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Camcorders:  Sony HC40, Sony SR11
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About Me:  Bruce Paul started taking photographs at the age of six, movies (film based) at age 12. He has since had photos on the front pages of newspapers nationwide as well as foreign magazines. During the 1980's, after his children were born, he started to take home video of the family and thus began his interest in videography. In recent years, with the advent of digital video, he has taken up video production and has produced corporate, wedding, event and personal videos in a variety of formats from DVD to internet distribution and is recognized on YouTube with a "Director's" account. "While I try to draw upon my years of experience as well as use my imagination to create new and exciting looks in video, I recognize the sheer amount of raw talent that is putting their work out there, and I am constantly looking at the work of others - whether I like it or hate it - to search for new concepts to bring to my client's work"


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