.

Defining Tonal Range

Defining the Tonal Range
Many color correction effects use the luma information in your shot to classify pixels as shadows midtones and highlights. Learn to define the tonal range to isolate specific areas of your shots for correction.

Creating Sample-based Masks

Creating Sample Based Masks
Learn to isolate a portion of a shot based on hue, saturation, and luminance by creating a sample based mask.

Drawing Custom Masks

Drawing Custom Masks
When you want to isolate a specific area of your shot for color correction, and the luma and chroma properties have a range too wide to sample, a hand drawn mask can get the job done.

Tracking Masks

Tracking Masks
Learn to take your stationary mask and put it in motion to keep your corrections from drifting when your subject is in motion.

Match Shots for Consistency

Matching Shots for Visual Continuity
Creating a consistent look and feel as you move from one shot to another is a key element in high production value. Learn to choose the right reference shot, and how to match the rest of your shots to it for consistency.


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